Shocking Blue - Love Is In The Air Lyrics

Madness of love fill my head,
A beautiful girl I just met.
I feel it inside,
I feel it so right,
Love is in the air.

We walk out with head in the sun,
You're talking, we sleep and we run.
Moment's so high,
They're reachin' the sky,
Nothing that we haven't done.

we meet all around,
Flowers way down on the ground.
She whispers to me,
'I hope you see
Love is in the air.'

My woman, she treats me so fine,
My good, want knows that she's mine.
She's taking my love,
Taking my life,
Her kisses are sweeter than wine.

Good dreams are filling my head,
'Was never so happy,' she said.
I knew it before,
I knew it for sure,
Love was in the air.

La! La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!

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Shocking Blue Love Is In The Air Comments
  1. Omar Pereira

    Lindona esta Mariska

  2. Jack Black

    Piękna pani i muza Kozak.

  3. Maritska Katusha Romanov

    my cousins the Judices, greetings and amore and peace from Georgia POW camp Quality Inn Canton to my large loud Italian family in the Garden State Jersey, can we entertain or what? Arent our children beautiful and our women and men holy servantas of GOD AND JESUS CHRIST. Builders of homes, towns and nations.

  4. Eugene Keene

    Love mariska

  5. Ilya Zolotukhin

    Машка маленько не русская или мы о ней очень мало знаем...

  6. Gordon Johnston

    They sound like the Doors

  7. Nikola Stoyanov


  8. Fernando Escobar

    ÚNICA MARISKA VERES super voz preciosa

  9. JR G

    Her walking in the snow is from the song Mighty Joe

  10. Lisa Lindsey

    Fred de Wilde on vocals. I conversed with him on Facebook when I posted this video on the Shocking Blue fan club page. He was very nice.

  11. christiane stamm

    They had so many good songs, not only "Venus". Whan I was a teenager, I wanted to look like Mariska. She was so beautiful and had a super voice. I am a little bit older today, but Shocking Blue is one of my fav bands, love their songs -timeless music-.

    Scary Hobo

    christiane stamm - “a little bit” older?

  12. Conrad B

    Who is singing this song? Robbie ??

  13. francois gorius

    en 1971 je suis aller en Suède en stop sur le Bac de l'Allemagne au Danemark et du Danemark a la Suède il y avait cette musique Nordique venue d'un autre monde ,...c'était super j'avais l'impression d'être dans la quatrième dimension (y)

    juan carlos ballesteros gomez

    nius sommes dácord mais pour la fortune de nous encore nos sommes ici a cette dimension

  14. Armen V. Manasyan

    Whenn they wrote and publish this song she was not one of the band. This is the most earliest songs of Shocking Blue, she joined later.

  15. antonio cortes

    she´s my beautiful confusion!!!

  16. ViscountVile

    Not bad at all. I wonder if Mariska sang any of these first album songs when she joined the band?

  17. leticia reyes

    She's my girl, forever she was!!!

  18. Sn Vi

    Богиня своего времени!

  19. Ted Norcross

    The many looks of Mariska. She was awsome. More than Grace or Janis.

  20. MoonBeam Jim

    good song- nice to hear another band member sing- ...maybe this was a tribute song to Mariska?


    given it was on their first album, so before she joined the band, i'd say its highly unlikely ;)

  21. Luis Perez

    4 son gays

  22. orly ortiz

    en este tema no canta Mariska Veres, este tema pertenece al primer LP del grupo donde ella aun no pertenecia luego en 1969 aparece ella

    Malena Moon

    para mi la mejor formacion.

    Jose Cordero

    Buen dato

  23. Joel Armando Camacho Lopez

    No pare de repetir esta gran canción guay. Todo en esta canción es genial

    lps xd estefani distroller

    No eres mi amigo

    Si o no

    lps xd estefani distroller

    No o si

  24. Mike Ramouz

    RIP Mariska..

  25. Александр И

    Какие были времена!

  26. Ross Rocio

    m encanta esta song

  27. John Steelman

    Hello cool video, is there any band still playing that uses the name  Shocking Blue ?  I read someplace Mariska was born in Hungary.  Her secret was she was wearing a wig in all shows.   

  28. MayhemAtila

    pure natural beauty...

  29. Enrique Rivera ツ

    a beautiful woman

  30. amankaptan

    she was against all possible love affairs inside the band. must be so hard times for those 3 guys...

  31. Shocking Blue fan Andy Nirvana

    It's Fred De Wilde who sings this song

  32. Shocking Blue fan Andy Nirvana

    The most beautiful female vocalist ever

  33. Daria Prokopets

    she is a goddess!!!

  34. Dagger Deep

    These guys and the music machine were the first groups to wear all black. Its like early goth or some shit!! Cool as hell..

  35. Ерофей Хабаров

    No, her mother was born in Germany only. She was half-russian, half-french.

  36. Erik Hessel

    A liitle note:-) If you like Dutchbeat visit my site,

  37. Erik Hessel

    Fred de Wilde had do go into militairy service a normal thing for a Dutch boy in that time in the middle of the cold war. Robbie van Leeuwen had a vision on SB so he wanted to continue with a girl, the rest is history. I think this record is awesome, totally different then other Dutchbeat.

  38. Erik Hessel

    Fred is still singing and entertaining!

  39. Поехавший

    I'm 21, but love her)

  40. Tibor Mészáros

    Mariska was born in Den Haag in 1947 and she lived there until her death in 2006. Her father was a Gipsy violinist from Hungary and her mother was German. This song is from the band's first LP, when she was not yet a member of the group.

    Ion Voron

    Maria Ender Her mother Maria Ender was of halfly Russian and halfly French origin.

  41. Dave Dillon

    It was a shame Shocking Blue never had the fame they deserved in the U.S. I was deprived years admiring her singing and beauty, and only recently discovered how great the band really was. She always seemed to be hiding a secret behind those eyes.

  42. Luc le gall

    Jolie poupee sweet girly doll

  43. honey bozo

    Fred de Wilde on vocals... anyone know what happened to him?

  44. snop145

    hermosura de mujer

  45. Caroline Bohone

    I miss her too!

  46. chacmarino

    I miss you Mariska

  47. rob royal

    is she still alive????? i knows shes fat now,,she was on dutch tv a whileago,,well,,few yearsago...i think she was a hungarian gypsy,,come to holland 1956 or 1957

  48. Garry Dureau

    @selin8912 She is actually dead. Every roll of her jubly was more talented than you will ever be 'Mr Perfect".

  49. Non Genre Music

    She is fat now, i'm glad i didn't marry her went she askd it

  50. Tuan Muda

    * * * * *

  51. MalyFox

    she was angel with devils voice

  52. Angel Lossa

    hermosaaa mujer

  53. zinedine ramos

    i have that album right now yup only four of them this is pre-Mariska. POLYDOR RECORDS(MP-2099)

  54. B NThirteen

    @pilot9781 Yes, I heard this album was from '67 before Mariska joined the band. They had a male singer, Fred de Wilde.

  55. Stephen Silva

    I was doing research on the album that this song came from....I picked it up in Canada simply titled 'The Shocking Blue' on the Polydor Label....I think it had another title in other countries....But is it true that Mariska didnt appear on this album??? Anyway, like this song....thanks for the post-steve