She & Him - Christmas Memories Lyrics

Singing carols, stringing popcorn
Making footprints in the snow
Memories, Christmas memories
They're the sweetest ones I know

Cookies baking in the kitchen
Cards and ribbons everywhere
Frosty, Christmas memories
Float like snowflakes in the air

And oh, the joy of waking Christmas morning
The family round the tree
We had a way of making Christmas morning
As merry as can be

I close my eyes and see...

Shining faces of all the children
Who now have children of their own

Funny, but come December
And I remember every Christmas I've known

Shining faces of all the children
Who now have children of their own

Funny, but come December
And I remember every Christmas I've known

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She & Him Christmas Memories Comments
  1. Keven Omath

    Beautiful! Will be listening to these beautiful songs this Christmas.

  2. Bob Airhart

    How nice dear heart Zooey, how nice!

  3. Junior Amorim

    volume 4. please

  4. Samuel J. Morris

    I love this two guys music...

  5. meltdownBC

    Love the relaxing vibe.

  6. E quus

    Ms.Dechanel is Chanel

  7. Carlos Hathcock

    Looks like a Christmas tree in a graveyard.

  8. Gustavo Fernandes

    Adoro essa música! !!!😍😍

  9. Jame's

    beautiful :)

  10. Momo

    Can somebody get Zoe Deschanel a fucking vocal coach!?

  11. Dyna Rahma Djarman


  12. Pabli

    PLEASE! sing "City of Stars" from La la Land !!!!

    German Montejo

    I would love to hear them singing that song.

  13. Turf Moor

    puta zooey ya habias sacado un álbum navimierdo y sacas otro; te acabaste al duo y estafaste al pobre M.word

    Weona Page

    Turf Moor M.Ward* :u

  14. dixiestar9

    need the chords!!

  15. rachel jia

    She & Him Christmas albums are the way to go for your holidays.. <3

  16. Weona Page


  17. yui

    hahaha this is cute

  18. Nella Crosiglia

    to listen

  19. Jerónimo Baeck

    Love the album, it's perfect. 🎄☃🎄🙌👌

  20. ramanujam gags

    nice thoughtful

  21. yoyomama

    They'd be so much more popular if the 'Him' was replaced by Joseph Gordon Levitt.

    Ben Grimm

    Yes, except the 'Him' is M Ward and he is the brains behind the arrangements.

    Julián Ignacio Parera Ruíz

    He's a great great guitar player

  22. Sarah Louise

    So adorable 🎄💙

  23. Olivia

    You guys are perfect

  24. Junior Amorim

    Joking, I love you and I love this song. <3

  25. Junior Amorim

    We want original songs from you! PLEASEEEE

  26. Junior Amorim


  27. JC Amaya

    ¡Me encanta! Necesito ese disco ❤️

  28. Beth


  29. fourmindspress ZX

    Love this 😊
    Also checkout Say Goodbye December 🏡🎄🔥🎁

  30. PedroBuffay

    So cute! I loved it!

  31. Jacob Prince

    Beautiful song one of my favorites on the album..

  32. Leonardo Soares

    This is so adorable

  33. Lucas Rodrigues

    1:23 I couldn't help to laugh Haha
    She & Him = ❤️‍ Nice video!!!

  34. Jason

    what the actual shit

  35. Rick Astley

    All the songs you release is about Christmas?

  36. Strawberry *

    в чем смысл этих недо-клипов? накупили видео на стоках и понеслась...

  37. mattomoros

    2:05 Man, I was hoping for a "Fargo" moment.

    Angel Margua

    Dudeeeeee, you're the one who fucking loves HIMYM, me too, and I hope you fucking love She&Him, cause me too, you have excellent tastes.

  38. Juno

    This video needs hella more views! They are amazing :)

  39. Jon Del Rey

    love you zooey ❤

  40. Zitao Chen