Shocking Blue - Who Save My Soul Lyrics

I see you threw my love away
And cloudy seems ev'ry day.
You were so cruel, I had to cry out loud.
Who'll save my soul?

Ain't got no love from you,
Don't know what I'm gonna do
While this world treats me so bad this time.

Still wonder why we simply part
And wonder what you feel in your heart.
My tears are falling and my heart is crying.
Who'll save my soul?

Ain't got no love from you,
Don't know what I'm gonna do
While this world treats me so bad this time.

Ain't got no love from you,
Don't know what I'm gonna do
While this world treats me so bad this time.

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Shocking Blue Who Save My Soul Comments
  1. Кадыр Мустафинов

    Пронзительный голос

  2. Constantin Akentiev

    She has really saved our souls!

  3. Moustafa El Haguine

    Shocking Blue really deserves a lot more interest and homage

  4. Osva Hdz

    Hermosa canción!

  5. Manihote Esculenta

    that hair tho.

  6. Дим Д

    Маришка прелесть!

  7. Stephen Morgan

    My Girl! UGH

  8. antonio cortes

    she is so beautiful woman, its really amazing, I love it!!!

  9. antonio cortes

    very good!!! MARISKA

  10. leticia reyes

    See you latter Mariska, how USED TO BE BABE!!!.

  11. leticia reyes

    Im a hippie soul!!! Yeah!

  12. leticia reyes

    I have hippie blood, Yeah how mariska!!!!

  13. leticia reyes

    Son idiotas los que ponen pulgar abajo no conocen lo clásico pinches bastardos

  14. Сергей Алексанин

    anybody knows chords?

  15. Rupert rozells

    My favourite band is Shocking Blue, they are terribly awesome!

  16. Carlos V. C.

    Bellisima canción, como ella

  17. christiane stamm

    I have never heard this superb song.

  18. Jorge Jagger

    era uma linda mulher, e cantava divinamente.

  19. terc74

    МАРИШКА самая красивая рок кумир . плюс музыка - нет слов - только кайф от мелодии и голоса . лям лайков под настроение )))


    есть лям роз а будет лям лайков

  20. Евгений Щербаков

    Просто я люблю


    Constantin Akentiev

    так и надо! она не умерла

  21. John Doe

    *_You are the only one who can save Your Own Soul._** This will Help You in this Way: go to TruthContest○com and read ~~The Present~~*

    Aaron Wes

    Thanks John!

  22. Mabel Amber

    I am so surprised, never heard any of these Shocking Blue songs, just the popular hits - right, where do all these vids come from??
    Anyway, thanks for posting them, a great gift - long live Mariska - no auto tune, no shitty effects, just the simple song & great voice and great music.


    Well put! Fantastic band that I have just discovered in more depth, having only associated their name with "Venus" for years. Excellent songs, excellent playing, excellent singing - the whole package.  

  23. antonio silva

    Mariska Veres ,sempre colocou a sua Alma nas suas canções,realmente impressionante..!!

  24. Rose Martinez

    my bbys six months n she loves this song!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Bill Cooper

    wow, shocking...

  26. Eric Rockabilly

    @dennyrachmat1 How about TONI WILLE - From PUSSYCAT band? listen to Mississipi and tell me. Thank you bro.

  27. Denny Rachmat

    Nobody compare to you, Mariska Veres!

  28. Said Ramos Bass


  29. Tarina66

    Beautiful - I wished I've had a group like this.... oh yeah - love is cruel - sadly I must admit this.... go on to get well soon again and forget about the love I lost....

  30. American Born Patriot.

    Most Faved : )

  31. Quadrant44

    Were they on a world tour here?
    Drmediaus: for you to know: Much apreciation from Portugal who say Shocking Blue is one of the best bands in the World' *DanRock 18'
    And the Hungarian you can guess claims Mariska is Hungarian! Well she had a Hungarian father, fair enough, but she was born in the Netherlands! Right?
    Such a lovely girl no longer with us.Nice video/Song. Thanks DavidR

  32. The Crowley

    foi a melhor banda que ja existiu!!!
    I Love Shocking Blue!


  33. peter sluijter

    This song originally was a B-side of a small hit by the Motions written by Robbie van Leeuwen. Simple but once you hear it you keep humming or singing it.

  34. Tokhir Rakhimov

    You're so right...