Sheck Wes - Kyrie Lyrics

Kyrie, where's LeBron?
Suck my dick!
Caution, danger
Caution, caution
Might break your ankle

Kyrie, K-K-K-Kyrie
Ballin' like I'm Kyrie, K-K-K-Kyrie
I mix it, like Byrie, B-B-B-Byrie
Sauce 'em up, Kyrie, K-K-K-Kyrie

Mudboy (Bitch!)
You know I'm on the green team (Bitch!)
Uh, boogers in my ear, make them say "Bling-bling" (ching)
You know I'm the bomb like I'm on TNT
Huh, Jayson Tatum, rookie, how I'm ballin' in the sleeve (sleeve)
Racks in my jeans (jeans)
No ash on my fleece (no)
First round draft picks, throw 'em in the V
Two plus two, that's fo' (fo')
I give 'em to the Cleve
Go divide to 11, sauce 'em up, that's me ballin'
Like I'm at the JBC, huh
Ballin' on the floor, you watch me from the nosebleeds
Talkin' shit, I lay him down like Kyrie

K-K-Kyrie, K-K-K-Kyrie (I sauce 'em)
Sauce 'em up, Kyrie, K-K-K-Kyrie
I mix it, like Byrie, B-B-B-Byrie (Bitch!)
Sauce 'em up, Kyrie, K-K-K-Kyrie (Bitch!)
I mix it, like Byrie, B-B-B-Byrie

I said, uh
Young nigga, 19 (teen)
Jayson Tatum, rookie, how I'm ballin' in this league (zero)
I said, "Ooh shit"
Rookie in this league, huh
Jayson Tatum, how I'm ballin' on this team
I said, "Ooh shit"
Caution, danger (oh shit)
Don't try to guard me (don't guard me)
Might break your ankle
I said, "Ooh shit" (Bitch!)
Crossing danger
I cross you over, and break your ankles
I said, "Ooh bitch" (Bitch!)
You know I tame it
You say you taken (taken)
I shake your ankles (shake it)
I said, "Ooh bitch"
I be dunkin' (dunkin')
And a layup (huh-huh)
Have to 2K it

K-K-Kyrie, K-K-K-Kyrie
I sauce 'em up, Kyrie, B-B-B-Byrie
I mix it, like Byrie, B-B-B-Byrie
Sauce 'em up, Kyrie, K-K-K-Kyrie

K-K-Kyrie, K-K-K-Kyrie
(Ooh shit, crossing danger)
Balling on these niggas like I'm at the, at the
At the JBC (ooh shit)
At the, at the JBC
Oh shit
Oh shit, oh shit
Oh shit, oh shit
Oh shit, oh shit
Oh shit, oh shit
Oh shit, oh shit

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Sheck Wes Kyrie Comments
  1. Vero Brea

    My dumb ass heard this song on tiktok and write Kairi xdd

    Nayeli Garcia

    lol same

  2. Aimee Farmer

    all i can think it kairi

  3. Michael Berlanga

    This is lowkey a banger tho

  4. john trout

    I'll be listening in 2020

  5. Yelo Cello

    i am just here bc here of tik tok kairi

  6. Connor Rich

    This shit trash

  7. Elijah Nelson

    I'm here because of Kyrie irving

  8. Steven Katz

    Kyrie is the damn goat

  9. Abel Aldrich

    Kkkkkyrie like bbbbbyrie lol

  10. Emran Lwanga


  11. vavionce evans

    How many times did he say Jason tatum amd its called kyrie but good tho

  12. Bauper 17

    sheveci kyries

  13. Γιωργος Παλαμαρης

    Here after kyrie's 50 points

  14. zair rodriguez

    I like how he create the song

  15. zair rodriguez

    This song is dooooooop

  16. Instinct Mystic

    This creeps me out my name is kyree atleast it’s the same spelling

  17. Silver Cuc

    u know I am on green team...
    I was

  18. Evan Mog


    Enrique Castillo

    Evan Mog RAW ASFF

  19. C Slaughter

    Sheck needa drop another fire project.

  20. Creature Fiendz

    BYRIE 💯

  21. Pete Stylos

    Sheck Wes was right. Kyrie went Byrie

  22. love maria


  23. Patrick T

    Kyrie wouldnt even like this

  24. AKA F0rT_NITE Sw0tt

    Boogers in my ears call it bling bling we green team 😂😂

  25. 5OLY


  26. yoyoupanddown123

    I came here after hearing this live for the first time

  27. RTV_Sweat !!!

    Here before 10 million views.

  28. selim kadi


  29. Jet Ginxed

    kaya ako nandito dahil sa nagbabasketball si Bong Go

    poker faacee


  30. Lanre Akerele

    Who's still listening to this song in 2019? Sheck Wes would be amazed if Kyrie comes to NYC to play with the team

    Julian Machin

    Lanre Akerele BROOOOOOKLYN

  31. MrZrayshe

    Is this song about the guy who left LBJ and then might play with him again hahah juste joking I love this guy hope seeing him with LBJ <3

  32. Abel Aldrich

    Ballin like Kyrie i love it

  33. Kevin Sniper king

    Kyrie where LeBron at?

  34. ghetto journalist tv

    i hope u aint gon do sum dum shyt and go to jail like all these 19 yr olds and ish plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  35. Instinct Mystic

    This is weird because my name is kyree

  36. omar Williams

    Yo i saw dis man live in concert with Travis last night in Orlando 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Lutz Harald

    B-b-b buy Weed 🌿👍🏼👍🏼

  38. Mr.Ranger Koolsmooth


  39. Ilham Arbabzada

    Giannis the freak

  40. Justin T

    What’s the JBC

  41. Ms. Taehyung

    0:1-0:24 how I feel when I’m playing against a suck group in basketball

  42. Ms. Taehyung

    Who ever is gonna read this might wanna choke me but Sheck Wes should really make a song with a Kpop group. Yeah yeah half of you might not even know what Kpop is but I think it would be great. So when it happens and Sheck Wes asked who’s idea it was y’all don’t be lying saying it was cause I know y’all can’t name one Kpop group other than BTS. I get full credit if a collaboration ever happens so don’t be cutting up.
    People reading: This bitch is crazy
    Me: Shut the fuck up
    People reading: Mcuse me

  43. Homecoming Athletics

    My name is kyre

  44. Jeffrey Kazen

    You. Cool. is. Fuck. I. love. you

  45. Rommarene

    This sucks

  46. Leonardo Susini

    AGRESSIVE 🖤🦍💉🖕🏻🔥

  47. Zachary Hebert

    I showed this to Kyrie

  48. Zachary Hebert

    So this is what AirPods users listen too

  49. Swiift Aquaa

    Oh yeah yeah

  50. andy routine


  51. Danie Gordon

    2019 is sheck wes's year DEADASS🔥🔥

  52. Everything Basketball

    I’m here from top 25 nba players of 2019

  53. Air Bacon

    Someone said Sheck Wes made a bad song about Kyrie. I look it up and give it a 7/10. That is all.

  54. DAM

    This song is the shit...
    If you think it’s easy to rap on this beat send me a link on YouTube
    I swear if it’s not in this cadence it’s thrash
    Some beats don’t need complicated lyrics because the beat itself is singing

  55. Los Papis

    Why is mud boy so bad

  56. Palani Servai

    He gonna make a whole lineup

  57. Kawhi Knot

    All sheck do is rap about NBA players

  58. parallel malaria


  59. VOIDArc


  60. V Vloggers

    I mean u tried, 2+2= 4 wow people who listen to yo songs aren’t 3 bud😂🤦‍♂️

  61. Wish Producer

    fa fa fa fa fa fa fa

  62. Sergeant Paul


  63. PlayBoiAuri


  64. Latavia Shepard

    All Celtics

  65. Rigo castellanos

    He will fall off fast

  66. B O P


  67. Johnny Bugzzy

    Dope song best song ever Kyrie and mo bomba

  68. Lynn Powe


  69. Kid antic

    So is this mans just gonna make songs about every nba player

  70. Diego Beats

    shit slap

  71. Bee Jay the Dee Jay

    Get some lyrical content before u say this is rap funny shit ny on the mumble shit now wow 😆

  72. Meeko Combs

    This mo bama part 2



  74. savanna R.

    Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, if yk yk

  75. Cameron Schramm

    This fucking blows, I could take a shit and it would sound better than this fucking garbage


    A white little bitch like you shouldn't be talking about what's good rap

  76. mxllyxanlxrd


  77. Thisos Meta

    This song > the whole career of Migos

  78. Jalen A

    My favorite basketball player😍😍😍 Kyrie Irving

  79. Daniel S

    God this is so bad. Just like that mo bamba song...

  80. Kristian Jordan

    The song was a banger but not a OOOOOOOH SHIT banger until the end, i almost crashed because of that switch up

  81. Artmon Dias

    Best music from this nigga!!! Fire🔥🔥🔥

    Pedro Henrique

    Sheck Wes feat. Mike ja é realidade

    Artmon Dias

    Pedro Henrique bora fazer essa prr??

    Pedro Henrique

    @Artmon Dias bora

    Artmon Dias

    Pedro Henrique só pegar o vocal dele em qualquer música

    Pedro Henrique

    @Artmon Dias vai levar um tempinho mas da

  82. Pedro Henrique

    Kykykykykyrie KKKKKKKKKKK Q PORRA é essa

  83. All in One Smoke Shop Newark

    honestly i wanna see video for this and it should be Shek fuckin it up on the court! #Lostboy #SHEKWESGANGGANG

    All in One Smoke Shop Newark

    Or a compilation of college highlights

  84. Dagger_ Dick

    I’m a Boston nigga

  85. Uzi Deadclip

    that shit too hard🔥

  86. Joseph Walker

    Men die

  87. Sean McSeanson

    This song better than Mo Bamba 🏀

    Alexis Garcia

    no and hell no

    Anonymous Ronin

    Shit no

  88. JAlen Lucas

    Me 😂

  89. JM GB

    It’s good but not even close to mo bamba

  90. Paul Cardenas

    This song been in my head since Kyrie dropped 43 on the raptors

  91. Papadop

    That Bulls vs Celtics commercial was hitting🔥😤

  92. Bruce Wayne

    Celtics fan but this shit is trash

  93. Alph Jallow