Shy Glizzy - Celebration Lyrics

[Hook - Shy Glizzy:]
Burr burr burr my ice is colder
Young nigga I ain't gettin' out the Rover
I came in here with 50 soldiers
We got 50 bitches on the sofa
It's a fuckin' celebration
They hatin' cause a young nigga done made it
It's a fuckin' celebration
They hatin' cause a young nigga done made it

[Verse 1 - Shy Glizzly:]
All this cash and they can't take it
I ain't even have no graduation
This OG got me levitatin'
I forgot to take my medication
Your bitch, she wanna give me top
I'll have she ducked cause I won't beat the box
Go get my Cuban out the freezer box
If they shoot the Glock, just like a red fox
Ace of Spades, tell your bitch to come this way
Pistols in the body, do you wanna play?
You won't see a million niggas under me
I'm chasin' the millions just like Money Mike

[Hook - Shy Glizzy]

[Verse 2 - Bobby Shmurda:]
Bobby but my last name Shmurda
Since '08, bitch, we've been bangin' burners
Baby bro fightin' and took the Shmurdas
Free Lil Flock, he put that S in Shmurda (shhh, bow)
Drop that body, then it's adios
I see you fuckers like he gotta go
Don't fuck with me, I smoke a lotta dope
Come fuck with us, we get a lotta dough
Get so much pussy, gotta time it slow
I'm gettin' pussy from the finest hoes
It's too much texts, I'm replyin' slow
If you ain't tryna fuck, well bitch Geronimo

[Hook - Shy Glizzy]

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Shy Glizzy Celebration Comments
  1. J P

    Bobert killed this shit

  2. Sagee4

    Still cranking

  3. Bar

    Definitely need some more shy and Bobby when he is out

  4. Courtney Gorham

    My favorite song

  5. Chase Giroux

    Aaaahh aaaahhh

  6. Nova's G.G.B.K

    Get my cuban out da frizerbox!!! 💯

  7. Roy Bowman jr


  8. NewMoon AP

    Still Listening???🤘


    Malik Fullylove yup

  9. Jamia Ellis

    They hatin cause a young nigga done made it, Aye! 🔥💯

  10. Cody Peoples

    it's a celebration they hate wen a nigga got incarssarated but come back like the terminater fuck you haters

  11. Florez Eliel

    my shit .. if you hate fuck off no one begs for you to listen

  12. Lynn Carroll

    on repeat ohhh

  13. Savage Minded

    "Burr burr burr"

    Keith Begley

    Savage Minded my ice is colder

  14. Dajuan Bumbrey

    50 shooter

  15. 408BRAVO

    this song is dope bruh

  16. Alex M

    Brrr brrr brrr my ice is cold

  17. Achillies Tillman

    free shmurda

  18. Joemar Tiebout

    check me out HoodStar Marr On sound cloud i got heat only way to get noticed is with you check me out check me out share and follow HoodStar Marr Sound Cloud

    Dj Cloud


  19. Beansiethstroyer

    When this first dropped. It seemed like Shy and Bobby were on their way. But it turns out they've just been falling off ever since.

    Harrison Currey

    nah glizzy gang is rising but mostly shy. he's dropping some new shit like Robbin season.

    a z

    Glizzy just ain't with all that industry shit. A song he was in was Grammy nominated too he def not Fallin off u stupid fuck

  20. orionna perez

    glizzy gang and smurda

  21. orionna perez

    my 1 favorite song it a celebration

  22. Krystin Grant


  23. Neverstar-X

    this song go hard.

  24. Tyran Anderson

    shurma & Glizzy went in smurda went in

    Ayr Jett

    Nigga can you spell shmurda right?

    Tyran Anderson

    +Ayr Jett too much time on your hands nigga fuck are you spell ✅

    Jose Migo

    +Ayr Jett lmao


    +Tyran Anderson 😂😂

  25. LivingDangerouslyDyingInfamously

    I told nigga's Bobby was on point. Free Shmurda!

  26. Johanna Cabrera

    Happy Birthday Glizzy!!! Its a celebration!

  27. ANNA jane

    oh my nigga is poppin

  28. Paris Hooks

    this my shit

  29. Dailan Hopkins

    GLIZZYGAAAAAANG , its a fucking celebration

  30. Loud Allwild

    Thank you shy glizzy for this song... Lets celebrate the holidays and birthdayswith this song.

  31. Mobley Mcfly

    Okay bobby lol low key got off lol attempted shmurdA lmao

  32. Rodney Myers

    I came in here with 50 soldiers🔫🔫🔫💪💪💪💯💯💯👍👍👍💂💂💂🔥🔥🔥

  33. Santina Love

    I love this song 🔥🔥⭐️🔥⭐️🔥😘👊🏧😻🎉🎈🎉🎊

    ralph henson

    Santina Love you sexy santina

  34. Erik Parham

    Bobby But My Last Name Shmurda 🙌

  35. Damon Ford

    Bobby not dead tired of people keep saying dat

  36. Tajuan Kelly

    I love shy gizzy

  37. Nakia Chambers


  38. TheOGMaster

    anyone notice this is the beat from "Cant fuck witch" by bobby shmurda

    cheikhou mbodj

    Its not the same beat its diffrent

    Keith Begley

    Well I guess he's okay with that since he's featured in the god damn song

    Keith Begley

    DJ Blur what are you talking about gtfo 👉

  39. Jaleik Johnson

    This my favorite law 3 song



  40. Szymon Podolski  if u like it feel free to use just let me know

  41. kwaseb

    This beat tho? Damn shit go too hard


    I wish they had just the instrumental