Shirley Caesar - Stranger On The Road Lyrics

I'm just a stranger
Trying to find my way
I don't know nobody
And I don't know where to go
I'm out here all alone
I don't want to roam
I'm just a stranger
A long way from home

Stranger on the road
The road seems long
Stranger on the road
Trying to get home
I'm just a stranger
A long way from home

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Shirley Caesar Stranger On The Road Comments
  1. Rose Cheek-Stephens

    This was my grandmother's favorite song!!! Every time I hear this I can just hear her singing it in the kitchen of our home. :-)

  2. 4Knewt

    Ok. My aunties used to sing this on the fly at my granny's house. They would be in the kitchen and I would here this melodious alto and tenor tones. They can really sing! Poor me, I'm just a rusty alto.

  3. Mya

    I miss my mom, she passed away unexpectedly in 2015. We use to sing this song together when I was a I use to play church in the living room.

  4. KantBserious b

    I know you don't sir, I was saying that's all

  5. KantBserious b

    Oh my I'm loving it! Can you post the whole album?? All their songs is unbelievable especially "it's getting late" !

    Gospel Nostalgia

    Patrick, I do not post entire albums.

  6. Veronica Jones

    this is one of my most favorite songs. I listened to my mother's 45 records in the 70s... I was a kid. I tried to sing just like Shirley Caesar. today I'm known for my ability to sung. this was one of my first songs I ever learned to sing... I love it. I've taught it to my daughters and we now sing it as a trio... the harmony still in tact.

    H Peter Ray

    I got the same 45 record too.

  7. terri mcclain

    This was one of mt Grandmothers favorite Shirley Caesar albums. Listening to it brought back a lot of good memories!

    Gospel Nostalgia

    Glad this is nostalgic for you.

  8. southerndiva33

    Listened to this on my way 2 work, WELL PUT of how I feel sometimes!!

  9. Nikki Nasara

    AMAZING!!!!!!! How do you put this voice into words. Just don't.