Shooter Jennings - The Long Road Ahead Lyrics

Mother may bell's in a a quiet hell.
I hear a gun and a heart and slay bells.
I'd say things have changed quite a bit,
Since I was young and mother didn't give a shhh.
I can't be saved it's too late,
But with a little help I might concentrate,
Long enough to start believing just to make sure your still breathing.

No time for the broken hearted,
Got to finish just what we started.
The only promise to the pour departed,
Is that they wind up dead.
Just as sure as holy violence,
We starve our songs in silence,
Were all looking for a little guidance
Down the long road ahead

There's a cold breeze through city streets,
Blows leaves like dreams neath busy somewhere in an easy chair.
Somebody's momma crying, cause baby ain't there.
My baby's so lazy like to lay around... Drive me crazy.

[Chorus x2]

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Shooter Jennings The Long Road Ahead Comments
  1. Christoffer Feser

    I am not here to bash anyone, but I don't hear a great voice in Waylon Jr. Would be have been able to make his mark without his father having gone before him?

  2. Jeremey Johnson

    OK but been waiting

  3. Rich Dawg Green

    SHITTER SUCKS................ YOU NEED TO COME SEE ME...... BUT IF YOU DIG THIS, YOU'LL HATE ME............. $R$D$

  4. Brady Johnston

    I buy all of Shooters cd's    I support this dude.  He is the best

  5. Brady Johnston

    Shooter is the BEST

  6. dean stewart

    shooter is always amazing! I am a big fan of his for a couple of years now all the way up north in Montreal, Canada!

  7. sassycountrygal

    you must take short cuts to thinking

  8. Eric Farrell

    I trust that what you say is just an assumption, I'm from Nashville born and raised here . I've had the pleasure of meeting Shooter, Hank III , and a few others like them. The deal is they tried to get away from country and a lot of them went to places like NY and LA, but they weren't accepted there. They tried to do rock but due to lack of finances and support they came back home. No he's no Waylon but in a good way the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  9. Dale Dennis

    "was a cold breeze" "my baby is so lazy..." Love this song.. the best from MR.Jennings,no time for the broken hearted, got to finish what we started...

  10. TheChief1313

    Shooter kicks ass.Some of you old folks want the Waylon Clone

  11. Rootsdude33

    Wow "treehealy" couldn't be more wrong. Shooter is an ultra-talented musician creating amazing music straight from the heart and soul. He doesn't ride his father's coat tails. He respects what his father and the other musicians of his era did, but he has his own distinct style. Not to mention he's a helluva nice dude. Can't wait for his next album.

  12. Theresa Tuttle

    I am a huge Waylon fan, but I do not think Shooter got any of his talent. He is riding on his dad's coat tails and I am sure that is not going to last long.