Sheryl Crow - Callin' Me When I'm Lonely Lyrics

Friday night and it's snowing outside
I'm all alone here watching it fall
TV's on but the sounds turned down
Somehow I knew he'd know to call right now

I oughta just let it ring
'Cause every time it's the same damn thing

Why's he always gotta be calling me when I'm lonely?
It's so wrong to be leading me on and I can't say no
He swears that it's gonna be different this time but it won't be
Why's he always gotta be calling me when I'm lonely?

He left a message saying he was only fifteen minutes away
And that's just enough time for me to figure out if I should stay or leave
But if I think it through
I ain't got nothing better than you

Why's he always gotta be calling me when I'm lonely?
It's so wrong to be leading me on and I can't say no
He swears that it's gonna be different this time but it won't be
Why's he always gotta be calling me when I'm lonely?

He's at the front door now
With his magic smile
And he'll be gone tomorrow
But right now he's mine for a little while

Why's he always gotta be calling me when I'm lonely?
It's so wrong to be leading me on and I can't say no
Well he swears that its gonna be different this time but it won't be
Why's he always gotta be calling me when I'm lonely?

Why is he always gotta be calling me when I'm lonely?

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Sheryl Crow Callin' Me When I'm Lonely Comments
  1. Paola Rubini

    Absolutely beautiful song ❤️🎶🌹✌️love her voice

  2. Christian Sibbald


  3. Christian Sibbald

    Always Stupid Commercials disturbing Me when I Work to Make it Great! Chris Sibbald same as Christian Sibbald-Crow 30-8-2019

  4. Christian Sibbald


  5. Christian Sibbald


  6. Christian Sibbald

    I Love to See You Little no Long Legged Woman! Sweet Little Sheryl Crow-Sibbald 27-8-2019

  7. Christian Sibbald

    Great Song stay as Close You Can with Me I Love My Little Sheryl Sibbald-Crow Love is Real Love is Forever Till I'm 110 Year it would Be Great! Guitar and Saint of The Rolling Stones 1965/27-8-2019

  8. Christian Sibbald

    I Safed everything watch out for Your Friends They are Using Us Trust Your Man!

  9. Christian Sibbald

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  10. Christian Sibbald

    26 ash oles I Kick Their ass God Damned RIP John Lennon New York City 1980 USA 23-8-2019

  11. Christian Sibbald

    Don't Follow Us! Last Warning!

  12. Christian Sibbald

    Thanks You Trust Your Husband Love is Us! Sheryl Crow-Sibbald and Chris F.W Sibbald 21-8-2019 Vlissingen By The Seven Seas Zeeland Farm Dishoek Vlissingen Boulevard Netherlands Europe

  13. Christian Sibbald

    Great Drummer and Great Sound Love Yeah Good Your Married Me Sheryl & Chris Sibbald-Crow one Romantic Love Is Hard To Find after So Many Years of Pain and Sorrow! 19-8-2019

  14. Robert Verbanac

    Thank you

  15. Robert Verbanac

    So good, 5+

  16. Ignacio Bello


  17. Marcio G

    Wonderful your song 🔥💗🌹😘🌠😊👏

  18. Cindy Mckee

    now i am not worried about you becoming member of hallowed country people like Tom Petty was youngest Traveling Wilbury. A Wilbury but not yet an institution like Dylan Orbison Harrison, ELO guy DontBringMeDown Brooce. no. wont happen cuz u r you. say yeah willappear willhang and get better cuz hanging with best but Its not you to turn country mom. You like it, its yr roots. like im a rapper. Tupac was a genius and raised by enlightened mom and special art school - oh raising 2 boys? social media isnt reality your name isntstarman8504

    Cindy Mckee

    i think i know ppl my age 58 to be taught that theres a difference between growing up playing computer games in yr room or hide and seek till 9 pm in hood with friends till 9, hang on mailboxes till 11. theyre paying a price for not playing outside face to face vs. super mario game alone as starman. too bad i dont understand basics of apple. better call lily allen. i love lily!

    Cindy Mckee

    i mean why are ppl my age so social media obsessed. yell at me cuz message etiquette mandates a smiley face and max 8 words but i talk. for messenger other rules. give me a typewriter program for writing on apple isnt wordperfect i used for 20 yrs. dont do it. back to pen and paper. fire on cave walls last forever

  19. Cristian Tabor

    una auténtica "chica superpoderosa"

  20. Shannon Hayden

    Gosh this woman does not age! Shes so beautiful

  21. Cristian Tabor

    excelente voz,una genia,puro talento.

    Zizelda Diniz

    Adoro: multiinstrumentista

  22. Random Thinking

    love you Sheryl! been listenning to you since I was 8

  23. LU2

    yes! buena muy buena

  24. Jane Rizzoli

    2:26 <3

  25. Juan-Pablo Cardenas


  26. Scott Bounty

    So let me tell you , what sounds like a studio take done live like that is really great.. Pefect and I love the direction.. Yes Girl,Can't wait till June in CT!

  27. Dalibor Labudovic

    She is great. I do wish the back up signers were women. I believe that would bring a better and softer melody to the song.

  28. edgar porras

    the intro reminds me of Bob Dylan's 'knocking on heaven's door.'

  29. edgar porras

    Good song. Good job Sheryl.

  30. Jean-Pierre Chiarelli

    So natural, so beautiful. Japp

  31. Liliana Loera

    This is a nice song the lyrics is so right on!

  32. Gil Franco

    Idc how old she is, she is still the most beautiful woman alive!

  33. thegreatlowellgeorge

    Her new album is fantastic, Sheryl completely awesome as always!!

  34. Kody with a K

    Im in love with not only this song, but Sheryl Crow herself. I really need to get her new album for sure!

    Robin Kidd

    she is good...  'ol school.... :)

  35. PapayaMan

    Would bang 10/10

  36. OrangePie

    love this song and she is beautiful!!

  37. Neal A. Gray

    In a blog posting a few years ago Sheryl unveiled her plan to help everyone combat global warming. It involved toilet paper. I don't want to rob any law-abiding American of his or her God-given rights, but I think we are an industrious enough people that we can make it work with only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where 2 to 3 could be required."

    I love Sheryl...I only call her when I'm lonely and need something to wipe with...

  38. Adrienne Grayce

    does she have an official video of this yet?

  39. Joel Cohen

    Much love from Israel(:

  40. johnnyatab

    This is good. 

    Robin Kidd

    yes i like this alot... :))

  41. Dj Robinson

    "Feels Like Home", is such a great album!!! Crow Rocks Country!!! 

    Dj Robinson

    @***** I am not sure when or if an official music video will be released, but let's keep our fingers crossed! 

  42. Meg Novak

    Cause he is ur Augustus Waters if u where Hazel u would be glad he is alive....

  43. classicrock955

    Great song! The only issue I have, is the accordion is drowning out the steel guitar. Love the Country version that is played on Go Country 105.1.

  44. Mel Carrasco

    Love this song and video...think it's her best so far!

  45. Thomas Hanson

    Faded blue jeans........pearl whites flashy guitar ......some drums
    Eh wooden place .....maybe more
    New York City.......lights......Niagara Falls
    Candles lit......wines on......lambrusco
    Waterfalls.......fireworks out tonight ten pm
    Maid ove the mist .....limosine tour for two
    Moons out.......crisp cool air.....balcony
    Stars out tonight.......sheets ove snow....pillow fights ok
    Crisp breeze blows in ...warm embrace
    Nothing on ....TV .....that's ok

  46. silvereye

    I really love the new record, especially this song. This live version is absolutely fabulous, thanks for recording and sharing it.

  47. kuka1961


  48. Juan-Pablo Cardenas


  49. Stan Williams

    Love this song! and video

  50. trufaithmax

    Great song one of her best ever!

  51. Leota Penney


  52. luciana gimenez

    love this song! Thank you Sheryl ♥

  53. Aldo Jr

    She is PERFECT! ♥