Shift K3Y - Name & Number Lyrics

See this girl from across the room
She's the type to make you lose your cool
Kinda hard not to recognise
She's with another guy
I can see that she don't even care
If she's not allowed
Oh, and it hurts to know
A love like this is underground, tell me, do you hear me?

[Chorus x2:]
Lady, leave your name and number
On my body so that I won't forget ya
Blinding lights, fill your eyes
I won't think twice, I want you like no other

It's impossible to hide us
Even though he bought you diamonds
Just say the word and I'll come to rescue you
Cause he just wants to keep you silent
You need to know that I've been told
The things he does when you're not around
And I believe that you just need some time
To fool around

[Chorus x2:]
Lady, leave your name and number
On my body so that I won't forget ya
Blinding lights, fill your eyes
I won't think twice, I want you like no other

I don't want you to be alone at night
I don't wanna see him make you cry
All I want is a simple thing
To remember you by
And baby you know whenever you're low
That you can call on me
So you give me yours
And I'll give you mine

[Chorus x2:]
Lady, leave your name and number
On my body so that I won't forget ya
Blinding lights, fill your eyes
I won't think twice, I want you like no other

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Shift K3Y Name & Number Comments
  1. ParrotYee

    All the comments are from 4 years ago...

  2. Martin Kojac

    Hold on ✊🏽
    don’t give up 👍🏽
    your almost there💔
    It’s difficult but things will be perfect💝 and if there not perfect your not there💖

  3. Mackenzie

    Quiero baleadas

  4. Sebastián Díaz Marulanda

    looool the whipper and loonss noooo way

  5. Charchar2492 Natalie

    love this song man

  6. Nika Gurgenidze

    This is not a bad song but "I Know" IS DA BEST OF ALL TIME <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  7. 취해 나는너의 향기에

    몇 년째 듣고 있는데도 참 좋은 노래 ㅋㅋ

  8. Farmer Bob

    cheesy ass hollyoaks typa music

  9. Buddadee Mangahas

    i love youuu

  10. Nico Xenakis

    Those fucking 80s electric piano chords. I live for that kind of sound.

  11. Nun Ya

    Craig David vibes :)

  12. tomy soul

    i am your fan of korea. i think all of your songs are good. i hope you are more seccesful.

  13. 취해 나는너의 향기에

    쉬프트키 제발 흥해라 ㅠㅠ

  14. Ellie Mulgrew

    Can I get some likes as my birthday is todayyyyyyyyyy😃🎉🎊🎁🎈

  15. Qay Gryfn

    Did asus sponsor this video?

  16. atomic.universe

    Lol has anyone watching this tried Kiera's phone number in the video?

    Finlay Umpelby

    carzrmylife1129 no does it work lol.


    2:10 is ASUStek really a big thing in UK? I mean it's the first time I see their product placement in a music video.

  18. Classy-N-Clever-4EVA

    I'm a Black woman who is not a huge fan a wearing a weave, have never worn one in fact. I agree


    What's this got to do with the video

  19. Francisco Aguilar

    Does anyone know how is the videoclip inside the cellphone called?
    I love that effect!

  20. Abbeygail Williams

    wow mind blown☺☺☺☺

  21. Tommyfungun

    I think the UK make better edm than the rest of Europeans like avicci and shit


    Ikr, I hate the EDM/Trap culture, not just the genre. But UK EDM is way better, it's less dirty, has a better sound and doesn't ruin other songs (cough cough San Holo ruined The Next Episode by Dr. Dre)

  22. Juwan Storey

    somehow i feel like going out and buying Adidas shoes.

    Elizabeth Dunne

    Me to 😂

  23. Harambe

    This song's title is a good pickup line


    +egg mayo ur name and pic made me gag rofl


    Dicks out for our lord and saviour Harambe....🙏

  24. Fajra Raaf

    ASUS everywhere 😄

  25. Alexandra AGUA

    i fucking finally found the hot guys name (ashton gohil) I swear I have been looking for him for a whole year cuz no one knew his name

    Will Welh

    damn... that's dedication

  26. Eca Aire

    electro funk

    Jacob Mavrolefterou

    close to uk garage

  27. NewLyrics

    this is alright.... not too amazing tbh

  28. bangtan ateez trash

    The guy whose playing the role of the player in this vid, does anybody know his name ?!?!

  29. medine hesenzade

    Feel your eye's😊👍🏻

  30. fabekiller FK

    i dont like

  31. Damola Oyekanmi

    this is basically a puma advert

    Michael Durrant

    and Asus

  32. christophersmith87

    Who is the blond girl with the braids? And who shot / shoots all their videos? I need some BTS! :D

  33. BrooklyntoBrixton

    He looks like Clavin Harris before money.

  34. Flaws1234567

    that ducking. Billy. a. gaye

  35. Alex P

    so wait what's going on in the video exactly? every one is fucking each other?

  36. Ruitelmo87 Rtjj87

    i like it



  38. Asheru

    SHift K3Y becoming a definite favourite!

  39. gley z

    meu irmão mando bem nessa musica kkkkkkkkk

    Talita Vieira

    kkk oi? teu irmão como assim?

  40. gley z

    meu irmão mando bem nessa musica kkkkkkkkk

  41. Thomas Armitage

    anyone else see kippax at 1.15

  42. GWbodycount

    Products placements.. *Products placements everywhere..*

  43. Jan Troubil

    best of metrosexual music. Go home gay!!!!!


    I got that shirt 😂

  45. Jueleexx

    darkskin girl is the love interest in a catchy song?! :O I love it!

    Mïa NA

    Jueleexx Not only there

  46. Karolina Duartte

    😍👌 👏👏👏 Top 💕

  47. Krisheena Garrett

    why did he take it off SoundCloud?..

  48. Alexis eduardo

    megan fox ? o cara devingile

  49. Mahalath Gordon

    Biggest love triangle I think I've ever seen

  50. xoiilxi

    i like the blonde tails girl

  51. NewJohariClassic

    Loved this song the instant I heard it!!

  52. Karim Kotb

    the girl at 3:37 and 3:38 looks like the chick from Game of thrones that serves Stannis or Was it just me?

    James Carter

    You fuck.

  53. easymate


  54. Adi banti

    My man is producing without a mouse? What's going on bruvva??!? Sort it outt! XD

  55. Tobi O

    Fu***** love shift k3y!

  56. 이용우

    His songs are really great but dont like the m/v

  57. Kinda Interested Production

    Complex modern love...

  58. Photchara Seantawesuk

    I was obsessed with all the actress crew here
    Can I get their name?

  59. Romel Jhan Biescas

    Love this song. So funky! This gave me massive LSS*

    *Last Song Syndrome

  60. Deborah Deborah


  61. Edix Valentinoo

    Mostly everyone there is wearing puma shoes 😂😂

  62. LevelReset


  63. Dylan Roberts

    keep thinking it's maynard.

  64. Dylan H

    was that he is actual number at the end lol

  65. David Clucas

    products well and truly placed

  66. George Cavalevu

    has a craig david vibe to it...

    Mark Cima

    +George Cavalevu DUDE i said that to myself!!!

  67. Gonçalo Fernandes

    just makes me wanna dance and dance! love it!

  68. Hui Ling Wong

    A handsome white guy is inside the video. Good voice.

  69. 임현지

    존나 말랑말랑하게 생겼다... 아 좋다...

  70. Gorgeous gal 55

    whats the video about?

  71. 4Music

    If you love this amazing tune, make sure to check out the live version Shift K3y did for us on our channel!

  72. Tyler N

    I wonder if anyone has actually tried ringing the mobile number at the end of the video..

    James Carter

    Try it.

  73. Remi

    I love this guy! So oldschool, reminds me of my teenage years :)

  74. Keyla Aguilar

    Its such a great catchy tune. I love it

  75. Simon

    Now I want an ASUS phone -.-

  76. Shannon

    Does anyone know who the guy is at 0:04 ?

  77. Mimi

    Is that his actual number?

  78. Simi Sanni

    This is so cute

  79. Clorox Bleach

    This was uploaded on my 14th birthday

  80. EclecticThree

    Feels a bit like a garage tune love it!

  81. D C

    I have his T-Shirt XD

  82. cookie22100

    In the remix I thought he was saying "Leave your main nigga" .

  83. nicki dx

    why hasn't this got more views!!!!?

    Gavin Duncan

    Because he's a shamefully underated artist. Thats why man.

    nicki dx

    @Gavin Duncan that your opinion. You tell me what music you like then??? Love to know ..


    @nicki dx He agrees with you. He wants Shift K3Y to be more widespread than he currently is as well.

    nicki dx

    I'm sorry hahaha this is how stupid I am sometimes I literally misread underated and thought it said untalented!


    +nicki dx I misread it as well

  84. Dungeon Razor

    deserves more views

  85. Tahir Qurashi

    wicked .This is music at its best .... love it ...

  86. Walkie10liverpool

    Love it!

  87. Britney Aliyah

    Omgajdbdkdn who is the boy at 0:03 ?!?!?!?!???

  88. Ahmed Yanaal

    A video song which everyone doesn't use iPhones and beatsbydre.? WOW

  89. Che Hart-Alexander

    Whos the girl with the plaits?

  90. Tony, The Stark

    This sounds so fresh! Fucking tchune!

  91. Dey Duites

    Fuck i love you.

  92. MrRobynLover

    His voice is smooth and after these 3 singles how he not just gonna BLOW up, soooooooo meggggggggggggga!

  93. Mehalam Mahir

    Puma nd asus everywhere

  94. Mathew Giuffre

    when you going to visit aus?!