Sheryl Crow - Waterproof Mascara Lyrics

So he wants to know
Does Superman really need to wear his cape to fly?
Where does rain come from?
And can I play outside?
All my friends have daddys, momma why don't I?

And so I wear waterproof mascara
There's things you shouldn't see when you're a kid
Thank God they make waterproof mascara
'Cuz it won't run like his daddy did

So I'm dating again
Letting my guard down is just so hard to do
Never introduced my son to someone new
'Cuz if I get my heart broke
Honey he will too

And so I wear waterproof mascara
There's things you shouldn't see when you're a kid
Thank God they make waterproof mascara
'Cuz it won't run like his daddy did

I can throw the ball out in the yard
Teach him how to fish
How to drive a car
But in my heart, it just wont be enough
We've always gotten by somehow
I may not need a man right now
But I know he does

Thank God they make waterproof mascara
'Cuz it wont run like his daddy did
That's why I wear waterproof mascara

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Sheryl Crow Waterproof Mascara Comments
  1. Max Ferraz

    Linda musica

  2. Denis Aubin

    Y love it !!!!

  3. chester maciejack

    whos the 15 assholes that dont like sheryl crow?

  4. Marcio G

    Sheryl Crow forever 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚👏

  5. Marcio G

    Álbum Magnific 💗💗💗💗💗💗

  6. dstamatiadis

    AMAZING ...................!!

  7. Tony Carroll

    Awesome Goosebumps&Tears!!!! lovely ..Quality thanks tc uk

  8. S Price

    Wow, wow, wow.  I think this is my favorite Sheryl Crow song ever, and I've been listening since '93.

  9. Jane Rizzoli

    wearing no mascara is better. it's been like two weeks and i love it - don't need to wash it off every single evening and can sleep 10 mins longer in the morning.

  10. decha chan

      เพลงยามบ่าย ตามคำขอของคนรักเสียงเพลง เลือกเพลงนี้ให้ฟังกัน เพลงคันทรี่ที่มีท่วงทำนองไพเราะ ดนตรีเรียบเรียงได้อย่างละเมียดละไม เสียงร้องที่กลมกลืนกับบทเพลง Sheryl Crow - Waterproof Mascara สุขใจกับเสียงเพลงทุกคนครับ.

  11. agnes gapasin

    very nice!..

  12. Stella Pettipas

    Sing it Sheryl. Tammy would be so proud.

  13. Sherralin Ballard

    After bringing a boy up on my own, being strong enough for both of us isn't easy. The pain never goes away. This song is the story of my life.

  14. Luke Jackson


  15. Kathi Büschke

    This song touch my heart...very nice Voice <3

  16. Dj Robinson

    Simply Beautiful! Absolutely the best song in country music since "Stay" from Sugarland!!!

  17. Rustamir Idham

    cool song...........

  18. Josip Dujmusic

    Beautiful song!

  19. Lyndsie Wulf

    This song keeps me going when things get hard for me and my kids.. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  20. J Heifetz

    I think this is one of the most stupid songs I have heard in a long time! I love Sheryl Crow but this sounds like a joke!

  21. Tom Kahnke

    It makes me want to start wearing waterproof mascara!!

  22. julir christenson

    simple solution......DON'T LISTEN TO IT!! :)

  23. mitch leigh

    cuz it won't run like his daddy did....brilliant

  24. Cathy Davis

    Beautiful song and a beautiful voice!

  25. tasiat101

    100 person to like :-)

  26. Susan Cale-LeBLanc

    Great song. Heard you on Ellen. Thanks for sharing your beautiful voice with us all.

  27. Song Bird

    Song of the Year contender. Tammy Wynette would be proud.

  28. Karla Pollard

    Such a pretty song

  29. LynSire Vlog

    Beautiful song!

  30. kaaa74

    sheryl I love, love your new album.!!! Fan from Prague.

  31. punjabiqt08

    is this a joke?

  32. punjabiqt08

    wtf... country music

  33. Charlie Chilla

    Yee Haw, that real good!

  34. luciana gimenez

    love this!!!

  35. David Goodall

    Love it

  36. Sergio Prudencio

    Beautiful song...

  37. gian paolo Puglisi

    Great singer and very nice song !

  38. Trish Lawyer

    Awesome. Just awesome. And, so true.