Shelton, Ricky Van - Sweet Memories Lyrics

Sweet memories
Sweet memories

My world is like a river, as dark as it is deep
Night after night, the past slips in and gathers all my sleep
My days are just an endless stream of emptiness to me
Filled only by the fleeting moments of his memory

Sweet memories
Sweet, sweet memories
Oh yeah

He slipped into the silence of my dreams last night
Wondering from room to room, just turning on each light
His laughter spills like water from the river to the sea
I'm swept away from the sadness, clinging to his memory

Oh, sweet, sweet memories
Sweet memories
Oh yes

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Shelton, Ricky Van Sweet Memories Comments
  1. Virginia Allison

    Wow, this was beautiful. I love them both, put them together and it is WOW. I could listen to RVS forever.

    Carolina Sunshine

    Glad you enjoyed this Virginia...thanks for listening.

  2. Aires Barros

    Two of my very good performers!!

  3. Vikki Byington

    Two of my favorite performers!!

  4. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Sweet Memories"""" so Beautiful ""💞💞💞💞💞🎶🎶🎶🎶🎸🎸

  5. Ruth Boykin

    Beautiful song and done great by the two of them!

  6. Mookie Spindlehurst

    A beautiful duet by these two country icons. Brenda Lee is in the CMHOF, but not RVS. So unfair. He was the last of the sublime country crooners. And he really looked the part.
    Had he come along in the 1930's he would have been given dozens of roles as a B-Western singing cowboy, and perhaps been the most popular of them all.
    Who ever looked better in a white cowboy hat? A man to be admired for all time. The admiration factor equally applies
    to Miss Brenda Lee!
    (My favorite version is by Anita Carter.)

    Ruth Boykin

    Loved hearing this! Thank you, Mookie!

    Mookie Spindlehurst

    @Ruth Boykin
    Thanks: Google Jerry
    Naiil on I'LL KEEP ON WANTING YOU, TommyhonkyTonky.

  7. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Beautiful duo a Heartfelt Song💓💓💓💓💓💓

  8. debbie Mackey

    I live by my memories3

  9. joseph roache

    Even sweeter than Brenda’s original, good as that was.

  10. Ingrid Maier

    What a great voice; so sad he doesn´t perform anymore.

    Vikki Byington

    Ingrid Maier I agree his voice is a one of a kind, however, he now lives in peace. The devil was out to destroy this amazing man.