Shocking Blue - Alaska Country Lyrics

There's no better way of being alone
Down in my land, my beautiful land
A nature of God all covered with snow
A pleasure to be and good times to spend

Alaska Country - stay the way you are
Alaska Country - you never cheated me
I wanna know that
Alaska Country

Seven days a week
And seven lonely nights
Plenty of time to find myself again
So that I'll know what I was
Created for
To have a good life where there's no pain

Alaska Country - stay the way you are
Alaska Country - you never cheated me
I wanna know that
Alaska Country

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Shocking Blue Alaska Country Comments
  1. vitaly goji

    She still is the most powerful singer. Born in Gypsy family, she had truly magical voice. Now I understand stories about magical Gypsy girls.. Stole harts of so many..
    RIP Marishka, we remember and love you.

  2. Marty Smelnek

    Tobally awbusome!!!

  3. Jef

    Awolnation - Sail

  4. Osva Hdz

    Juan Gabriel - Yo no nací para amar suena parecido. Amo Shocking Blue!

  5. Виктор Волков

    Эту песню невозможно не любить. Как и Маришку.

  6. ryan johnson

    Surprised Quentin tarrintino hasn't used this in a movie

  7. tverboul snoopy

    Heard it in a radio store when I was still in college - blew my mind then and forever.

  8. Sledr1994

    I'm not gonna complain at all about the little amount of view it has.
    I honestly feel privileged to be one of the few knowing this little gem.

  9. Miguel Simões

    Amalia Rodrigues - Canção do Mar.


    oui monsieur Simoes : une chanson de la sublime Amalia sur une musique de Ferrer Trindade 1955. Le thème mélancolique surgi de ce morceau (un ragtime) joué à l'harmonica est une belle inspiration de Robbie van Leeuwen qui avait certainement aimé cançao do mar, je ne sais pas s'il avait payé des droits d'auteur sur ce titre ?

  10. Sarah Linton

    Why doesn't Gmaps show Puccyan base 150 km NE of Fairbanks. Whats going on guys? Love this song but not on any best ofs

  11. teknoäijä

    well´they dominated us charts for 13 weeks.they amongst the very best the best at some time.babe ruth´s jenny haan and mariska rocked groovyyy...

    vitaly goji

    Charts nothing. Not too many outside your country know about charts. Marichka had truly magical voice. We loved her for stealing our hearts , not charts

  12. Анатолий Бахарев

    За их талант : ДАЙ БОг им долголетья


    +Анатолий Бахарев Маришку Вериш- солистку- зарезали в пьяной драке лет 40 назад. Да, долгих лет.

    Walter N

    Чевой? В 2006 году померла она .

    Alex Aga

    Они были запрещены в красном ссср, в котором бога нет. Например храм христа спасителя, которого тоже нет в красном ссср, был во взорванном состоянии. Потом его снова построили. А сейчас, я как старикашка-какашка даже и не знаю точно в каком он состоянии. Так все быстро все наоборот.

  13. gdf hds

    @Katte Lelly *was

  14. Shani Worley

    This + 1

  15. Riho Lilje


  16. Александр Коновалов


  17. jacqal0105

    100% agree!

  18. vasyl marksman


  19. XYZ


  20. フリーバード