Shmurda, Bobby - This Is Shmurda (Freestyle) Lyrics

They like Truey why they shoot em?
Niggas killed my nigga Kaine so we had to do em
They like Truey why they shoot em?
Niggas was talkin to the jakes so we had to do em

In an out of drive bys, boy this shit been real
Tell me what you know 'bout wiping shells out the windshield?
Way before Kaine left, boy my shmurders been kill
Way before we joined a gang been the hottest, been real
Everybody know my name, local bitch I been ill
Single shot, .22, spin em like a windmill
Hit a nigga and his bitch, flight em out to [?]
You don't really want it, but my hitters gon be in-field
Real shit, mommy money wasn't 'doin it
So I grabbed some crack, hit the trap and started movin' it
A lotta niggas my age, they ain't know what to do wit it
They was busy playin' in parks, goin to school and shit
I was busy totin that thang, tryna shoot some shit
So every time you hearin my gang, thinkin' ruthlessness
Real shit, we really do this shit, jackin savage whateva these niggas new to it

This is Shmurda, this is not music
I had the flow 10 years ago I just didn't abuse it
You niggas forgot how I do it, but I do it like it ain't nothin to it

FREE MY NIGGA ICE, FREE MY NIGGA FAME, FREE GREASY, we ain't do this, run up on niggas

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Shmurda, Bobby This Is Shmurda (Freestyle) Comments
  1. Maliek Oliphant

    Real chxt

  2. B 422

    Free Bobby

  3. Lil'Earnest Rip Sterling,Duke&Stick

    Free Bobby bitch 💪🏾💯🔫

  4. Darmody Smith

    Bobby free soon

  5. Brooks Hood

    Free Bobby

  6. B 422

    Free bobby

  7. Anthony Bailey

    Nigga the coldest

  8. Imx_Israel

    Instrumental ??? Anyone

    Love Money

    50Cent- this is murda not music

  9. Milton Jackson

    Free bobby

  10. B 422

    Free Bobby

  11. zac hodge

    Still in 2019

  12. Devaun Patton

    Free Bobby

  13. cKrab Killahz only

    Free Bobby Foo’ Cant Forget

  14. Ronnie Alcozar


  15. Watch while High


  16. Auguste Aldin

    Lyrics please ?

  17. al la

    11.45th hit a nigga n his bitch

  18. Yung box logo ENT

    Still fucking with Bobby Free Bobby the wave

  19. roger hernandez

    Still Bumpin In 2k18

  20. alex leenaars

    So much love for bobby al the things he rap he does that shit thats hard man

  21. Wake Up

    someone post the lyrics, especially the end where he talks

    Love Money

    Click this👉 and type in any song u want the lyrics will come out

  22. Mobb Cat

    Loved his shit from the beginning heard every song 2020 baby free MY HOTZ some of the realest shit I ever heard ON GOD!


    free bobby to save rap

  23. Luis cisneros


  24. Wrath Of Vishnu


  25. Diane Bolt

    Yo a beast. he gotta be recording over phone under new alias. feeling old NY sound wit new age trap vibe

  26. Thug Zombie Y.T.E Exclusive Tracks

    Song is so slept on this made fuck w Bobby even more when i first it on his ig when he was still out "They was busy playing at parks going to school and shidd. I was busy toting that thing! Tryan shoot some shidd so every time you hear of my gang you think of ruthlessness"🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 i just hate how he talked shidd the rest of the track i wanted him to snap more

  27. zuli oba

    u niggas be like u bobbys homies shut the fuck up and free my bros fuck this nigga

  28. J With The Vlogs

    the original version

  29. Judy Correa

    whipping shells of the windshield this nigga bobby free skrap ah ah ahhhh

  30. Stay GreasyTruuu

    Talk that shit brody

  31. Michael Garcia

    Free bobby ah ah !!!!

  32. Uni Dexal

    Hey Bobby shmurda is my favorite person and rowdy he is am favorite too so i like them

  33. rayzerpxrp

    living legend

  34. Dom GoesFishing

    tell me what u know bout wipin shells off the windshield 🔥


    CleanCatch Crew "Boy this shit been real"

  35. TheDailyNews IvanluviG

    Free Bobby from Mexicali Mexico. East Los wadup!

  36. Kevin Gates

    free bobby

  37. St.Hadez


  38. Will Albert

    free Bobby for the millionth time

  39. Romain Dedecker

    lourd gs9 courage Bobby et rowdy on n'est avec vous Gs9

  40. awais mian


  41. xo boom

    Free Bobby I ain't forget about him.

  42. Bobby Shmurda Jr

    This my nigga

    awais mian


  43. Bobby green

    Free GS9

  44. Catherine Betances

    Mami money wasn't doing it so I grab the crack and started movin it ...that's realshit free Bobby nigga gang Foh gs9 #GVNG

    eric vaz

    that shit aint real.just ignorant lol

  45. KASH KAY

    wind of souls

  46. BigSneeze100

    what beat is this?

    Daniel Martinez

    50 Cent - This is Murder Not Music

  47. Piero Ruiz


  48. Piero Ruiz

    Someone put this on sprinlls

  49. Marionik sk8


  50. Langlay352


  51. Rxco GAMBXNO

    funny how fast they forgot bout bobby soon as he got locked up smh #FREEBOBBY #FREEROWDY

    awais mian

    AH AH AH

    Josh Folger

    free bobby till hes free man , the second he comes out this music shits going back to normal

  52. Deserrie Boyette

    gang gang gs9

  53. EdwardBeStupid


  54. ImDemiHuh

    Free BOBBY and ROWDY✌🏾👌🏾

  55. bernie ramos

    free rowdy and bobby

  56. bernie ramos

    RIP  Shyste

  57. bernie ramos

    Love this song this song is the bom . rowdy rebel  and bobby is my cousin 

    Angel Santana

    Lmao stfu white surburban boy.

    simphiwe malgas

     yooo this song goes harder thn a concrete

    dat nicca bruh

    Fucc outta here nigga nigga those my ah ah ahs and ion know yo ass nigga


    dat nicca bruh stfu

  58. Felicia Goodman


  59. Rome Money

    Dat dance wat did it....but i fuckz wit u....#romemoney #nitrodinero