Sheeran, Ed - In Memory Lyrics

I write this song in memory of
The wayward smile
The boy we won’t forget
The soul you took away from us
The river flows
The tears that we wept

Missing you
Is all that needs to be said
More than blue
The words inside my head

And I know that you’re gone

The cheeky smile
Of jokes and laughs
The memories of times
We crossed the line
The stepping stones
Across my mind
Washed away
We all now feel so blind

Missing you
Is all that needs to be said
More than blue
The words inside my head

And I know that you’re gone


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Sheeran, Ed In Memory Comments
  1. MTM60302

    To add some comfort, listen to John McDermott, One Small Star.

  2. Mae 93

    If this isn't played at my funeral, I'm not attending!

  3. Joe Berry

    Rest In peace my beautiful friend I miss you ever day Annie I know u are watching over me

  4. Min Nina

    My aunt is still alive ....
    but I would still dedicate it when I go to college
    going in high school for now
    but in 3 years she will leave and I will be alone
    with my grandparents and my 2 uncles
    but in my house very alone
    I reveal myself with her and I won't be able to do it in 3 years

  5. Viktoria Hobek

    The song could be for a dead friend( yes I am thinking of the same from the we are song because the album is from 2006 and ed sheeran lost him when he was 15. 2006 he was 15.)

  6. Raspberries are the best

    Why does the beginning remind me of “Give me Love”

  7. Colleen Schmid

    About who is this song?

  8. pretty girl

    Goodbye Cameron Boyce. (1999-2019) 😭 Saudade is what we feel on the last day of the life of the person you loved, this song reminds me of you and every time I listen to it, I remember you and I cry, but know that I have always loved you and will always love you, called because I needed your help in gold, I love you Luke, I love you Carlos, I love you Cameron Boyce.

  9. Venecia Contreras

    R.I.P Cameron Boyce (1999-2019)😭 this song is for you. I'll miss you so much. I know that you're gone🎶. 😥But you are in the heart of everyone that knew you. #missing you 🎶😞
    I know it's time to say good bye, so hard to let go 🎶.(Descendants 1 song of Mal).😭

  10. Lou Snow


  11. Emma White

    Damn all these comments are making me cry more than the song itself

  12. Riley

    RIP Dad July 18, 2018 RIP Uncle Tyler September 27, 2018. Lost them both to suicide. Never met my dad, and sadly he took his life before I got to, so he took that from me. And my uncle, he was a father figure to me. I was really close to him. Lost them both it felt like one after another, like I just couldn’t catch a break from the sadness.

  13. Kayla Dixon

    i used to listen to this song all the time in middle school when i couldn’t really relate and i just redound it today, the 3 years and 4 month anniversary of one of my closest friends death and i just wish i could go back to being 13 and not able to fully feel what the song was about

  14. viola njoroge

    i lost my best friend last month rip Leslie i miss you so much

  15. Marie Hinckley

    RIP I miss and love you grandma loved all of the fun times we had together I wish you could have met the most amazing man in my life Brandon he treats me like a queen I just know you would have liked him

  16. CristianAcoustic

    2018:I Lost my Lovely Grandpapa R.I.P

  17. Crystal García

    Kim Jonghyun :(

  18. Anna’s perfect Pets

    He not dead wait is he I don’t understand

  19. Miloo :3

    This was my best friends funeral song.. he died in car accident soon 3 years ago.. still hard not to think of him. I do everyday.. love you dude.

  20. hope

    wish this existed on spotify.

    this takes me back to one summer, i was reading dear john. this was on repeat the whole journey home.

  21. Megan Judith

    "We all now feel so blind..."

  22. Shinethan Gómez Flores

    por siempre te llevare en el Corazon ....mi querido Steve!!!!

  23. chebruu

    He left me and now I try to move on listening to his favorite artist. Ironic

  24. Ksenija Jemensek

    My father passed away 3 months ago. I miss him. RIP dad.

  25. Debra Ferrier

    I miss you Daddy these beautiful song I am singing to you

  26. Rainkatt

    What a difference in his voice then and now. I wonder if he might rerecord some of these early songs

  27. rraannddoomm

    Only realised this was about death after reading the comments... lol

  28. Jimin shah

    RIP Jonghyun. You did well. Thank you for your music. I don't even know you that well but you left the biggest impact in my life as a kpop lovers.

  29. Lin Mossow

    Missing my son who passed away October 26, 2017. If only I had known he was bullied at school. R.I.P. My Angel.

  30. Rizaly Barquez

    I miss you 😢

  31. Mildred Omolo

    R.I.P dad, 24/12/2006. Saddest day of my life. But Mum has been with us throughout, I love her so much, she's the best thing in our lives. I feel sad for my smallest sister who was just some months old when you passed on, she don't even know what you looked like, We all miss you paps.

  32. Daniel Armstrong Music

    How did you get this?

  33. t boydestroy

    Rip to all the angels taken way from us 💔💔💔😭😭

  34. Lucia Daligdig

    i miss you Miracle :( i really do

  35. bria carpentier

    i lost my father to suicide when i was 8

  36. Ella Ingram

    I'm just reading all the comments under this video, and for everyone else this song reminds them of a friend or family member they've lost. Which is sad, obviously. But for me this song reminds me of Max Lightwood. If you've read The Mortal Instruments, you know what I'm talking about.

  37. Harmonie Zurek

    Uncle Lee I miss you so much you was worth every moment of my time I love how much love you had for everyone and I wish you was here to see how much I love you we all love you my hero suicide is never worthy

  38. Eddite. Nic

    Who‘s cutting union in my room in midnight 4‘o clock.....QAQ (l been crying for an hour)

  39. FL FL

    awwwww 😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Unicorn Talks

    Rest in piece my grandparents i never got meet, my dad misses you guys so much and i sometimes talk to you in my head asking you for advice.

  41. amythest nocte

    For my uncle, and my best friend whom I lost both in one week

  42. Hikaru Tatsanuri

    RIP my grandpa

  43. jaxon kitt

    This is seriously the most meaningful and saddest comment thread ever.

  44. lyan Salama

    Which Album is this


    Winstersmagic 1738 it’s not on any of his albums. it’s just something he wrote and recorded before he even became famous/well known

  45. Maria campbell

    R.I.P great songs and great times and good friends

  46. PaigeRenee

    I miss you Mommy so much I love you very much you were taken from us way to soon I love you and big brother rest easy Mommy and big brother and daddy I love you all wish you where here i don't know what to do on earth now that your in heaven 😢💔💔💔😢😢😢

  47. amythest nocte

    congratulations sheeran, another beautiful song given to us from you

  48. Serena Lait Mon

    I am so fucking lucky. I haven't lost anyone yet. hope this won't happen...

  49. D M V-gang-for-life

    I dedicate this song to all the Earthlings that suffer every day and night. Watch Earthlings full documentary and educate the children the next generation they need to know the truth. Watch COWSPIRACY sustainability secret full documentary and make the connection. Remember supply and demand. DEMAND cruelty free

  50. Noah Lewis

    R.I.P. grandpa. love you so much man. wish you were still here.

  51. Pradnya Pratiwi


  52. Neleh

    That moment when you think you've heard all of Ed's songs and it makes you feel kind of sad...and then you find a new one! :)

  53. Steven Yin

    R.I.P Jake 01 march 2013 - 29 March 2017 (4 year old German Shepherd) You're not just a dog to me, You were my best friend, My Brother, Someone i could cuddle to when i feel lonely and sad, you were so patient with me no matter how hard i've stroked you or hit you when you were being bad, you always had amazing tolerance for me. I didn't realise that till you are no longer here with us. I miss you so much, i hope we will be real brothers in the next life and i hope heaven gained a new happy soul forever, i hope you are happy forever after, please come see me in my dreams even just for a second so i could hold you again like i used to. :'(

  54. Jocelyn D'Ambroso-King

    how sad rip grandpa

  55. Mandy Van Dijk

    Missing my sweet husband who died 7 years ago. I miss your laugh, your love of food, music and life in general. You were the greatest husband and father. I will never be the same. I ache each day to talk to you. You were the greatest part of my life.

  56. Katie Miles

    Rip to all the victims in todays london tradgedy youre all in my heart ❤👼


    This is the best and kindest comment I've seen, wishing them, mourning those whom you don't know. Some you probably know... I'm shocked that no-one else has replied to this and I wish you the best of luck in the future, Katie Miles

  57. gussiboi

    that was beautiful

  58. StanzaStar

    All these comments make me cry

  59. Emily Jupp

    RIP grandad xx 😘 and Georgie we miss you loads 😭😭😭 😘👼🏻

  60. jahnais playlist angella Rochester Griffith

    to me and who lost people in there lives like me im so sorry that this happened we need to move on 😭😭😭😭 they went to the lord😭😭😭😭

  61. Julia Raiani

    ....I don't think any other artist could make me cry within the first verse ❤️

  62. Patrick Bateman

    I'm Paul and This song makes me think of my Dad who I've recently lost 3 months ago he was a lovely man kind and he would give the world to me and my sister I just can't believe that he is actually gone and doesn't seem real I always think he is going to ring me and walk through the door and say "a love You son" but that can't happen anymore and that breaks my heart. Always say the words you would want to say to the ones you love because you never know when they are gone ❤️😔 My dad always used to say to me and my sister "I love you up the sky and all the world" it's so hard when you lose someone you love when you are young and it's hard for anyone for when someone who passes away you love. R.I.P Dad always love and miss you I love u up the sky and all the world ❤️💔❤️

  63. Jan Appel

    Missing my husband who is now in heaven!

    Patrick Bateman

    Jan Appel sorry for your loss ❤️ I have recently lost my Dad and this song really makes me think of him

    Jan Appel

    Sorry for the loss of your Dad. I remember losing my Dad, then my Mom, then my only sibling, my Brother, and then my husband. They all take a piece of your heart with them. This song sure makes you think!!!

  64. Ophelia Sage

    This is for my best friend. She's not dead, she's just lost her way and I can't help her anymore.

  65. Amina Alaoui

    i know that you're gone but i dont want to believe it

  66. Jordan Robinson

    you can tell from this his inspiration was Damien Rice.

  67. Tigris 797

    RIP to my dad 12/7/57 to 20/1214

  68. Romi Mathews

    R.I.P. fey and trey

  69. irritating_soprano

    RIP my dad 18.08.2014 and my boyfriend Robert 09.10.2016 :'( :'( I miss you both! Wish you were both here :(

    Ender Gülcan

    i am sorry for your losses. May your future be bright like the stars and may they rest in peace.


    @Ender Gülcan thank you :(

  70. Renae Scoppa

    Goodbye to Meghan, Cat, Milton, Kyle, Maya, Megan and Dad. You're missed, my loves.

  71. Laurenz Ebert

    In Memories of my best friend who commited suicide .. Rest in Peace Janik .. <3


    rip janik

  72. olivia

    Found my funeral song I don't even care

  73. Nischal Chettri

    RIP uncle miss you

  74. Jan Appel

    Sad..... but I love it and need to get my hands on some of Ed's older songs. Where????

    Antsje De Boer

    just search all songs ed sheeran

    Jan Appel

    Thank you! When is he coming back???? I really miss him so much!!

    Antsje De Boer

    he is already back! but friday he is going to release new music <3 :)

    Jan Appel

    No news of him being back in America, but did see on Twitter that new music is coming on Friday!!!! : )

  75. la ll

    i miss you brother

  76. Lowri Summers

    I was like "this is perfect for my dog..and there is a paw print..was is going on today

  77. Skylar B

    I feel horrible for all the people here who have lost people in their lives but at least you know they are at peace and you have closure...... To me its worse, yes I've had extremely close family members and best friends die for different reasons so I'm what its like, but the worst thing in my life is not knowing where the person you live is or what he is doing as he will no longer talk to you.... Ever

  78. Kenisha Parker

    hector 5_20_2014

  79. Amber Vouler

    i miss you Silas. Rest Easy brother.

  80. Gracie Binette

    I miss you, mom.

    Lowri Summers


  81. Spencer Long

    RIP DADDY November 2015

  82. riri yay

    I love Ed Sheeran's old songs sooo much

  83. Adam Small

    R.I.P Alan...

  84. Myrto Markantonaki

    Caleb Logan 2002-2015 and I know that your gone💔


    I'm sure he will not be forgotten. My condolences

  85. Myrto Markantonaki

    Caleb Logan 2002-2015 and I know that your gone💔

  86. Maddalena P

    this is the saddest song I've ever heard

  87. Shannon Traynor

    Mum 3/9/62 - 9/10/13💔

    Elisa Villa



    My condolences. <3

  88. Jennifer Quesada

    This song is for my baby boy Ian. He passed away on 01/11/2015. I love you my prince.

    Sandy Oswin

    +Jennifer Quesada Awee I'm so sorry for your loss...

  89. Sandy Oswin

    I don't know why but I want this song to play in my funeral....

  90. Dylan Melencion

    Just lost my pet, Dwayne, a few days ago. It was stupid of me to think that you'd live forever, Dwayne, but to think of it, you will live forever. You're always with us. You're not gone. Not really. Thank you for so much happiness. I hope you're happy wherever you are. Good night, Dwayne. We love you more than words can say.

    Joshua Stewart

    Dylan Melencion I'm sorry your pet died I almost cried reading the comment made me think of the people I miss

    Agent Venom

    He has 121 million followers on Instagram & he is not dead


    Mourning losses are hard... But it will just ruin your life, so whoever is reading this reply, keep your chin up and stay positive, don't let death weigh you down from having fun in life. I lost my young pet, she, was called Beautie and she was the most beautiful pup I'd ever seen. I cry inside every day, I fight for happiness every day and I try to forget how her death was sudden the night she went... I stayed up, for as long as I could and I stayed strong until this day... So just remember, stay positive and I'm turning the song off cuz I'm literally about to cry and it's quite late... And good-night Beautie... I love you so much and I will never forget you...

  91. Thomas Schmidt

    R.I.P to my boyfriend nir who got murderd 01.08.2009 miss you so much

  92. Camilla Ferretti

    I went through nearly all of the comments here and I just wanted to say I feel so much sympathy for all of your sadness. Unfortunately this song reminds each one of us of a beautiful soul who passed away. I'm an atheist, I won't tell God and heaven will shelter those and that we'll meet them someday somehow. But believe me, the love of your family and friend and all of the good you shared with who you're crying for will surely help you through this. Losing someone is never easy, neither it is to move on, but you gotta try and you always gotta keep the memory inside you heart.
    Loads of love xxx


    I don’t understand how this doesn’t have replies. Beautiful words. I’m with you.

  93. ADSR Ui

    RIP to my aunt, she was murdered one year ago.

  94. Maria Paula Gil Manrique

    I lost my bestie in a car accident, miss her so much.

    Maria Paula Gil Manrique


  95. Angela

    R.I.P. to my lovely uncle, love him like my own dad, missing him

  96. María Palacios

    i love you best friend.

  97. Angel Cruz

    I recently lost my girlfriend. its so hard to move on. I love her so much.. my love gave up too soon.. this song reminds me of you..

  98. Angel Cruz

    I recently lost my girlfriend. its so hard to move on. I love her so much.. my love gave up too soon.. this song reminds me of you..

  99. Alessia Tartaglia

    dire che è la canzone è bella non basta , è la canzone che vorrei sentire nei miei ultimi giorni di vita . é fantastica