Shovels & Rope - I'm Comin' Out Lyrics

I'm comin' out
I'm comin' out
I'm comin' out
I'm comin' out

I feel small
I feel weak
Wet and bare
Shaking knees
Like a newborn fawn
Clean and pure
Standing in the road
So unsure

It's fight or flight in the springtime
I got the taste of blood in my mouth

And I'm comin' out
I'm comin' out
I'm comin' out
I'm comin' out

What a test is this
It's a cosmic tear
That you walk right in
Change your flesh
Change your mind
Everything you have
Will change in time

From a worm to a winged work of art
Spread my wings and fly 'em around

I'm comin' out

I'll show up to battle in my best suit
I got the taste of blood in my mouth

And I'm comin' out
I'm comin' out
I'm comin' out
I'm comin' out

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Shovels & Rope I'm Comin' Out Comments
  1. Martin Childs

    Fab tastic!

  2. Jeff Grimes

    This kid and shovels and rope. Heard it here first?

  3. Mary Barrett

    Wonderful, I love it!

  4. dugongsdoitbetter

    I thought we as woman were smarter than giving ourselves long lasting, life altering, nonreversible brain injuries.

  5. brian kukk

    littel pokodot backinny

  6. seheabol

    Hmmmm. I’m confused.

  7. CJC Carta

    I love this song. Kicks some ass

  8. Роберт Врона

    all is poisoned!

  9. Tiera Sticks Jones

    The fall nice😊... nice video guys

  10. M B

    😂😂 these comments are something. Cary Ann and Michael have made their views clear over and over yet so many people are still confused...

  11. Duricas

    The haircut did the coming out for you.

  12. camillia frey

    111. Yeah I am. Yeah you are. Been years since I got down with your shovels. I like it. Gets my best gloves & grips hard. Let's dig real deep & come out hey. I like you both. But especially I like you. The music is GOOD too.

  13. G Man

    Ahh you've lost me now. In fact I'm completely baffled. So mixed messages of Feminism and Inshallah gestures. Or is it white chicks and gang signs? As far as a "Dope" video it's certainly aimed at dopes..

  14. Beautiful Taylor

    This was DOPE not just because my sister SiSi of the SC Dames was featured but because WOMEN don't get the recognition that men get when we are just as strong and work just as hard! I'M COMING OUT ❤👑🦸🏾‍♀️🏈

    G Man

    I'm staying in


    Women are cray, yo.

  15. David Ballard

    Love it!

  16. marysoncrack


  17. Gregor Miller

    Always love your music....But 'I'm Comin' Out'...crap title for a song. Reminds me of the LGBLT movement :)


    Gregor Miller what’s the song about then? This whole thread has me cornfused. What are their “views” everybody’s talking about

    Gregor Miller

    @seheabol ..hey, i'm done trying to answer questions. I now live in a Sanctuary State...i'm the last guy you should be talking too!

  18. Joe Miller

    That's awesome!

  19. Kay Brooks

    I love you guys 😍❤️😂

  20. Jimmy Razzo

    Dope video! Dia great job 👍🏻💪🏻

  21. Clair Funderburk

    So Beautiful!!

  22. Henrike Heidrunsdóttir

    Great video with some hard working ladies. Looking forward to start playing tackle football again