Shift K3Y - Push Ya Back Out Lyrics


Bring your head down
Push your back out

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Shift K3Y Push Ya Back Out Comments
  1. Cole Krueger

    Hopefully there's a version w/o the vocal hook? Otherwise a great track

  2. Genomizer

    Just love this!!!

  3. Silly traveller

    Something different 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Hogy Albani

    Heldeep brought me here

  5. Gustav


  6. dusklop x

    Ppl ignore or insult bout the style of music I listen, I only like music not the voice,coz LET MUSIC DO THE TALKING

  7. dusklop x

    Nicey 💥 💥

  8. Stephen McAllister

    all i see is skittles.. anyone else?

  9. T00n Visi0n

    Damn! This is catchy! God I love Shift K3y's style of House! SO GOOD!

    Armando Iglesias

    This Isn't bass house 😑😒

    T00n Visi0n

    Armando Iglesias Yeah I just realized this does not sound like Bass House that much. I guess it is just house.

    Armando Iglesias

    Yea maybe just house

    Armando Iglesias

    Or maybe groove house

    T00n Visi0n

    Armando Iglesias Not really sure

  10. Trianglare

    This is groovy as fuuuuck!

  11. Arvin Jay Studios Official update

    Shift K3Y Nice people who have perfect vibes delivers the most efficient and what's eveyone down doing this week. weekend on Friday so we can get them done before they

  12. Martinbeatz


  13. SubSoul


    Arvin Jay Studios Official update

    You even know what

  14. mw105 s

    I feel like shopping in House or Cropp :P

  15. Matěj Mašík

    Pure flames!🔥🔥🔥

  16. RayhemXD

    This cheeky little banger is just a mix of a bit of everything aint it

  17. Nightflower Records

    Nice vibes <3

  18. Breeze - Lofi and Chill Beats #RoadTo1K

    Shift K3Y is the man! 😍🔥

  19. Illumi Music

    Such a sick sound! Shit K3Y killed it! 🔥

  20. GIO CAT

    :3 saludos

  21. UKF

    Shift K3Y delivers the perfect vibes for a Friday - what's everyone doing this weekend?

    Arvin Jay Studios Official update

    So about the other people who want Thistle on their Friday