Shires, The - State Lines Lyrics

You always take me by surprise, like when it rains in California.
Yeah, you do.
You got a crazy sense of humour, dry as the sands in Arizona.
You know you do.

But I love everything about you,
Yeah I love all the little things.

Like when you roll your eyes like a cool new Yorker
Driving across the Mason Dixon line,
I've gotta smile.
Cause you're warm like a night in a southern summer,
Sweet like a taste of California wine.
I love crossing your state lines, state lines.
State lines.

You can cry like the Mississippi, when we're just watching a movie.
It's kinda cute.
You sweep me away like a hurricane, over Louisiana
And I let you, yeah.

Cause I love everything about you,
Yeah I love all the little things.

Like when you roll your eyes like a cool new Yorker
Driving across the Mason Dixon line,
I've gotta smile.
Cause you're warm like a night in a southern summer,
Sweet like a taste of California wine.
I love crossing your state lines, state lines.

And I'm learning everyday, a little bit more and more with every state
All the little things.

Like when you roll your eyes like a cool new Yorker
Driving across the Mason Dixon line,
I've gotta smile.
Cause you're warm like a night in a southern summer,
Sweet like a taste of California wine.
I love crossing your state lines, state lines.
Your state lines.
State lines.

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Shires, The State Lines Comments
  1. GlendaMarie671

    Very talented , and do make very beautiful music together, and would make a beautiful couple. Omg, your voices sound so great together.
    Lots of love , from the other side of the world. 😘

  2. Daph

    2019 still listening to it 🤩♥️

  3. Ali H. Moksin

    Underrated country song. Deserve more views

  4. James Douglas

    These two are up there with anyone coming out of Nashville - each superb vocalists in their own right, and together, they are harmony heaven. Most impressive and - more importantly - highly listenable. Style and substance...enough said.

  5. Anastasia Jane


  6. Novihandayani.


  7. Glenda Paul

    beautiful song :)

  8. Ilse Dekker

    I came across this song one year ago, forgot the name, spend all the time looking for it and I finally found it back 🤤! Also, I became a fan of The Shires in between the searching for the song 2 months ago.

  9. Loisespana

    Love your voices, perfect harmonies. Putting light in my life! Thank you guys xx

  10. dean olley

    Two Brits singing the praises of the USA. Magic they are so good.

  11. Gilbert Santiago

    Two Beautiful voices that blend together so well.

  12. Kat TheFanEnthusiast

    I honestly think it’s kinda sad how a British duo like them decided to jump on the America bandwagon and write one of those America songs. They could’ve been writing a song about their own country! I mean, c’mon, you can be a great country star without trying to be American!

    Anastasia Jane

    Kat TheFanEnthusiast yes that’s true ❤️💗

  13. Summer Smith hollon

    i love this

  14. Goal Den

    Radio material.

  15. Steve Maddock

    Excellent !! a beautiful song

  16. Transport UK

    British Country Singers! And their fantastic at singing!

  17. Joe Ashead

    This woman not only has an amazing voice, But She is stunningly pretty !!

  18. stratpac

    Wow! great song beautifully sung. I love these talented duo.

  19. Víctor Montero

    This is pop country, if you like. Near near a usual pop song adding words and storytelling formula to be close to country, but still lack of something, don't know what it is, probably adding something to the sweet soft voices or the usual pop-song sound. Still, great song!

    Colin Baynham

    Víctor Montero n

  20. John McCarron

    Come back to glasgow

  21. Clementine Arnaud

    Hall need snap young speed spot piece force facilitate height.

  22. stratpac

    Wow! just found this! Lovely song, beautifully sung - I'm a fan now.

  23. Laura FitzGerald

    V run u

  24. Valerie DuBois

    I LOVE this.

  25. Kirsten Kirsten

    I luv the shires so much!

  26. JustAGirl

    What a beautiful song.

  27. Maddie Davie

    I swear every single one of your songs is gold, so good!!!

  28. Junjie zhou

    such a beautiful song and a beautiful couple. god bless them!

  29. Ionela Stuleanec

    Someone still listening to this music in 2017 march? ❤️

  30. Lidia Favara

    Vi adoro! Sono una fan italiana che impazzisce per la musica country, raro da trovare. ♥

  31. Joel Armstrong

    As someone who writes song as an avocation, this is one some I wish I had wrote lol!!

  32. Anthony Vaughan

    GOOD AND FRESH !!!!!

  33. Slashley gibbins

    She got too much eye make up on here.

  34. Transport UK

    Yay Some English Country Music!

  35. Steve Smith


  36. Kevin Gray

    given their background, might have been more appropriate to sing about Luton Airport and Welwyn Garden City.

  37. Mick lawson

    If this is country music ill eat hay with a donkey....pop garbage

    Peter Wood-Jenkins

    There is a lot of country garbage coming from Nashville these two from the U K are very re freshing with top harmonies have your ears cleaned out kiddo

  38. PabloDiver

    Each to their own, this bored me to tears.

    Alan Collins

    Didn't have to watch it fella!

    Peter Wood-Jenkins

    Well that says a lot about your personality what was you expecting an up tempo Ozzy Osborne


    Peter Wood-Jenkins Nothing to do with the tempo, it's just such generic, bland soft country. There's nothing different or interesting here. It says a lot about your personality that you resort to personal remarks about differing opinions.

  39. MissAmyj123

    just heard the live version on radio 2. amazing sound ❤

  40. JOP

    It's unbelievable just how many country music venues there are in the UK and yet we haven't adopted it mainstream. We need to embrace this type of music fully and not be ashamed of it. It's best type of music there is.

    Antony Evans

    JOP agreed. Worked a good few years as a sessions guitarist in the UK (I'm from wales), only ONCE worked on a country album. Can't even remember the name, it was such a 'small' job

    explore with ace

    Could not agree more, im just a simple girl who lives in the country in north wales, so many people pull a funny face when I say how good country music is, it's like I'm an alien, but I don't care, will always be the best music genre In my eyes,

  41. David Holden

    As a musician in my opinion these guys are great so versatile this is my favourite album of 2015 so fresh and original

    Jackie Ward

    Shire Are At The Forefront Of New Country Music.
    They Are Phenomenol.
    And Watching Sky Tv
    Station Living Are Into Their 4th Season Of Their Brilliant Country Music Series Nashville.
    Here In Ireland The People Have Embraced Young Country Music Musicians
    In Too Their Hearts.
    Country Music Dance Classes Have Sprung Up All Over Towns & Small Villages All Over Ireland, Learning The Very Young, & Young & Older People Having a Great Time Dancing The Night Away Into The Wee Small Hours.

  42. Arthur Hughes

    Common gang ! they are brilliant and deserve any and all accolade for a very class act !!

  43. Richard Newton

    Talented duo. Love this song. Fantastic voices. Great Album as well. Cant wait to hear more.

  44. HannahBanana

    Meh, I'm British and I prefer the 90s American country music.

  45. d2ditmars

    Beautiful - enjoying listening to the cd - beautiful, beautiful harmonies - very pure sound - and love that I can understand the words to the song.

  46. Pete M

    Brilliant UK group, bringing Country into the mainstream - wat a tune

  47. Patrick

    Oh wow.. I was searching thru spotify some songs to listen while working.. This played.. How come I don't know this song? I had to stop working and search for it. It's that good.

  48. MrDOUG575

    the 42 people who did not like this broke down when they crossed the state line

  49. princess cake

    love this song

  50. Rochelle O.S

    such talent..... amazing song 😊

  51. axxeman2002

    Very very good. New Country is just what is needed to elbow out that drivel the mainstream stations serve up.

  52. Darren Millar

    reminds me of .

    Texasrebel 105

    +Darren Millar Trump vs. Rubio

  53. rachel ward

    Why isn't this big yet !!!

  54. Ella Scott

    I love this song! Also if anyone is interested, I've just uploaded my own track! Would be great if you want to check it out :)xxx

  55. Chris Bingham

    Great song, beautiful ! We need more British country music acts....

  56. Itsmetari

    that's true, I like this couple. Very romantic songs

  57. Khan Erkeksoy

    a beautiful love song

  58. sct353

    A few more views now and deservedly so! Fabulous song.

  59. Storeymaker1

    This song needs more love

  60. Gail Sandison

    The last song I was sent?

  61. chazzyt

    Pass me the puke bucket!! Roll your eyes like a cool N Y jeeeeeze. etc This bands lyrics childish and inane to say the least

  62. Keystone Tuscanred

    Move over "Sugarland". This song has the flavor of country music all over it. Cue Does to the Shires. Indeed, a sound that could match up well with Lady Antebellum.

  63. michelle Mondey

    love it bring on country music x

  64. Pete Elliott

    Don't stop at this one song. Listen to the whole of Brave and recognise that the UK has beaten the US at its own game. Song of the Year and Album of the Year. Get those Grammy's polished yanks.

  65. Aidan Brooks

    I am posting these guys on my facebook feed. EVERYONE needs some of this in there lives! Spread the love xxx

  66. Ada

    I'm so happy they'll be playing together with The Corrs, so I'll get to see them too :D

  67. Damian Moore

    watched you tonight in birmingham ,,,,amazing i wished you played for longer though

  68. Michael Mcgarry

    beautiful song

  69. Blazinbloke

    This is brilliant - big stars of the future Only 230,386 views a time of writing this. Will be millions before we know it.

  70. Maria Ramsey

    Great song ❤

  71. zoeee

    I love you two :')

  72. Novalia Barkah Sadikin

    i love this song

  73. Tazkev PFC

    Saw them in Portsmouth last night... outstanding!!

  74. Marie Nash

    brilliant im in love with this song and ur debut album, i wish u all the success u so rightly deserve x

  75. Orchestre de jazz La Planche A dixie

    Great ! Bravo. Chris @nojazzy

  76. Sherry Berry

    these guys are my new obsession.

  77. Cindy

    Such a lovely song. Their voices harmonise so well.


    it's 210K views now and counting! :) This is brilliant. great song. great performance.

  79. syifaizah rohmah

    an absolute amazing song!

  80. Hannah May

    Oh those harmonies! This is beautiful

  81. Geoff Holman

    Can't wait to see you guys in Portsmouth In October ........... best album I've bought in 2015 ..........

  82. Emma Smith

    I just love the lyrics of this song and wow you guys sound amazing and it's nice to have some country singers from the UK as I live in the UK and love country music

  83. Tracy Murthwaite

    Really like this, very classy.

  84. DuskyHaddock

    This was published on my birthday, best song of 2015.

  85. debbie templeton


  86. puptread

    Love this :)

  87. Emily Tofts

    Gonna be seeing them at festival soon

  88. athena. jane

    I'm so happy that British country artists are slowly but surely breaking into the British music industry. It's mainly an American thing but i'm really chuffed it's being recognised and appreciated here!! Love the song guys!! X

  89. John L

    Yeah pretty good usually listen to heavy metal but love this song good vocals which synchronise together well

  90. Jamie Lyons

    i heard this song in the car on the way home from work and i just stopped everything and sat there and listened to this it brought a tear to my eye as it brings back all the good memories of my life

  91. jack whyte

    Cool tune

  92. Chris E

    Piggy whore females on MAN made birth control tablets.
    Tablets made with MAN made machines. In MAN made labs.
    Dumb bitches.

    Emma Smith

    Get over yourself please! Women make some life saving things like the bullet proof vest, fire escapes and other things. Grow the hell up you sexist animal

  93. Susan Mowbray

    i agree one of best songs of 2015

  94. Sandra Brown

    Nothing but love love love fr this song...can't get enough

  95. Pam Moreland

    Just found this group the shires, I think they are so easy on the ears .really good, just picked up my first cd, great

  96. users32471

    thought this was lady antebellum when i 1st heard this on the radio

  97. Chris E

    Female looks like a piggy whore.

  98. Chris E

    The mason dickson line
    the mexson texson line

    wtf     Mexson

  99. whistlingbob1

    heard this song and instantly in my own mind i went to sing Lady antebellum " need you now" i genuinely thought it was the same artist or someone very similar, i spent the next few minutes mashing up the two songs in my head, very acoustically similar

  100. hyperfunkd

    How does this only have 105k views (at the time of writing)?!?!? I am fortunate enough to work in the music 'biz' and can say with confidence that this is one of the best songs that I have heard in the last few years. It has everything: great melody, great lyrics and fantastic combined harmony.

    Susan Mowbray

    soooo agree

    Maureen Corbett

    hyperfunkd they are amazing ... saw them st bham 02 in oct👌