Sheck Wes - Danimals Lyrics

I don't care, I don't care
I don't care, I don't care
I don't care, I don't care
Yeah, bitch (fa, fa, fa)

That bitch gon' drop dead in my coupe (dead)
Mad tits in my coupe
I got fuckin' headaches
Gorilla glue (bitch)
Fuckin' gorilla glue (yeah)
Uh, Mudboy
They say I'm a animal like my boys up in the zoo
I'm a fuckin' danimal, your girl, up in my coupe
Danimals yogurt, bitch her skin like yogurt (yogurt, yogurt)
Young Sheck Wes, I get that bitch wet, my dick can poke her

I don't care, uh (hell no)
I don't care, uh (hell no)
I don't care, uh (fuck you)
I don't care (hell no)
You gon' do what you want to
I can't even fuck with you
You used to be my boo
But you got too many, too few

But I don't care, uh
I don't care, uh (I can do it)
I don't care, uh
I don't care
You gon' see me everywhere
Anywhere (bitch)
I will do it (fa, fa, fa, fa)
(Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa)

Bitch, I will fuckin' prove it (prove it)
Young Sheck Wes, they tried me (bitch)
They tried to call me stupid (stupid)
So I mind fucked 'em
I fuckin' mind fucked 'em (huh, yeah)
Wish I didn't do it (uh-uh)
I'm a damn finesser (do it)
If you make me do it
Damn, I'm fuckin' makin' music (la, la)
I was a fuckin' student
I was gettin' good grades (grades)
But I couldn't fuckin' do it
They said they'd try to send me to these talent sessions
Goddamn man, I used to pray for this
So, man I can't complain when I'm gettin this shit
(Young Sheck Wes)
Goddamn, pain come with this shit
But goddamn, I go insane with this shit
I used to pray all day for this shit
So man, I can't complain when I'm gettin' this shit (gorilla glue)
It's fucking pain (bitch) that come with this shit (fuck is who?)
(I ain't never stressin')
Up in my coupe
Young Sheck Wes ain't stressin'
Keeps his mind on this blessin'
Young Sheck Wes ain't stressin'
Young Sheck Wes ain't stressin' (fuck)
Young Sheck Wes ain't stressin' (yogurt-colored coupe)
Keeps his mind on this blessin' (yogurt-colored boot)
Mind is weapon
Damn, big head bitch like Stewie
I ain't stressin'
Keep my mind on this blessin' (she think she bad)
Teach you a muhfuckin' a lesson
That bitch, she ignorant like Stewie
That bitch, she think she bad
Put me in the middle, little brother like Dewey
(Yeah, young Sheck Wes)

Nigga divorced his wife 'cause she was a nigger lover (nigger lover)
Remember that shit on dave chappelle shit? on the skit
I'm explicit, I don't give a fuck
Nigga found out he was black and divorced his wife (fuck rules)
Fuck feelings
Fuck freedom
Fuck everybody
'Cause I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, uh

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Sheck Wes Danimals Comments
  1. Joe Joseph

    this is a vibe

  2. Shakeem Lorde


  3. Saturn 3:33

    I made an icy remix for mindfucker

  4. Luu Happiness

    Thankfully the part was recorded at the beginning ..

  5. *.guillermo.*.

    rly weird that this just have 100k

  6. Alexis Garcia

    All 30 dislikes are bitches

  7. WowItsDoggo

    Sheck Wes probably likes Danimals, and he just had to make a song to show how much he loves Danimals

  8. MurdaDripp

    I think I fell asleep to this last night with my earphones now ima try it again 🔥😂🎧

  9. L͓̽A͓̽N͓̽D͓̽O͓̽

    This song so beautiful on a rainy day⛈

  10. Bryant ID

    Aquí les dejo la traducción.


    No me importa no me importa

    No me importa no me importa

    No me importa no me importa

    Sí, perra (Fa, fa, fa)

    Esa perra Gon 'cayó muerta en mi coupé (Muerto)

    Tetas locas en mi coupé

    Tengo jodidos dolores de cabeza

    Pegamento de gorila (perra)

    Fuckin 'Gorilla Glue (Sí)


    Dicen que soy un animal como mis hijos en el zoológico.

    Soy un puto Danimal, tu chica, ella en coupé.

    Danimal yogurt, perra su piel como yogurt (yogurt, yogurt)

    El joven Sheck Wes me moja a esa perra, mi polla puede empujarla

    No me importa (diablos no)

    No me importa (diablos no)

    No me importa

    No me importa (diablos no)

    Tu vas a hacer lo que quieras

    Ni siquiera puedo follar contigo

    Solías ser mi abucheo

    Pero tienes demasiados, muy pocos

    Pero no me importa

    No me importa (puedo hacerlo)

    No me importa

    No me importa

    Me vas a ver por todas partes

    En cualquier lugar (perra)

    Lo haré (Fa, fa, fa, fa)

    (Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa)

    Perra, lo voy a demostrar.

    Joven Sheck Wes, me probaron

    Trataron de llamarme estúpido (estúpido)

    Así que me importa follarlos

    Me los jodí a la mente

    Desearía no haberlo hecho

    Soy un maldito finesser

    Si me obligas a hacerlo, entonces mi jodido haciendo música.

    Yo era un jodido estudiante

    Estaba obteniendo buenas notas, pero puedo hacerlo, joder.

    Dicen que intentaron enviarme a estas sesiones de talento.

    Maldito hombre, solía rezar por esta mierda.

    Así que, hombre, no me puedo quejar cuando tengo esta mierda.

    Maldita sea, el dolor viene con esta mierda.

    Pero maldita sea, me vuelvo loco con esta mierda.

    Solía ​​rezar todo el día, por esta mierda.

    Así que, hombre, no me puedo quejar cuando tengo esta mierda.

    Es jodido dolor que viene con esta mierda.

    El joven Sheck Wes no está estresado

    Enseñando estas lecciones de madres folladoras.

    El joven Sheck Wes no está estresado

    El joven Sheck Wes no está estresado

    El joven Sheck Wes no está estresado

    Enseñando estas lecciones de madres folladoras.

    La mente es un arma

    Maldita puta cabeza grande como Stewie

    No soy estresante

    Mantener mi mente como arma

    Esa perra que ella ignora como Stewie.

    Ponme en el medio, hermanito como Dewey.

    Nigga se divorció de su esposa porque ella era una amante nigger (amante nigger)

    ¿Recuerdas esa mierda en la mierda de Dave Chappelle? En la parodia

    Soy explícita no me importa una mierda

    Nigga descubrió que era negro y se divorció de su esposa.

    Joder sentimientos

    Joder libertades

    Joder a todos

  11. Brayden M

    Hope you keep going cause you are fuckin HARD!!!!

  12. Danie Gordon

    Everyone who disliked is allergic to the animals yogurt

  13. bleumagma


  14. Dylan Adriaan

    Wavy Sheck

  15. Alec Wiersema

    1 hit wonder

  16. Vic Castillo

    fa fa fa

  17. Bando

    one hit wonder

    choppa go ratata

    Bando seems like your mom was too

  18. J Kane


  19. Deviine Renegade

    yall mf be sleeping on this jam. damn🔥🔥😧this a real vibe mahn🔥🔥

    Tommy .G

    Everyone is a bandwagon fan from mo bamba.You wont find fake fans here

  20. WolfAlley


  21. Draining Threes

    dude each song continues to grow on me TOUGH. its strange. FA FA FA FA FA F FA FA.

    Draining Threes

    Khalifa vibe on this one

  22. Ricky Warren

    Does anyone else hate when your niggas try to put you on to an artist but you ain't feelin it at first? Then you get that solo sesh in and tracks like these somehow slap CUS WTF THIS MAN SHECK DUBS ON A VIBE

  23. Lorenzo Mendoza

    My boy, im gay, I’m gay, I’m gay

    Deviine Renegade


  24. Owen Schaefer

    This is the best **** song ever

  25. JoeGetsMoney

    when this gonna blow up?

  26. Danny Rosales

    I used to pray for this shit so man I can’t complain when I’m getting this shit🔥

  27. Gasman Gwap

    Sound like this nigga drinking danimals in da background.

  28. Grant

    BASED GOD VIbES !!!!


    Shek Wes mad wavy 🔥

  30. Lee Jardine

    god damn man i used to pray for this shit 🔥

  31. Joel Bollo

    This sound like a Carti beat, Sheck fire tho🔥


    Joel Bollo carti beats are the best beats tbh

    Joel Bollo

    @ranchies ikr, its a shame many of them are only snippets

    Oscar Mendez

    Joel Bollo it’s produced by Cardo Got Wings. Same guy that produced most of Wiz Khalifa’s Kush & Orange Juice

  32. playboiluis

    Sad nigga hours 😪

  33. Harry The Rapper

    that mudboy adlib

  34. DaddyG

    Time for a dis track my bois

  35. Dinarte Lopes

    Best song of him


    Like stewieeeeee

  37. Joe Caliendo

    Should’ve colabed with ugly on this

    Lev Lem

    Parallel Orbit u mean Lil Ugly Mane?


    ugly god lol


    Holy fuck this is a MASTERPIECE 🔥🔥🔥

  39. #cheky blvck

    Boy naga déff😇

  40. Onepiece Forever

    Young Sheck Wes ain’t stressin

  41. Vincent Graham

    This nigga not bad💯

  42. Vincent Perez

    I don't care, I don't care, I don't care

  43. Broke Frog

    If sheck drops a music video for this is a GG

  44. Ken K BIO

    Here before 1, 000, 000 views

  45. MBG

    he could make such a good song with ski mask


    EXACTLY, they have similar styles! And put lots of character into their vocals

    Majd Mahameed

    Yo been thinking about that since the first time i listened to sheck


    @Bnaardo I think Sheck could make a good song with Skepta and Carti as well.


    @Majd Mahameed It could sound cool, but Ski raps faster.

  46. Julio Ventura

    Its 3 30 am and I can barely keep my eyes open but yall already know I'm not gonna sleep on this album🔥🔥🔥

  47. Justin Harris

    Nigga really said, "Big Head Bitch like Stewie"😂😭

  48. Sevion Craig



    Here before 300 veiws

  50. laflamevision

    Best song on album so fuckin chill its a vibe

    Ryan S

    DTS facts bruh its overlooked hella

    Oscar Mendez

    DTS it’s produced by Cardo. Same guy who produced most of Wiz Khalifa’s “Kush & Orange Juice”

  51. Alpha

    *Prod. by “kid who bangs on the lunch table or desk for school rap battles and freestyle”*


    Youre a steez fan and bump this shit smh

    Kuwan Harper

    Cardo actually

    Brayden M

    Fuck off, this shit is hard as fuck

  52. Angel Malvado

    4th 💕

    Thouxanband Swavy

    Hashish Queen Let me be the 1st to ask.... what’s ur IG ?



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  55. god