Shy Glizzy - Legend Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Shy Glizzy:]
It's time to calm my nerves, Tired of this fucking world
And all these fuck niggas acting like some fucking girls
You want to be a G? Then bring your ass to Glizzy World
So many mouses on the streets shit look like Disney World
Bitch I'm big Glizzy! They treat me like Lil Boosie
Got an asian bitch they mistake her for Karrueche
We in LA at Katana's, she say she want sushi
Then I rode her all day out on my fucking Suzuki
I got on Tims, Oh I ll just take a trip to Christian Loubi
My flight at 6, I gotta go and my luggage is Louie
And it's pockets Grade A, so I keep rolling doobies
I been about it since a baby just like fucking Stewie
Glizzy gang the new No Limit, Bitch I'm Master G
My little brother, he [?]
[?] my old hoes in my foregin, I dont even beep
I guess my chain shining so bright that you can't even see

Bitch, Bitch I'm on now
Rest in Peace to Chuck Brown
I still dont give a fuck, No
Fuck whoever got next
Cause Glizzy Gang we got now
And them birds just touched down
Im a fucking legend(3x)
If you die you are less bitch
If I die you gonna sell it
Im a motherfucking legend
Im a fucking legend

[Verse 2:]
I was on the block today, where the fuck was you?
You was probably fucking with a bitch
You probably was in her stew
I know that ain't your girlfriend, she love to switcharoo
I seen her chewing up, til she sucked the goo out Goo
This a 40 up out my spine this ain't no fucking 9
But E Glizzy got that 9, he'll hit you from behind
If a nigga play with Benny, Imma blow his mind
Cause whatever mine is his, whatever his is mine
Big [?] keep texting my phone begging me to sign
Go to New York for meetings
Watch, I'll end up in designer
We can't come to mutual agreement, Im a turn you down
And Im gonna need a fee, so please don't waste my time
Im the fucking youngest boss, bigger than them all
Ain't no nigga put me on I'll still be in them [?]
I done took so many losses Im like "fuck a loss!"
If you ain't want to cut the check then that's your fucking loss!


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