Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko Lyrics

Hello little boys, little toys
We're the dreams you're believing
Crawling up the walls
Running down your face
Razor sharp, razor clean
Feel the weapon's sensation
On your back...
With loaded guns

Now hold onto me pretty baby
If you want to fly
I'm gonna melt the fever sugar
Rolling back your eyes

We're gonna ride the race cars
We're gonna dance on fire
We're the girls Le Disko
Supersonic overdrive

So what's it gonna take?
Silver shadow believer....
Spock rocker with your dirty eyes
It's a chance gonna move
Gonna fuck up your ego
Silly boy gonna make you cry

If what they say is true...
You're a boy - and I'm a girl
I will never fall in love with you

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Shiny Toy Guns Le Disko Comments
  1. Matt Biersack


  2. Daft Rebel

    Rockin¡ the '20's

  3. Iwona Parkita Szczecin

    Who listening this 2020 ?

  4. Афон Слепцовский

    Hello Moto

  5. Alamin Raju

    hello moto

  6. ThePainkiller9995

    Get the song as your ringtone lmao

  7. Yusuf Fulat

    2019 where you at?


    Hello Moto! Vintage

  9. Maxx

    1:06 "So whats it going to take, stupid wanky dickhead? Stupid wanker with your dirty eye."


    like 2019

    Julia ALV

    Corte y confeccion quizas? 😁

  11. Th3us Speed

    2:10 (aplauses) soltou o special! Muito massa esta musica nostalgia! 2019!

  12. Luna Volva Forest Witch

    The l word brought me here love this! ❤

  13. Yoongi Park


  14. Ziegour

    So there is an infested terran inside?

  15. ezelotl haunted

    cancion perdida y recuperada ... 2019 :D

  16. alfredo lujano

    2019? 😎😍

  17. PARTYBOY5565

    This needs more views then it has.

  18. EmprendedorMex

    Burnout Dominator?

  19. Joshua rodriguez alvarez

    Burnout dominator

  20. soniahmath

    2019 anyone???

  21. juan manuel jimenez concha

    2019 😎

  22. Alan Jean Bactiar-Caracessec

    "Press R2 to activate a Crashbraker and smash your rivals..."

    omG, that nostalgia. Thanx EA, Criterions. Thanx, Burnout Dominator. Peak Bushido #forever

  23. BranislavBGD

    Motorola Razr brought me here.

  24. derp herpson

    returning to play burnout dominator for nostalgia after 7 years

  25. Ryo Watanabe

    Herkes Burnout Dominatör den gelmiş evet bende ondan geldim :D

  26. zé ricardo

    A fucking nostalgia (burnout)
    Uma nostalgia do caralho (burnout)

  27. pomp891


  28. Ivone jattar

    Burnout Dominator

  29. Руслан С.

    Услышал на днях, спустя более 10 лет. Охватила сильнейшая ностальгия про то время когда я был студентом))

  30. Ajay Swami

    Moto Razr 2 bought me here...!!! Childhood nostalgia

  31. Alper

    5. Sınıfta deli gibi dinlerdim şimdi üni 3 teyim vay aq

  32. Sophie Biersack

    2018 ??
    wtf m doing here ???

    Emperor Horus 330

    Enjoying a classic from old times?

  33. ROBA05

    Burnout dominator brought me here


    As Serious As Your Life by Four Tet, isn't it ?

  35. petrol station


  36. Magallanes 2540

    A week ago a girl I really liked sent me this song after years of silence. She was like "Do you remember?" And I was like FUCK YEAH I REMEMBER! But instead of opening up and telling her of all the wonderful memories she left in my heart I opened the PS2 box. :D

  37. Halohunter553

    FINALLY I FOUND IT!!!! I have been trying to remember this song for years in fact this was the first song I ever heard on YouTube when I was 6 I’m not kidding but finally after almost ten years later I remember it once again

  38. WarBerJr02

    I have this CD... I can make any ringtone that I want...

  39. Julien Genty

    2:04 Super Sayen Google drive

  40. Mustafa Akbina


  41. Marvin Rodriguez

    GTA 4 on Xbox ONE & Project X brought me here

  42. Thomas Anderson

    12 лет искал исполнителя и трек! проснулся с утра и меня озарило! наконец-то я ее нашел!

  43. new

    Carah Faye is the best vocal.

  44. Rodolfo Torrez Castro

    proyecto x

  45. Dr. Strange

    Time flies...

  46. Anonymous Candle

    This sounds so familiar and yet i dunno where i've heard it before.


    As Serious As Your Life by Four Tet ?

  47. Jebus Chris

    They actually had better songs

  48. JThom

    Que nostalgia!!! Lembrei do ensino médio!

  49. Daniel Moreira

    Burnout domination

  50. Bobbi Fox

    So fucking deadly.

  51. Joey Quigley

    So fucking corny, but whatever dude, it still fucking kicks ass.

  52. Lehst

    saw this on tv at random one day. lol back then I put it on MySpace xD

  53. S.C.C.P 1910

    burnout dominator

  54. Sea Dh

    Burnout Dominator anyone?


    Blue White yes me :D

  55. Queen 131

    Shadow hunters brought me here

  56. Ary Rotundo

    This was uploaded 10 years ago today. Damn!

  57. babypalmz

    does texting that number still work?

  58. Postghost

    This song sounds good but the lyrics are really cringy.

  59. Gordon Music

    if i could get you latex

  60. Wanchor


  61. xxx xxx

    burnout playstation 2 brought me here


    xxx xxx me too :D


    ROBA05 Saaaame 😂

    Sharath Anand K

    Yup, same...

  62. ValenYD PSN

    universal studios rockit brought me here

  63. Adonis Jimenez

    FIFA brought me here

  64. Daniela V.

    I just like the beginning xD

    Damon Albarn

    Daniela Vera SAME

  65. franklin Gaston


  66. Juice umirinmyaestheticsson

    project x brought me here


    me too! give me 5

  67. Антонов Сергей

    oh my... I"ve loved this lyrics a long time ago... I meant that was really funny... girls are G's

  68. Jo Moody

    Shadowhunters brought me here

  69. Vincent, Von, Ash

    So these Creatures are disguised as humans luring they're prey into the club scene So this is how they would get there food, outsmarted by Spiders Yum yum"

  70. Tugkan Ardal

    Burnout brought me here years ago

  71. Natalia Radtke

    this music video is so weird.. but I LIKE IT

  72. Andres Morales

    Motorola Razr :)

    Clayton de Freitas Lima

    They have a new one now

  73. core xz

    llegue aqui por FRIENDZONE

  74. Антон Карпузиков

    господи исусе я нашёл эту песню! урааа :D

  75. Halibut Rzeczny

    the song is so badass it gave me cancer

  76. Hazal Demirci

    what is short hair tomboys name ?

  77. Carlos Antonio Páez Cuba

    I wonder if the number to get the ringtone for this still works in 2015...

    Joey Quigley

    Bwahah, did you ever try?

    Shortbread Head

    we'll never know


    Pretty Good Tune, and I also heard it on the Burnout Dominator

  79. armando solares

    lesvico,  pero buena rola para su epoca  merecuerda el spot de hello moto v 8

  80. João Paulo

    Projeto X

  81. Nick Andrino

    I remember hearing this song on a commercial long time ago.

    James English

    For some family SUV yeah?

    Shea Quinn

    Honda CRV, was funny I was trying for the life of me to remember the name of this song and all I could think of was that bloody commercial. And here we are in 2018 haha.

    Renzo Hv

    the Motorola Razr phone commercial

    D. P. Quitterie

    Moto Razr2?

  82. DarKSun

    is their a version without the part where the ball explode

  83. Fabrice Thissier

    Discovered the song with Burnout Dominator. Don't listen it when really driving or you're gonna wanna score a bunch of maniac points ;)

  84. ngoc tran

    very nice

  85. Johann Robles Cobián


  86. Антон Суханов

    это круиа

  87. Danielle Arnaud


  88. NoName

    I really miss this Shiny Toy Guns

  89. Scarlett Soto

    friend zone <3