Shawty Lo - Trap Money Lyrics

I got trap money dawg
Real talk, real spit like
I ain't even gotta rap
I'm good nigga
I make hits nigga
Now da word on da street I work for a mil od da low nigga
Shawty Lo in this mutha fucka with me nigga, westside to zone 6 nigga
Dats wats happenin nigga

[Gucci Mane:]
Ey mane you wanna rock gucci then that means you wanna die
Soon as you shop with Shawty Lo, tell me what you wanna buy
I'm a rapper, slash trapper, and my lyrics so fye
Every time tha drop come, throw my prices so high
Give some work to my dawg, told em take it round thurr
Soon as you get dat cake, bring it right back here
I got trap money baby, I sell cris, not beers
I got trap money baby, you can check my ears

Half a mil for a deal homie why you sign that?
Where I had to cop that gola, they will neva find that
Mix the yay with the soda, it come back to good use
Wife beater on shawty, just to show my tattos

I'm a zone 6 rapper, cash mil that's flat
I ain't talkin to you nigga, less u want a tic-tac
Give some work to my dawg, he gone bring dat money back
If I front a 100 pounds, he gone bring a 100 stacks

I got trap money [x3]
20 for a show, but it's really rap money
20 for a hole, and it's really trap money

[Gucci Mane:]
I'm ridin biggo, we be talkin real illego
I be like 500 taco homes, 75 burritos
When I talk to my rocksta, be like where da bubaglot?
Twenty thousand pounds, we might bring dat to my trap spot

A Chinese plug with dem pills, no lie
Every time I shop with him he like hurry up and buy
Gotta rush with my shoppin cause I really don't curr
Got a work and a deal, shawty under control

Got a couple niggas buyin and he want a big part
Hustle our melakim, melakim hustle us
Got a groupie nigga buyin and he really can't walk
And anotha nigga buyin and he really can't talk

You might think that shit funny but I'm not a comedian
Wanna-be trappers seem to lack da ingredients
Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo, we pushin weight nigga
I got trap money nigga, I'm a heavy cake nigga

I got trap money [x3]
20 for a show, but it's really rap money
20 for a hole, and it's really trap money

[Shawty Lo:]
I'm at da base, and Gucci at da trp house
I'm in da kitchen and dat shit smellin real loud
And I ain't use nothin but a lil soda
A lil water and it jumped back ova

30 minutes, thirty grand
I'll bake dem cakes, I'm da baker's man
I'll sell more shoes than baker's man
I'll blow hundreds of grand and baker's man
I got trap money, I got rap money
And I don't rap, I connects da spits
Do what I want, talk, blow on these
Da blow taught me so I'm a teach da streets

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Shawty Lo Trap Money Comments
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    Jan 4 2020

  2. CRE FLiNT

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  4. SNO DOG

    Chinese Plugg Wid Da Pillz No Lie

  5. Mex Luger

    yo is it just me or did he sound a lil bit like spm in the first verse?

  6. Jaret Berg


  7. Mac Anthony

    I remember on tha school bus slappin this real talk

  8. John A

    Exactly the trap is money. What is it to be a rose? Means to get on your feet and go love.

  9. Amazing Amy

    Leave his head all fuck up... he probably will be moving out in a few weeks lol

  10. ten laflare

    Im the real laflare still here in 2020💯

  11. Zombie Nat Turner

    This version of Gucci Mane was so gutta. Raspy voice Gucci🤧

  12. Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Been here since the early mid 2000s

  13. Travis Boykin


  14. Cesare Unno

    2019 baby

  15. Rodd two

    Fuck you

  16. boon vito

    I was 21 when this came out...been a fan since I 06

  17. Shady 80's

    real niggas know...

    Henry Bunch

    N a neva forget. STR8 get it out the mud days

  18. A Jizzle83

    Damn i miss the old Gucci non of the new fans don't know any about this trap shit!!💪🏾💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. C Moe

    This shit always made me feel like I was in east atlanta😂

  20. 80MileKyle

    stupid rich!

  21. 228allday

    One of my favorite beats of all time definitely up there in my top 200

  22. Kal King

    Shawty Lo killed it mayn, gone too soon

  23. kid319009

    "worth a mil on the low nigga"

  24. Jackson Marley

    front dat work to my dawg he gone bring dat money bacc

  25. Cali Jokes

    2019 shawty!!! Rip

  26. Damaine Mitchell


  27. Adrian Romo

    iii Got Trap 💰

  28. Alex Luking

    Unfortunately, both rappers are actually dead. RIP Lo & Old Wop !

  29. 1kwicked

    Real gucci mane la flare

  30. Derrez Gines

    I serve to this

  31. Marco Vazquez

    The way we go stupid the way we go dumb. Burn ruber go side ways make the highway go round and finish with eights. Kit scratch. I have slow money. Ill get my fety money for my rights being violated.your asking me to many questions. My name is Marco like polo. Mark I am not, i'm not white Puerto Rican. I've seen death the riper and Saitan the devil.separate moments separate times. I rushed the devil and he became hoodini how ever you spell the disappearing magician. bullets be burning bullets be burning I survived hollow points from three five seven. Literally I was stabbed on my back and also figure of speech and this made me strongest. I learned how to shank

  32. Marco Vazquez

    Stupid goes dumb. Stupid
    2 much. 22 mucho

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    Real trappas Neva die

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    2019 MF.......

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    Who still here In 2019??🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Still hea 2019!

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    Keepn this shit alive


    2019 da real Atlanta FUCK JAY Z salute to da real niggaz GUCCI and LO rip to LO da real BANKHEAD

    Adrian Romo


  39. Nomercy Bank

    Shit still slaps in 2019

  40. Stack Corlione

    Treal Gucci, Treal Trap
    Shit these days is not this , how can you not tell the huge difference!
    Rip the real Gucci!!!

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    Free fat Gucci 👌

  42. Adrian Romo

    Rest easy Shawty LO

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    Rip Gucci

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    Rip Lo the 🎂man !!!

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    IM Good Nigga

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    I don’t rap I finesse the speech

    Shelliann Morris

    I got long money
    I'm talking about the dough
    Like how these niggas
    Be talking about these hoes
    Yeah I'm feeling myself
    I know you can tell
    Okay you ain't know
    But I'm from lake Wales
    Sugar Hill nigga
    133 apartment D
    Y'all pussy ass niggas
    Y'all don't wanna beef

    See we don't play know Gam

    Adrian Romo

    Gift of Gabe with Words

  48. Grapes Of Wrath. 1980

    Fat Gucci

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    this beat is insane

  50. Mathew Cooper

    This song to me us dedicated to my dog j boone rip my bro

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    My 2013 in Moscow)
    i got trap moneeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    Inside out .. expealadoughshis

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    The real gucci

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    Rip shawwty

  56. Sagittarius Carlisle

    Makes me wanna get a pack really quick like, buur

  57. Sagittarius Carlisle

    I trap money in my 2006-07 voice buuuur, 2019 🌊

    Adrian Romo

    I Got Trap MONEY shatwty LO VOICE

  58. Buddy Johnson

    20 for a show but that’s really rap money 20 for a whole but that’s really trap money 💰 🤷🏾‍♂️🏌️🔥💯

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    This to fire 🔥

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    2019 real gucci fans 💯🙌

    Trav D

    I was bumping this back in ‘09

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    Ninaa watkins going into 2020🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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    GODDAMN! one of the hardest real trap songs ever. zaytoven. shawty lo. damn 10/10. listened to this when it came out, 10/10 again

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    Just heard this for the first time in 2019.....and this shit slap🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Shawty Lo - King Of Bankhead Forever

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    Adrian Romo


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