Sheryl Crow - Stay At Home Mother Lyrics

Riding in the backseat, sipping on a Pepsi
Looking out the window, driving to the bus stop together
I tell her only three sleeps and I'll be right back
And then we're gonna have a good time when I come together

And I call her every single night
I'll miss her every day
And if she kissed me and waved goodbye
I could hear her say

Stay at home, mother
Stay at home
Stay at home, mother
Stay at home

I've been working late nights making up for the times
That I wasn't in the crowd cheering out loud at our school plays
Tickets to a circus, maybe a new bike
I just want her to know that I love her more than working all day

But the price will never measure up
To what's inside a box
While I run along around the world
She tells me to stop

And stay at home, mother
Stay at home
Stay at home, mother
Stay at home

We could play house and pretend
That tomorrow you won't be gone
Stay at home, mother
Stay at home

I wish some things were different
Doesn't change one memory
My little girl grew up
While I was too busy to see
That she's become the one thing
That I could never be

Stay at home, mother
Stay at home
Stay at home, mother
Stay at home

She could have a house and couple kids
And never have to be involved
As a stay at home mother
Stay at home mother
Stay at home...

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Sheryl Crow Stay At Home Mother Comments
  1. Jessica Elkins

    My fiancée plays guitar

  2. Lorraine Finegan


  3. Marcio G

    Wonderful Wonderful 😍💚💚💚💚💚💚🌷😘🎼🎤👏

  4. Mate 201


  5. Mate 201

    love this😊

  6. Krlo

    sweet song !!!!

  7. graham doyle

    It's just beautiful!

    Tayiah Oakes

    Atz lee

  8. LU2

    Beautiful Song.

  9. Jane Rizzoli

    my favourite part's when she goes with: "wishing things were different doesn't change one memory.. my little girl grew up while I was too busy to see..." 

  10. Steven West

    If that is something you want, I'm sure you and the Boys could use a stacation,   Would hope you would be the manager.  About the only person I would trust enough with my life.  I love you and miss you, "and wish I was actually there, "by your side.   Hope to see you and the kids soon

  11. Steven West

    HAHAHA HAHA,   That's not Sheryl ' s daughter.   That's Sheryl.  Timeless Beauty.  GOD definitely out did his creative intelligence, 'and smashed the mold of woman,.  when Sheryl was created.  GOD didn't just use a rib from Adam, 'when Sheryl was made, GOD used the whole of Adams rib cage

  12. karen baird

    Beautiful song - when i was thinking of having a baby my mom told me "children need to come home to the smell of love cooking in the oven," I didn't really know what that meant until I had my own children. She was right!

  13. april allbritton

    Luv that new song "easy"

  14. Curtis White

    Nice song! Breaks my heart as my wife and I both have to work and miss so much of our kid’s lives. Ages 5, 3, and 1 (girl, boy, girl) but going on 23, 21, and 19… and then they’re gone. It’s already going too fast!
    I don't usually post but wanted too on this one.

  15. luciana gimenez

    I adore this talented woman!!!

  16. 215jami

    It goes without saying that this album will turn platnium But that's not the big of it. What's big is that the songs DNA bonds with the hearts of so many, which will last for generations to come.The song covers a wide spectrum of society from the New york sky line to the Skyline Chilli Resturant. It's like a classic Ray Charles song, that is never ever, going to go away. This is the X gene of a Secretariat of the Secretaries, flowing with the laughter of an above ground pool.Ergo It's Country

  17. Stillwater Hardy

    Great, this is what country music should be!