Sheeran, Ed - Typical Average Lyrics

Strings on my guitar are rusty
Even my best friends don't trust me
Everybody thinks I must be crazy
'Cos, I'm your typical average teen
If you know what I mean
(Typical average teen)
'Cos, I'm your typical average teen
If you know what I mean
(Typical average teen)
Everything's in a haze
Yeah, the drink's got me in a daze
Everything's blurry
Oh, what's happened to me?
Say, I'm your typical average teen
If you know what I mean
(Typical average teen)
Now, I'm your typical average teen
If you know what I mean
(Typical average teen)

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Sheeran, Ed Typical Average Comments
  1. Lucas Wang

    okay, but the guitar solo wasn't even that bad XD

  2. Transboi .Ashton

    Wow omg IV been looking for this for AGES OMG 😂❤️🥺

  3. Sheepy Boi

    This kinda sounds like Crazy Train

    Thanks so much to whoever found this!! I love Ed Sheeran

  4. Khloe Harrison

    omg adorable

  5. YodaCat

    He was grunge, my lord... Excuse me while I wipe my tears.... ed my son

  6. Disco Potato

    What's here in 2019??😃


    I'm not even an Ed Sheeran fan and I find myself jammin' to this song every once in a while

  7. Jackson The Epic

    Wow this is terrible I love it

  8. Aleespianokeys

    Low-key this kinda slaps

  9. Lisa Wilkins

    Love this grunge side.Its good he was influenced by few styles growing up. It what makes you learn who you are.

  10. DerAltruist

    This is so awkward hahaha

  11. María Palacios

    i think i broke the like button...#sorrynotsorry i love this ed sheeran

  12. MusicMonkey101

    Who is playing the guitar in this song? Is that Ed shredding?

  13. Vittoria Giaganini

    oh my god!!!! is this Ed sheeran? i can't believe! it is from 2002!!


    You shouldn't believe that, because it's from 2005.

  14. Ismael Gutierrez

    Ed Sheeran ..... really?

    Lisa Manno

    He was 12


    Lisa Manno no, 14


    @Rick he was 12...


    Emm wrong again

  15. Stefanie Audyová

    Is this really him?


    Emm no, he really wasn't. Ed was born in '91. This was recorded in '05. Do the math yourself, he was 12 in 2003. That is DEFINITELY NOT when this was recorded. I really wonder why people like to spread false information.


    @Rick you're also spreading false information sis. Because maybe I was wrong with 12 (that sometimes happen) but he wasn't 14 either he was 13 at that time


    Emm again, you're bringing it as a fact. If you state things, you should try to explain that so I don't have to assume where your statement is coming from. You probably Googled it and saw some websites stating this is from January 1st. That is because it was released in 2005 and the internet wasn't one big archive back then. Which means there are websites where it was later uploaded or written about and because they only knew the year and no date, it automatically states January 1st.

    The EP itself was actually self-released in March '05. Ed was born on the 17th of February, so when he released this EP he was 14. It wasn't unusual at the time for independent artists to just record something over a few days (especially EP's) and then get the record immediately after that. But I'm not scared to admit I could be a bit off here, he might have been on the edge of 13 when he recorded this (late '04/early '05 or just Feb/Mar '05). His birthday wasn't long before that. But at least this is me only looking at the information we got and calculating with that. I can't think of any reason she would say he was 12 or you repeating it.


    @Rick Well I think it's 2004 but I mean I'm not like 100% sure cuz internet isn't always right. I also think the thought it was 2003 so when he was 12 because some sites and videos say it's from 2003


    Emm alright, no worries. The internet can be confusing sometimes!

  16. Maisie Gillett

    Edward Christopher sheeran <3

  17. Zian Sappington

    I'm so proud 301 views.

  18. Alice Sehested

    Oh my god!! where did you find it?!? 
    All Sheerios bless you!!!

  19. Abi Reynolds

    Oh my goodness,you found. I've been looking for this for like a year now. Thank you so much for post it!