Shooter Jennings - Last Light Radio 11:29 PM Lyrics

There's a book by an author named Carol S. Pearson from the mid-70s called "The Hero Within: Six Archetypes We Live By"
Even though it's nearly forty years old, the book still speaks of the journey each of us takes through our lives
The Innocent
The Orphan
The Wanderer
The Warrior
The Martyr
The Magician
We float between these identities

They change as the phases of our lives take center stage, one after the other
Today I feel like a martyr, but tomorrow I'll be a warrior
For even though my time as the magician is drawing to an end, the innocent in me will continue to believe and hope
In love and that the goodness of humanity will prevail
Here's Hierophant's take on the journey from innocence to experience
Which is another way of saying from innocence to orphanhood
Here's Fuck You (We're Famous)
Put all ten middle fingers in the air and dance my brothers and sisters
If we can't dance a little on the last night of the last light, all is lost

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