Sheeran, Ed - Addicted Lyrics

I think I took too much
I'm addicted to your touch
But I'm crying
In shame again
And now I'm high as a kite
And I know I might be gone
When you get home
Oh well, we've come this far
You're my Venus
And I'm your Mars
And we've passed the moon
and stars
And I'm gone
But now I'm high as a kite
And I know I'm might be gone
When you get home
I'm high as a kite
And I know I'm almost gone
When you get home
So please come home

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Sheeran, Ed Addicted Comments
  1. ujjawal jain

    i mean the lyrics are better than most of shit nowadays

  2. nonamepotato

    So we can all sing
    Now go and sing and become an Artist

  3. Amanda Nollenberger

    Impressive for age 12. He should sing it again and make it a single or put it in a newer album. Dont think he shouldve named it addicted though, it only says it once lol. Shouldve been high as a kite or something. Love it though.

  4. Navya Patil

    Hmmm puberty happens guys

  5. アニメタリカ-AniMetallica

    Damn, that’s real progression in Ed. Respect✊

  6. Rabina Tamim

    Is it eds voice?


    Rabina Tamim yes 🤪

  7. Harry Hunter

    Nice lyrics and guitar but the singing isn't the best I've ever heard....


    Harry Hunter well Harry he was only 12 😭😭

  8. Take a Chance

    Why do I actually like this can someone help me 😂

  9. Anna Chu

    Nice change

  10. Emma Wood

    His voice is horrendous!😂
    But it still sounds so pretty😁

  11. Calista Tladi

    not bad at all 😂

  12. Daniel Ammerman

    the bad part is just when he goes into fallceto

  13. Ouida Washington

    still love ed. the lyrics arent bad but... #growth lol❤️❤️

  14. nonamepotato

    The lower parts weren't that bad just the HIIIIIIIIIGHHHH AS A KIIIIIIITEEE 😂

  15. Hurricane Harrison

    Earape starts at 0:39

  16. oliver walsh

    I think that this is the only Ed song I could sing

  17. El Jurezo

    1st time hearing:
    This is bad
    Not so bad afterall

  18. riverman

    Bro i love this song

  19. Jenna Wells

    He sounded high when singing this

    Guinevere Charite

    He was like 12

    Alyssa D

    As a kite

  20. mel nag


  21. Tanya Doyle

    If he had written this at present I can't say I would be impressed, HOWEVER he wrote this and sang it at TWELVE years old so YEAH I'm impressed! Just goes to show he was born for greatness!

  22. Who's A Pretty Kitty?

    I want him to sing this song again and put it on one of his newer albums

    Rydell Garcia

    yep! I agree. this will be a hit!!


    That will be awesome

  23. Lillie Gacha

    Omg Ed’s voice is so cool

  24. Janet Arnold

    Ed was right. It's a bad song, but not bad for age 12. LMAO


    Janet Arnold wait he was twELVE WHAT



  25. Michele Zavala

    THis is why we love Ed

  26. Stephen B. Smith

    Who is singing this?


    Stephen B. Smith its Ed Sheeran but when he was wayyyy younger.


    Wow. It’s literally in the title, in the description, in the video, and there’s a picture! It’s Ed Sheeran.

    Rydell Garcia


  27. Muhammad Omer

    This is adorable.

  28. Suzy S

    LOL, this song is so cute. Just need a tune up and some work but the lyrics are good.

  29. Michele Zavala

    I love it he is so young here and Ed don't like this. We all love it

  30. mspuls1970

    That's Ed?! I thought it was a flat, crackle-voiced female doing a cover! LOL!


    mspuls1970 why you gotta do him like that 💀💀😂

  31. Prathaa Weaving Traditions

    he can't even make a bad song if he wants to😜😜😜

  32. Syri 309

    Ed's voice is so cute. as a fan, Ed's voice isn't horable no matter what Ed's voice I will be his fan❤🎵🎧

    the Odeller

    This is what a real Sheerion would say

  33. No Name

    this is just amazing

  34. lidia siqueira

    he is perfect

  35. Valentina Olivo

    And he says that everything about this song is GROSS. how? Why? i think this is pretty good as a start and I am being honest. that's the proof of your growth. Thanks Ed.

    Ajit Singh


  36. Beige Willis

    I ❤ Ed Sheeran

  37. Hannah Goris

    Ty 😀