Shift K3Y - Make It Good Lyrics

[Hook x2:]
Tonight is the night I'll make a move
Tell your girl it's alright, I've waited too long
Tonight is the night I'll make it good
Tell your girl it's alright, I know it's alright

[Bridge x2:]
Tonight is the night, tonight is the night
Tonight is the night, tonight is the night
Tonight is the night

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x3]

[Hook x3]


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Shift K3Y Make It Good Comments
  1. Ezekiel Unlayao

    What happened?

  2. TLFC

    2019 anyone?

  3. Jordan Gallegos

    Great music. 2019

  4. vnms01

    this song is a legend

  5. NLTony

    "Tonight is the night!" Just love it! <3

  6. Lachlan

    I love shift k3y so much.

  7. 마누라민경훙

    이거듣다가 교실에서쫒겨났어요 웃어서

  8. Raouf Douihech

    love all your music !

  9. Davi Matheus

    shift key is a genius!!!

  10. Psychopath. GC

    come back making music such this <3

    Rohan Choudhury

    Psychopath. GC of

  11. Jeanette Harvey

    yep 😉😉😉

  12. Audio Lab Records

    the drop remindes me of rug rats lol

  13. Adam

    Like the drop but the first minute could have been a song in its own 😂


    use some more xtc

  14. Heriberto Sanchez

    is a great music


    definetily :)

  15. Sorry TurdStation

    Incredibly talented while bringing back a style of music from a bygone era. Seriously dude you are amazing and quite possibly one of the best musicians hands down anywhere.


    yeaaaaaah <3

  16. Gozzy Pahlevi

    Shift K3Y feat. Patrick Star on the drop!! 😂

    Mouthbox UK



    sick shiiii this song.. such good vibes

  17. Daniyal A

    Voice sounds just like Justin Timberlake

  18. wes dryden

    shift k3y bringing the 90's back but still original as fuck hats off mate love the drop, tis was unexpected 


    I love this song so much reminds me of the 90's.. Brings back memories <3


    Yeah... but your smile reminds me of life. 

  20. weoutchea

    reminds me of Hideout 2014

  21. 무르무르


  22. Alex Howard

    We Shift K3yers need more music like this - it's amazing! You need to find some cash somewhere and advertise this song because it is really good; especially the beginning.


    whole song is great broooo


    I am agree with you this is amazing mixing my mind so good

  23. dantiidon

    This is so dope!

  24. jazkk17

    I've must of played this about 20 times today


    happy new year,,,,, its on repeat <3 volume to tha max

  25. victor kim

    props on getting support from atrak, keep doing what you're doing!

  26. A Jimenez

    This is a fucking gem!