Shift K3Y - Get Low Lyrics

All night I wanna see you get low...

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Shift K3Y Get Low Comments
  1. Роман Маринин

    Mental garage 👍

  2. DopeMusicPlaylists24/7

    Nice one by Shift K3Y


    Kage style, still heavy tho🌋


    Been looking for this everywhere! Banging tune! Should get more views and likes than what it has at the moment! Fire!

  5. Raymond Leggs

    old school style

  6. Teejay Casentino

    This is the go fast in my car music. ;) and or show up to the meetup blasting this. Sounds amazing on my system!

  7. corkoran

    0:45 I'm dead !!!

    welcome to ukg :)

  8. Tetranide

    Epic drop🔥

  9. Lukasz Loniewski

    God damn! 🔥

  10. Illumi Music

    Damn the baseline in this one is so fat and filthy! 🔥

  11. Christian Ozorio

    Dope one 🔥🔥

  12. MCG

    Love that garage beat

  13. Infinity Mao Space Gumball Angel Music

    ADE EP 2019 :D

  14. Eddy Gibbons

    *fire track* 😍🔥

  15. jose luis Martinez

    First one haha❤️🤭