Sheeran, Ed - Beyond The Pale Lyrics

Just lay it all down on me
It’s getting harder for me to breathe
Just want to know if it will be
Just want to know if it is me

And you know I’ve learned from my mistakes
And how much have I got to lose?
You find my heart is hard to break
Can’t keep playing the fool

Breathe in, exhale
To turn to move beyond the pale
Flag up, set sail
To find what’s there beyond the pale

I feel like I’ve gone to the end of the world
What do I have to do?

You know I’ve learned from my mistakes
How much have I got to lose?
You find my heart hard to break
Can’t keep playing the fool

Breathe in, exhale
To turn to move beyond the pale
Flag up, set sail
To find what’s there beyond the pale

What can I do
Just to let you know
That you’re in my mind?
To try and justify
The way you liberate me
Every time

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Sheeran, Ed Beyond The Pale Comments
  1. Altijd Laura

    I swear to god, I hope that I will never have a day when I don't find an old song! It is fantastic!

  2. Harry Potter

    1. FETUS! 2. I'm pretty sure 59, 293 of the views are mine. :$

  3. Ksenija Jemensek

    Young Ed - wow! 💕💕💕

  4. Rodrigo Guadiana

    Damn, i can see here ed was very inspired by damien rice , in fact damien has a version of be my husband which is very similar the one ed does

    Britt Hart

    Rodrigo Guadiana I was just about to comment this


    Damien Rice is one of Ed’s biggest musical influences.

  5. Gii Silveira

    Esse ep 😍

  6. ariana x


  7. Arwen Eledel

    15-year-old Ed, wow... <3

  8. Júlia Maluceli

    Ah, meus deuses, eu amo o Ed Sheeran e as suas músicas *-------*

  9. Remy Thornton

    He sounds like a little BABY angel... *heart palpitations*

  10. Kristina Davalos


  11. The_Slayer

    The Exodus version of this song not only came first, it is much better than this piece of shit.

    Ethan de'Marsi

    ed sheeran's beyond the pale came out in 2005. so it was released 5 years earlier than the exodus version, and it actually sounds good?

    Ed Sheeran Fan

    I just listened to the exodus version and I think you messed thinks up, because they sound like shit🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. Jilly Fishing

    This song is so beautiful, I wish more people knew about it!

  13. Carla Dominguez

    Doubt any guy can do that though 'cuz Ed is one of a kind.

  14. kara horan

    Want to know how to make a girl happy? 1.Look up Ed Sheeran. 2.Study Ed Sheeran 3.Act Ed Sheeran. 4.Be Ed Sheeran.

  15. Julie Элизабет

    Why can't he rerecord this one, too?!

  16. Arielle Rose

    Why arnt these on iTunes!?

  17. Nefilim Sheeran

    i like it so much <3 <3

  18. Eithne King

    And the other singer is Amy Wadge, she's the one he wrote the album 'songs I wrote with Amy' hence the name...

    Male Obregón

    I thought the other singer was Ed's cousin, Laura

    Crazy Chemist

    Because it is Laura

  19. Eithne King

    I love this song! His older songs are teh best because he's 'organic' I think that's quite a good word to use! Anyway this is one of my favourite songs of his, it's just so catchy and beautiful. Damn that gorgeous ginger...

  20. Bobby

    Who's Amy? ... Anyhow. Ed sings like an Angel! Like, omds, so sweet! I wanna marry him! <3

    Ed Sheeran Fan

    Amy is a Singer-songwriter who he has written MANY songs with and he has an EP "Songs I wrote with Amy", but I don't think this is Amy, I thought it is Laura

  21. Maggie Verrico

    I swear to God, I'm going to make a parody of this called Beyond the Veil (Harry Potter themed).


    Maggie Verrico please did you do it? i would love to see

  22. Annie Marie

    I love this song so much! Thanks for putting the lyrics in!

  23. Christy Le

    this is one year after the orange room ep and he literally sounds so much older i just

  24. abbie dunbar

    her name is amy, hence the album "songs i wrote with amy" :)

  25. שני וולפנדייל

    Who is the other singer?

  26. Flormau99

    Ugh, ALL of his songs are perfect....

  27. ThisJess613

    This is one of my favorite songs by him (:
    Cept all of 'em kinda are....
    But still :D

  28. khelysi

    new favorite! :D