Shawty Lo - Get Down Lyrics

Let's keep it pimping, I'm the player of the game
Fuck the fame, street nigga, been doing my thing
I see the kids stay in the mix of things
I'm a two-time felon, but I keep that thing
I'm the last man standing, I survived the game
Wish I could say the same for these suckers and lames
I born a hustler, got a mean wrist game
Been the man ever since I hooked with cane
Took aim, I'm cain, or whatever they call me
And you can get it, too, whenever you call me
I've been getting money, C.E.O., D4L
Records, we a army

They say they like my sound
It make them get up, get, get, get down
Get up, get, get, get down
Get up, get, get, get down

They say they like my sound
It make them get up, get, get, get down
Get up, get, get, get down
Get up, get, get, get down

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Shawty Lo Get Down Comments
  1. Chef JB

    2020 still gettin it 🚫🧢

  2. Kudee Garley

    Units in the City was and is a #Classic. Spring break 2008 I was in Columbus Georgia. My bro Bug bout the Cd and it went hard. #RIP

  3. Feel The Steel TATT00&PIERCINGS

    2020 is for Lo

  4. Garrett Grier

    I have to listen to this everyday

  5. J. P.

    Wus hadneninnnn !!!!

  6. Sauce Gotti

    My favorite shawty lo song

  7. Russell 21

    Units in the City was a rap masterpiece IMO. LO was taken way too soon.

  8. A Google User

    Dis his (Lo) best hit!

  9. Monotone Shawty

    Let’s get get get itttt


    Lets git git git it From da N.O. Town

  11. sophia lett

    Still beating 2019

  12. OfficialBint Almedina

    This come on im turning to a stripper immediately😅Love my city ATL

  13. Google User

    Shawty L.O. all ya gotta do is holLO!



  15. Muggz334

    Rip Shawty Lo. Man my late teenage years wouldn’t have been the same without ya L-O

  16. MARL3Y336 - The Urban Composer

    Who still bumping in 2019 ? Rip L.O.

  17. Norman Binion

    Let get get getted 💯💯

  18. Kudee Garley


  19. GG Peso

    Fuck wit ya boy an get a 9 for 5

  20. Silk Slim

    In 2019 still jamming dis bih 🔥

  21. Jimm Olanipekun

    Rip Shawty Lo

  22. Raheem Williams

    😀boy what’s up west side 👋🏾I done found my swag 👣aye let’s get it dope boys 😀westside got the girls going 👋🏾wild it kind of started 👣on a Monday y’all making;

  23. john chrisp

    In My 96' Burnt Urange Monte Carlo!

  24. Howard Pryor

    RiP Shawty Lo!

  25. lawayne Worthington

    Shawty lo was my nigga and bless your soul

  26. lawayne Worthington

    Hustlers music

  27. Macon Mobile Co. LLC


  28. Brother Shabazz

    Elementary days

  29. Cdperccrzy Tyler

    Always gon be a bop! Take me back to high school !

  30. Tommy Chris

    2019 Ayyyye🤑🤑🤑🤑

  31. Nõvèņță Tres

    I was in da 9th grade when dis album came out #ripshawtylo push weight i never did a push up #realtrapmusic #da🐐 💯

  32. Marla Wilson

    Loving it

  33. sophia lett

    Still playing 2019 #lets get get get it#

  34. p j

    The most slept on album smh.....whole album🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. polo kappalot

    This wasn't a mixtape, it was a solid album and it went good probably platinum by now

  36. polo kappalot

    Rip LO Free Dg Yola

  37. elizabeth randall


  38. George Jackson

    Rip bankhead king

  39. andre brown

    free yola

  40. Los FUNNY ASF

    R.i.p shawty Lo free Yola Da Great

  41. Mira Bella

    When Atlanta was on fire 🤩🤩🤩

  42. Tré

    this album was crazy

  43. NYPD Officer Goofy

    2019 anyone

  44. BLOC

    I was trapping so hard when this shit came out lol

  45. Kerry Farria

    My shit 2019..... Michigan in'da building R.I.P..... Aeeeeeeeee 9a.m on a Monday

  46. Morgan Stanfird

    I was selling smack around this time dope boy let's get it

  47. Luffer Booms

    Shawty lo 2019

  48. Lemar J

    Happy Birthday LO!🍰🎂💪

  49. Yung_Trendseta

    Rip LO. I remember the 1st time i heard this in 10th grade at Code Red! Real ATL shit🔥

  50. Kidd Harper

    2019 still here

  51. Payne4811


  52. Ctsridah C

    R.I.P BowenHomes

  53. Mario Castaneda

    i like to see the girls doit my ngga

  54. Mario Castaneda


  55. Emory Wheeler


  56. Shokboy D

    2019 let’s gets it! Rip Lo!!

  57. John Core

    R.i.p lo da real king of bankhead fuck t.i fake ass

  58. Junior Garcia

    2019!! 🤟🏽🙌🏽🔥

  59. Mark Schulz II

    Love you g. The youngins know what it is. Rip Shawty. Love Ya blood

  60. Eric Holly


  61. boomdog saint

    Biggest record in the city for a whole year.

  62. Teisha Souder


  63. Daniel Benning

    TEAM BOO I'm going to ride my nigga shit to the fuckin GRAVE 2018-19 still listening to DOPE BOYZ GOT DA GIRLS GONE WILD.

  64. Music Guy

    fire beat

  65. Las Vegas Nights

    Used to have this on every mix CD back in the day when people burned cds😁 memories 😥 RIP

  66. ROCKETT Smith

    Classic 💯🔥🔥🔥

  67. whoisDay1

    This shit use to make them Westside house parties slaaaaap

  68. Jimmie Rhodes

    Rep where you from !!

    Jimmie Rhodes

    Push weight but I aint neva did a pushup.

  69. Han Solo

    D🅾ugh🅱🅾ys G🅾t DeⓂ Gℹrls G🅾n Wℹld 🤑👀💵 #RipShawtyLo🙏😇

  70. Too Based


  71. Jibre Gibson

    R I H shawty LO 💪💪💪

  72. Slim Paid

    Rip Lo!

  73. Luffer Booms

    What’s happening!!! Classic. Rip shawty lo

  74. HardparkedTSX

    What’s Hanninin


    Lil Marlo brought me here

  76. James Isom

    Shatevty lo rip 😢

  77. nay nay grier

    R.ip shawty lo

  78. Mario Castaneda

    ayo shaty-lo' mexico still miss you ! we still played your musik down herr bruh....r.i.p....thanks for always keeping it real and y.jeezy are the only ones that really meet real mex cartel nayarit mexico ..not like dis other suckers dey talk about dis and that and dey never been over herr in mexico..

  79. FelineFokus

    Atlanta shit . Seen a peasant say t.i ended his career 😂 nigga he intentionally and happily stayed in the hood #RealNiggaShit if he wanted to kiss ass to be wit fake people in Hollywood he could of 🤞✊ long live da king of da city

  80. Duckman B

    I can truly say the city ain’t been the same without Lo! The vibe is all off! R.I.P Lo. Damn!

  81. Geneo 4real


  82. iamjawone

    This songs gives me chilsl RIP SHAWTY LO

  83. Bigdawg 007

    Y'all Making ☔ BUT da kid got it ☔⚡☔⚡⚡☔⚡

  84. fabian bailey

    Ahey Carlos I Kno u up there with the real kicking it with the most high big shawty. We miss u Lo!! Do the real niggaz in zones 1- 6 a favor and touch the big shawty Ralo with the tip of your angelic wing and help him out his situation!! Atlana stand up!! Yeah nigga!! ATLANA!!

  85. Thomasina Bunch

    Miss you 😍😍😢

  86. Quentin Turner

    Real street. Good guy.r.i.p lo

  87. People’s Champ

    Rest in Power Shawty Lo

  88. Maurice Sanders


  89. Josue Lesperance


  90. ATLien bratt

    I done found my swagg smh He will be miss,one of his classic

  91. Kickz By The Foot

    Still on it in 2018...#LetsGetIt

  92. king w

    Man I miss LO long live the king 👑