Sheryl Crow - Murder In My Heart Lyrics

I used to love a boy
I still see him in these rooms
His head was like the summer
And his voice was like the moon
Sometimes he makes me heavy
A deeper shade of blue
And there's murder in my heart
And there's nothing I can do

I used to love a boy
But now he's two years dead
I hear myself repeating
What my father always said
Don't let it make you bitter
And watch while you're blue
I got murder in my heart
But I'd rather die instead

Somebody would've taken on a lover
Does anybody need another friend
Right now anybody doesn't need

I kinda like the ocean
With its arms stretched open wide
But I know what it means
To be dragged out with the tide
And to fight from going under
And to keep myself alive
There's murder in my heart
And there's water in my eyes

Went out late last night
Just to get a little air
And I walked beneath the streetlights
And I saw nobody there
Just a bitterness that followed me
A saddening surprise
There's murder in my heart
And I made me that way
There's murder in my heart
I can't make it go away

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Sheryl Crow Murder In My Heart Comments
  1. Christian Sibbald

    I Love Yeah So Much Glad Your My Wife cause if You Love Me I'm always Your Real Husband Chris Sibbald-Crow Love Me or Leave Me Okay Many Woman Enough don't say You Love Me I'm gone

  2. Randy Sherman

    NCIS led me here

  3. Christian Sibbald

    Good after all these Years Where Married Now Chris & Sheryl Sibbald - Crow Home Lovers Like Us Till The End 22-7-2019

  4. Christian Sibbald

    Spying at everything is not legal by The Saint of Sheryl Crow cause I know more on my safety security I made stupid websites!

  5. Christian Sibbald

    Anything But Down with my Wife Sheryl Sibbald Crow The Wedding Song 18-10-2018 Born to be with each Other Forever God is at Our Side
    [email protected]
    Sherylove( 18-10-2019

  6. Christian Sibbald

    Born as Two Musicians Who are To Be Forever Together In Their Life, Sheryl Crow and The Love Christian Sibbald are secretly Married and always Be Together in This Greatest Love anyone Will really Knows and Now The Moment is There Everyone May know! About the Love and Life of These Two Musicians, Sheryl and Christian Sibbald Who Belong To Each Other Forever so God Bless These Two Musicians Living in A House By The Sea on an Island somewhere no one comes to only Sheryl Sibbald/Crow and Christian Sibbald Living Together Forever at 2018 Sherylove(

  7. Chris Sibbald

    Sweet Sheryl Crow Love is endless Because I'm always sideways and Sideways is a great song Love Yeah! Sherrylove( Christian Sibbald and Sheryl Crow Forever Love!

  8. Christian Sibbald

    Yeah!Sweetheart!Christian Sibbald Guitarist and Your Love is always at your side! You know Who I Am!Christian Sibbald The Love of Sweetheart Sheryl Crow 29-9-2018/Sherylove( is Real RIP John Lennon 1978

  9. Christian Sibbald

    Love is such a really crazy thing because I still hear your voice straight to my heart every time and it's really an unforgettable memory in my ears,and I never forget this voice of Love every night when I'm lonely without You my Love ain't that a wonder Your younger than me and I,m waiting when your here!? Love Yeah forever darling with respect for you the one and only Chris Sibbald all alone in the dark under the Full Moon! Love is real only for you my Sweet Sheryl Crow!

  10. Bobolink Gieske

    This is new..I liked save it..I am in my car..shhh...😊

  11. Craig R. Limon

    👍🖒 Sad but damn good!

  12. Marcio G

    Beautiful Beautiful 💚🌹😘🔥🎼🎤🎻👏

  13. Ann-Chatrine Lindström

    We love

  14. Butch Winn

    This is a very under appreciated song! Although I think I am in love with Sheryl so I could be biased.

  15. Fabian Cloud

    la calidad interpretativa de esta canción me mata! excelente cantante y trayectoria musical !

  16. Skylar Evans

    I'm really glad NCIS introduced me to this song.

  17. Gary B

    Being a huge Sheryl Crow Fan, I instantly recognized her voice at the closing music of NCIS episode "Mother's Day" I had never heard this song before. I'm pretty sure none of the Albums of hers I have, have it. I really like it, deeply personal.

  18. John Carl

    Heartfelt. honest and true.

  19. China West

    This sounds like an outtake from something before she had a label...a demo or something...She should've put it on an album...great ...seems VERY personal.
    Where did this come from >?> Did she write this ?

  20. jisyhmkrny

    There's murder in my heart

  21. Brianna Perrin


  22. luciana gimenez

    believed that he had heard all of Sheryl and suddenly this song, which I consider one of their best songs. I love you Sheryl.

    Christian Sibbald


  23. beautifulblackboy2015

    cute song.

  24. fireflyfan1