Sheck Wes - Fuck Everybody Lyrics

Fuck everybody (Sheck Wes)
Nigga, fuck everybody
Everybody (Bitch!)
Nigga, fuck everybody
Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, fuck everybody (Sheck Wes)
Everybody, everybody, everybody
Nigga, fuck everybody (Fuck everybody)
Nigga, fuck everybody (Fuck everybody)
Everybody (Fuck everybody)
Nigga, fuck everybody (Everybody)
(Fa fa fa fa fa fa)

You ain't really my mans (You ain't really my mans)
You ain't hit me when I was stuck in the land (I was stuck in the land)
You ain't taking them bands (Them bands)
I have five bitches in my bed
All them hoes was gone off Xans

Nigga, fuck everybody (Nigga, fuck everybody)
Nigga, fuck everybody
Nigga fuck everybody
Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga fuck everybody
(Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!)

I only fuck with a couple real niggas, bitch
You ain't a real nigga so I call you bitch (It's a fact, it's a fact)
Hollywood nobody, nigga suck my dick (Fuckass nigga)
Next time I see you, put you in your shit (Bitch)

Nigga, fuck everybody (Nigga, fuck everybody)
Nigga, nigga fuck everybody
Nigga, nigga fuck everybody
Nigga, fuck everybody (Bitch)
Nigga, fuck everybody
Nigga, fuck everybody

Fuck my school, nigga (Fuck school!)
Fuck the fuckin' police too, nigga (Fuck 12 too!)
They tryna see me in a slump, nigga (In a slump)
That's why young Sheck Wes always keep the fuckin' pump, nigga
(Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow)
Your whole hood runnin', nigga
They see a tool sprayin', stupid tall dumb nigga
With that fuckin' drum
It go bu-rum-rum-rum-rum-rum, nigga (Bitch)
With that fuckin' drum
It go bu-rum-rum-rum-rum-rum, nigga (Nigga)
I ain't a bum nigga (Nigga)

Nigga (Nigga)
Nigga, fuck everybody (Nigga, fuck everybody)
Nigga, fuck everybody (Nigga, fuck everybody)
Nigga, fuck everybody (Nigga, fuck everybody)
Nigga, nigga, fuck everybody

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Sheck Wes Fuck Everybody Comments
  1. Rpesh Bhujade

    Fr Such hard vibes bruh🔥🔥🔥

  2. Dipen Entertains

    Nigga fuck errybody nigga fuck family 🖕🖕🖕

  3. Chronic_GMAG

    This is 🗑 rubbishh 😅👏🏽👎

  4. Chris Castro


  5. خالد موسى


  6. Joel

    unpopular opinion: this is harder than mo bamba

  7. Deniz Calik


  8. Dani

    0:17 when a white guy gets the pass

  9. Jene Nicole

    Damn bro this energy is crazy

  10. Learn here World

    What a beat !

  11. Saturn 3:33

    Made a icy remix

  12. Leon

    when he said ,👦🏾🖕🗣🌍‘ i felt that

  13. Hail -_-

    When my black friend gives me the n word pass
    Me: 0:18

  14. Chris Dukes

    Straight garbage. Come on ya'll, wake the fuck up!

  15. João Victor

    woke up like this

  16. Presley Kohi

    this song makes me wanna fight my old bully he don't bully me anymore cause I hit him last time


    Presley Kohi 😂🤦‍♂️🤯

  17. DakiddoTrey

    Nigga Nigga Nigga
    Fuck Everybody

  18. Bruno Silva

    This song makes me want to light the lighter with my cigarette

  19. zakee Akhtar

    I'm gonna play this song out loud when I come home from school and get lit in public😂

  20. SemorreButte

    Very Deep

  21. Max M

    Cette zik fait ressortir mon côté psycho. 🔥🔥

  22. Zed 0

    Not bad.

  23. Egyptiana

    When someone named airbodi steps on your shoe 😡

  24. gabriel Paradis

    This sounds like rap from street

  25. The Godfather NFG

    Good music

  26. The Godfather NFG


  27. Sanad Alsudy

    No fuck you and your family

  28. Playboi Carti

    Ma opinion the best album

  29. otaku shark

    2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. Robi Boy

    This song slaps 🔥

  31. Romano Bandy

    This is so deep you can really feel it in the lyrics 😂

  32. 040 malmö

    f**k everybady

  33. dat nicca bruh


  34. King Handles

    Sheck really do this ‼️🐐

  35. Blessings of Hope




  37. Praise Kali

    Fuck sake 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Well done sheck

  38. Modou Mbengue

    This song is fire 💥🔥🔥🖤❤️🙏🏾🌹

  39. Tommy Pickels

    Asap vibes

  40. renatodailani renatopg

    1 like=for sheck wes

  41. Lilboi Carti

    this song is underrated as fuck , hardest song on the album imo

  42. Frédéric

    Hi, how to pronounce "everybody" here ? I hear "am I" :-/

  43. Money Talks

    When my lady starts sh**....

  44. Money Talks

    Everybody........ and....... expected that..... EVERYBODY...

  45. EnGlAnD iS mY cItY ,hf hf,fxhg

    Shrek wes

  46. Wellyson Lima


  47. Lilboi Carti

    2:23-3:02 , 1:20-1:35 best parts

  48. Jbbjabbb

    The beat is fucking lit. Listen to this with a good pair of headphones with bass. Great song to workout to.


    2019 fuck everybody frfr 💯💯💯💯

  50. Neshry Trapan

    Every beat in this album is fire exept him..smh

  51. Sha Zulu aka Brooklyn Brawler

    My artist for 2018

  52. Egyptiana

    I listen to this on my way to church

    Money Talks

    That's right that is LITE ITS SELF
    ..... EVERYBODY.....

  53. Peer

    he got it he is voicing a generation

  54. Nadeen Scheithe

    This is my song cuz fuck everybody lol🤣😋

  55. Adish Kulkarni

    Sheck is fucking hard...

  56. Aude Letort

    Putain c'est maxi lourd ce son

  57. ZEfER


  58. Scratch Squad


  59. Scratch Squad

    *When ur ONLY 20 And ur friends are 21 and they go have drinks without u*


    noob, in europe is 18


    Beer in germany 16


    @nachocmp same in Canada

    The Greek Metro Boomin

    Good thing I'm in Greece and it's 18+ and I'm 20 lol

  60. PtitM

    When i go to the high school 🖕

  61. Butter Balm.

    I fucks with this

  62. fazege

    this whole album 🔥 tbh


    iz cUss its not 2 gangsterr but still gangster feel me?

  63. Raphael

    Black Dave did this first

  64. blaze5053

    Fuck t'Rump.

  65. ACID667

    Sounds like Gmarly Bastard - XXX

  66. Scratch Squad


  67. Spartan H2O

    This makes me wanna talk about khabibs parents to his face

  68. david luIz

    we need a og maco feature

  69. Harrison Bagot

    the ending to this song is so so fire

  70. Mamadou Sow

    the guitars fuck everybody

  71. ImGabeNewell

    this better than mo bamba

    Aryaan Shastri

    nahh chief yous white niggas stfu

  72. 2 7 C L U B .

    nigguh nigguh nigguh nigguh nigguh ...

    Fuck Everybody !

  73. Jhonatan Renan

    Brasil nessa porra... fuck everybody

  74. TeamAYB

    hardest thing out rn. if you know you know


    Make a movie where the Evil corporation is named Airbodi and have this play at the end credits

  76. néstor montoya

    Fuck you Néstor! >:v

  77. Air Max The Legend Killer

    He's OG Maco if he blew up bigger into Mainstream Music

  78. Navvrocky

    One of the best on the album <3

  79. Korantin Chery

    New og maco

    Air Max The Legend Killer

    Fax wished OG Maco blew up bigger

  80. Aaron Craven

    How is this only at 22k views?

    Air Max The Legend Killer

    Its way more on Spotify

  81. IIHII

    ''fuck school'' best line of 2018

  82. Oscar Meza

    this beat reminds me of the boss level from the old super mario.

    Bass Junky

    Oscar Meza it’s got Zelda vibes

  83. OscarThe69

    This is it chief

  84. Bradda

    Gucci Gang-Sheck Wes Edition

  85. tylersadx

    this nigga really flipped a dragon ball super sample. this album officially 🔥🔥🔥

  86. phoon

    Sheck Wes the real Goat. Love me brother!

  87. Carmine Nimbus

    This song makes me feel like somethings watching me

  88. jahcenter carnegie

    Every song I listen too, there’s someone in comments saying this the hottest😩nigga the whole album slaps

  89. Lucas

    On every song I see “best song on the album” this man the goat

    Dicky Diablo

    lücas t it must be trolls. This was one of the worst hip hop albums this year

    Shut Up Dodo

    lücas t this album was garbage

    James Taki

    Yall are clowns^^^ it dont Matter if this album was garbage we all have different tastes in music if you say it trash good that your opinion no one asked for and if there's a album you really like the same could be said about that album too from different people although I think sheck wes may not be the best rapper but believe that every where he goes hes always walking past people with a heat wave

    Dicky Diablo

    James Taki this guy sucks lol it’s a fact this album was garbage. How many times did he repeat his own name in this album? I think about every song. Very little skill or lyrical talent

    James Taki

    @Dicky Diablo see that the thing yall always have to be like "oH nO bRo iT noT LyRiCal sO it ShIT" sometimes it dosent need to be lyrical sometimes it can just be for the hype, and dont get my words twisted i said sometimes. Think of it this way the lyrical shit you listen to is like a good paying job right but it hella boring and you're not really comfortable with your job and think of mumble rap as a shit paying job but it a job that makes you happy my point is whatever job makes you happy, you should stick to it and dont go around forcing your music taste into other people we are not all sheep (mind you this is not directed towards you)

  90. the wolf 01x

    I fux wit shek!


    This shit so damn hard!!! 🗣🗣🗣

  92. Ju Lián

    He's so fucking good.

  93. DonoVANS 3.0

    When everybody in class snitch on you for bumbing sheck wes and the teacher tell you to go to the office so you start calling everyone a bitch 1:14