Shontelle - I Crave You Lyrics

Mmmmmm woooo yea yea

[Verse 1:]
Traveling down this rocky road
So hard to do it all alone
So I really need you
To help me to move along
All my sunshine's gone away
All my blue skies turning gray
It's like the ocean's all dried up and empty (empty)
So I really hope you understand
All the reasons why I can't pretend
That I don't need your love
And I can't ever break the chains

I crave you, I breathe you, I taste you
I see you in my dreams
I'll never replace you, escape you, crazy as it seems
You said you'll never go any where
But every time I look around boy you gonna dissapear
Still I cry still I try to save you
Baby boy I crave you (crave you)
Don't you know I love you
Don't you know I love you

[Verse 2:]
So I see the sun rise
The tears falling from my eyes
Longing for you baby
And it makes my world so crazy
Oh now the pain is killing me, baby can't you save me
Won't you come, come to me, to me
Cause you got me trapped inside and now I can't escape
I'm scarred so deeply and now I can't erase the pain


[Verse 3:]
Boy text me for a while
Why you coming at me
It brings so much struggle and I strive
Karma brings so much pain ain't I'm in lie
Me sing still
You said you would'a never hurt me, never lie
And I never wanna splurt from in and I'm in lie
Still you only come and ah-use me (and ah-use me)
And it breaks me hard still you abuse me (you abuse me)
You got me hanging like a puppet from a string
You was the only ting I take control and I'm in lie
So why you coming at me ups 'n moving
You gonna turn me like some kinda Ara movie
What kind of thing you bring to all me suffering,
And still me wanna sing
Do anything to obviou
Me sing, me sing -me really, really, really love you


Don't You know I love you
I'm begging you please don't leave me no no

[Chorus: fades]

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Shontelle I Crave You Comments
  1. there itslickie

    No, you're wrong , this song was made by Sting from 1993

  2. scorpiogt1

    NAS - THE MESSAGE. lol

  3. MargaritaShamrakov

    Actually, it was written by Sting"Shape of my Heart" He did not use it, he created it!

  4. Justin Payton

    This melody has been used by these artist

    Shontelle- I crave you
    Blaque- Release me
    Sting- Shape of my heart
    Sugababes- Shape
    Craig David- Rise And Fall
    Carl Thomas-Emotional
    Monica- Take Him Back

    Stay Thirsty My Friends!!!

    Terry Glazier

    Justin Payton how do you know about all the people who used this beat? Thanks

  5. xoxoIbTs13

    the beginning is also the same as Rise and Fall by Sting and Craig David!

  6. cutepoisonbreak2

    Rise & Fall(ish) at the beginning.. but not even a bit as good as Craig's song..
    Impossible is way better ;)

  7. wilkersonelonnie

    Why does everyone keep comparing her to Rihanna? They sound and look absolutely nothing alike.

  8. masjegourie

    @xMANOUKx yes it does!

  9. M Maat

    Huh doesn't the beginning, just the music, sound like rise and fall?!

  10. Aja Monae

    @cheerleader3455 Why Would U Put His Whole Name Out There Thats Not Safe

  11. Vanya Kamiya Asakura



    Listen to Sting- Shape of my heart .
    Her background music sounds just like it!

  13. Reah Yearwood

    Go Shontelle.. Represent bim!! Keep doing ya thing

  14. blackmyst3ry

    no... its 'shape of my heart' by sting.

  15. kandikorn

    You people are severly ignorant if you can't tell that was a joke.

  16. Huda Ramlee

    rocky road as in a road with a lot of obstacles or bumpy rides. thats what she meant.

  17. kandikorn

    I believe Rocky Road is an ice cream flavor.

  18. Mille Cara

    What? She did not!!

  19. kandikorn

    Did she seriously just start this song out with an ice cream flavor?

  20. zimsistress

    this is a wasted baseline

  21. Mr. President

    she a one hit wonder... t shirt is her best song..the rest of this shit is whack..

  22. lis_

    its cos dey r both bajan

  23. happyfeet201

    she remind me of rihanna in a wayy

  24. Jordan Lloyd

    What song does this sample?? I know someone said Shape, but which artist? Is it the Sugababes?

  25. PerfectlyDifferent

    i like this song is good...