Sheeran, Ed - Spark Lyrics

Take me with you I do declare
I love you dearly through here and there
What can I do to make you share?
What can I do to make you care?

The world is harsh
I’m stuck in the dark
I’ll make my mark
I’ve got my spark

We’d be together through bad or worse
Sending letters we shall converse
We could do better but we must first
Make amends
That depends
Will you be my friend?

The world is harsh
I’m stuck in the dark
I’ll make my mark
I’ve got my spark

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Sheeran, Ed Spark Comments
  1. sup car

    do you guys have the piano notes

  2. T G

    Thought I had heard all his stuff till

  3. Andregarcia5.0

    He has his Chevy spark ⚡️

  4. amythest nocte

    aw man, I hate the chorus

  5. XerusKun

    This song is so nostalgic. :(

  6. Ashlyn Vanegas

    I'll make my mark, I've got my spark.
    Yes, Ed you did it <3

  7. krimson

    i cant believe this song is so old

  8. SensiblyInsane

    This has aways been one of my favourite Ed Sheeran songs! Just wish he'd re-record it so it could get the love it deserves! 

  9. Hector Elizalde

    Sheeran man i knew that you will became in one of best singers songwriters of the world because still you're spark it is with you :-) XD:'(

  10. Paola Rodas Lara

    His voice and music have grown since this album and it makes me really proud(:

  11. Alex Drown

    was this before he was signed?

  12. jaydahascurlylocks

    this honestly remind me of high school musical for some reason

  13. Dont Take Me Seriously

    My name is lauren and i love ed too <3 haha 

  14. Lena Van Geluwe

    yes, you had your spark and now you have flames and you light up my world <3

  15. MrLoveabee

    Coldplay... ?

    Ellie Naomi

    What do you mean??
    This is ed sheeran :D

  16. Marius Opferkuch

    I love the quality of your videos and the lyrics are well done (Y)

  17. honeybunny

    No offense but i would tear off your friend's face for saying that

  18. honeybunny

    I know right

  19. honeybunny


  20. honeybunny

    He sounds like the beatles..

  21. Meoshia

    Am I the only one raping the replay button?

  22. Dandy Lion

    This isn't Ed .


    this is ed, but he was 15 when he sang this so em yeah bye.

    mitja klinc

    @Anne Harte no 14

  23. Amber Triebwasser

    I listened to this like every day last summer so this song reminds me of the summer and aw

  24. Juvia Cifer

    I love how he always can see the bright side of everything, there should be more people this optimstic..

    Angel Savacool

    I love how your an Ed Sheeran and a Fairy Tail fan lol

    Juvia Cifer

    @Angel Savacool Aww thank you :'3

  25. alane2018

    You've made your mark Ed baby:)

  26. TheFlotschen

    Ok i'm not freakin cryin right it's just...ehm...oh fuck it i cry rivers

  27. Robin Julia

    First time hearing this song... love it!

  28. Fai Nutchaya

    This song is perfect!

  29. Symphonyque

    Goosebumps all over

  30. Rachael Kauffman

    Does this remind anyone else of Catching Fire and Mockingjay????

  31. Sofia Waris

    I love his songs. I love him. he is just, ugh, amazing.

  32. Victoria Dorantes

    And I thought I knew all of his songs....Another one always pops out :)

  33. Just Me

    omg ed's voice is so different :( this was ages ago, makes me cry :(

  34. Elizabeth B

    That sort of happened to me! I was fangirling over Ed to one of my friends, and she's like, "Who?" I'm like, "You know, the guy who wrote the A Team?" Her: "Oh that guy." I was just like, Do you have a death wish?
    You're friend's more incredibly shallow, though.

  35. leah rox

    oh my lord fetus ed voice. stop making me cry :(

  36. Greta O'Sullivan

    I'm not crying! why would you think that *wimpers*

  37. Haley Davis


  38. Sam Hackenson

    Again. Ed didn't lose the VMA, the VMA lost Ed.

  39. Madi Rouse

    So inspiring

  40. thaliaisacutie


  41. thaliaisacutie


  42. Claudia_225

    This song is absolutely beautiful <3

  43. Itzel

    thank you :)

  44. Emmajane _

    Who ever thinks he`s ugly is crazy

  45. Elise Navarro

    that was deep

  46. brinneyzombiee

    I know it's never ending, imagine hearing the songs that don't exsist on youtube, but in ed's heart.

  47. Katie H

    I KNOW!! And it really annoys me when people THINK they understand his music but they don't and they just don't really realize and understand how amazing and talented he is.

  48. Katie H

    Shhh don't say their name or they might hear us

  49. TheHahahahahahahah12

    sheerios are true ed sheeran fans we are dedicated to him - the #1 sheerio

  50. Abby Huber

    I freaking love this song!! Can't stop listening to it!!

  51. emmalicious989

    i think this is my anthem now i love this

  52. Shyan Nunyabidness

    when you thought you listened to every Ed song then you find this......

  53. Kristina Borg Olivier

    I've heard every Ed Sheeran song
    ~no man that ever lived

  54. Kaile Brogan

    YES thank you

  55. Gillian

    he made his mark in the world

  56. shay x


  57. amylynn3211

    I love this song. But I hate how people call themselves his fans (like A-Teamers) but they've only heard like one or two of his songs. Us true Sheerios are better than them.

  58. Theresa

    & completely agree! People hear the A team and immediately assume you're a "sheerio". Ughghg! Love you Ed<3

  59. mary dejuliis

    wow 9th grader

  60. Jilly Fishing

    It gives me chills

  61. Omar Warda

    This is the best comment I've ever read! Oh wow!

  62. Windy Jasmine

    ohhhh. ok thanks:)

  63. Paula Robles

    I think it's people that only know/like the a team idk... fandoms are weird

  64. Lacey Horan

    same here. I hate my life too. I feel the same way. You're not alone :(

  65. Windy Jasmine

    what? whats a-teamers? arent we all sheerios?

  66. Jill Do

    I love Ed!

  67. Aman Ailani

    Ed, I may or may not love you.

    i love u

  68. Celia Grey

    It's thundering outside and I'm playing this as loud as I can. Heaven <3

  69. Natalie Bowman

    A- Teamers? Any fan of Ed is a Sheerio. Just because they like A- Team and thats how they discovered his music means nothing. Keep calm and listen to Ed. We all have our favorite songs.

  70. El Dylo

    how old was ed when he recorded this?

  71. OliviaLyrics13

    Go to hell.

  72. Eithne King

    And a good old box set of F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Fresh Prince of Bel Air!:D

  73. Angelica Sanchez

    shh i feel them sneaking up :\

  74. Jessica

    New favorite! :3 3

  75. Reaann Rahman

    You're not alone. I'm here, babe. :D

  76. Reaann Rahman

    Oh my God. I'm so proud.

  77. Reaann Rahman

    Oh my God, yes! I don't know any Ed's where I live or go to school in. I feel your pain, brother.

  78. Reaann Rahman

    Friend: I hate Ed Sheeran
    Me: First of all, you just can't hate a guy like Ed Sheeran. Second of all....why do you even hate him anyway?
    Friend: Cause he's ugly.
    Me: Oh. You're going down now. You got 5 seconds to run for your life.

  79. Amber Tomlinson

    thank you! finally a person who agrees I say we should welcome the newer ans with onsies and fajitas

  80. M BG

    Only true sheerios know about this song.

  81. Melissa Sacleux

    "If you have been a fan of my music for 5 years or a fan of my music for 1 hour it doesn't matter, what matters is that you're a fan." - Ed Sheeran.

    It doesn't matter if they like A- Team better than his older songs, there's a reason its one of his more popular songs. So stop judging others, it doesn't make you any better.

  82. Jason Davila-Bernardez

    You always have a comment on an Ed Sheeran song :j .Also,nice job on the great music Ed.

  83. Katie A

    Beautiful song

  84. Amelia Polyviou

    Ed is just throwing out songs and all I can do is Listen Listen and Listen more. Ive waisted so much time but I would do anything for ed. :)

  85. Blissterr

    I want to sing this at an ed concert!

  86. Eve Hogan

    I looooooooovvvvvvveeeeee ed soooooooo much it hurts

  87. Juliette van Waalwijk

    love it!!

  88. Lester Feels

    In the nananana part i thought of that High School Musical song..... Great song though! xx

  89. musicamor

    omg this song was uploaded on my b-day

  90. BibiNikita

    yes..this is lovely...

  91. Christin Meyer

    :-) where can I buy his EP? I can't find it on iTunes

  92. Ana Patricia

    :) I really was needing something like this... Thanks Ed

  93. Alyssa Stanton

    This was uploaded on my birthday in 2012. Best birthday present ever:3

  94. ukulele unicorn

    I'm not the best... We're the best :3

  95. Kim Reuel

    Though I listen to Ed's songs, I've never heard of this one till my best friend for five years now introduced me to this. She's the best! We'd play Ed's concert on youtube and pretend we're both in it.