Shawty Lo - Feels Good To Be Here Lyrics

(I love you daddy~!)
Awww, I love you too
Hood nigga; yeah, I told you I would
I told you I would - hey!
Hey, ay

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
It feels good to be here [3X]
I musta done somethin right here, the kid right here

[Shawty Lo]
Ninety-three, my granny left me
So confused, my home is the streets
For although I chose to stand
I was like, "Damn what about me, and?"
A young teen forced to be, a grown man
Who idol was Michael Jordan, not a dopeman
"Dopeman, Dopeman" yet it's me
And ever since I heard that, yeah that's me
A 9th grade dropout, got a rock at the park
Me and Kurt ridin dirt, servin slims out the car
Dope boy fresh boy man I swear I was ballin
Fit from Kel, got my kicks from Walter


[Shawty Lo]
They say I lucked up to get where I am
Real talk nigga I'm the man
(?) can't understand
Grindin every nigga if I didn't, did and
Yeahhh, I ran the bitch like Nino
See Lo man but my real name Carlo
Hood rich nigga comin straight from the kennel
(?) Street, Shawty Lo, Jay Leno
Yeah I'm im-proved
I made it do the do
D4L, who would ever knew
I musta dona something right, right? Yeahhhh


[Shawty Lo]
Oh yeah, I got love for you haters
You really motivate a player
Ayy, I couldn'ta did it without ya
On the real, still did it without ya
Grandma, I told ya I got'cha
You told me I could and you told me I can
Never had doubt, in your lil' man
I swear to God you're the reason I stand
All I'm sayin


[telephone skit:] "I'm in the booth right now, I'll call you right back"

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Shawty Lo Feels Good To Be Here Comments
  1. Gizmo 305

    Rest in Paradise

  2. karlos bracamontes

    Shawty lo , your a true legend !!!

  3. Amazing Amy

    Breakfast too.. coffee and muffins

  4. Amazing Amy

    I need to see the pool tennis court and clubhouse from my window lol

  5. chris Highroller

    Dope man dope man yeah it’s me and ever since I heard that yeah that’s me

  6. Dominique Lewis

    Fly high G R.I.P my nigga LO feel good to be here a letter to God tell him hey.missed G.

  7. Michael Lovin

    2020 and this still makes my life feel great.
    RIP L O

  8. Keeping It 100%

    Hearing his little boy say I love you, in the beginning is so sad. I remember buying this cd back in 08 rip shawty lo.

  9. Craig Griffin

    🕊🕊 Fly High LO 2020 still going

  10. Gentry Williams

    Long live The king 🤴 of BankHead 🙏🏿 💯🔥🎵

  11. Ricardo Lopez

    2020 it feels good to be here. RIP to an OG Legend 😔💪💯💯💯

  12. Nate Leonard

    Use to bump this shit senior year of high school 08

  13. Alejandro Mejia

    2020 duneitalll rip lo

  14. Tre4 Bullies

    Still banging this in 2020 RIH LO

  15. chillperry36

    2020 it feels to be here.

  16. Floyd Twyman

    Happy 2020. RIP Shawty Lo

  17. Lemar J

    2020 is here!🎁💥🍭🥂#feelsgoodtobehere#fax

  18. Ironlion Kingbo

    It feels good to be here

  19. Laportia Moon

    Any time i listen to shawty lo i think about me and my sister and as matter of fact we going to listen to all of his music from day one Damn it feels good to be here

  20. Edwin Rodriguez

    Hahahah this is the first time I ever hear this song on this date this year, ummm
    I've herd his name in t.i. music but yeah..

  21. Rhonda Hutchinson

    Still Here‼️‼️ It Feels Good To B Here‼️🥰 RIP Shawty LO 🕊🕊🕊🕊 We Still Missing You

  22. Joe Smiley

    🙏 rip

  23. donald vaughn

    Put one in the air for big time

  24. Curtis 23

    R .i.p this is the shiet

  25. Sammy Honer

    God bless the dead shawty lo RIP

  26. Shay Marable

    2019 anyone ❗ LL shawty lo

  27. Walking Bucket

    2019 still here?!?!?!? Feels good to be here

  28. Nathan Evans

    👌👌👌✌👍 🔥 🔥 🔥

  29. Nicole Goode


  30. Independent Grind

    Yes u did low u did it right rip

  31. gradymorrrowjr37

    October 21 2019 my daughter was born so like Lo said "It feels good to be here it feels good to be here it feels good to be here I must've done sum right" R.I.P Lo from Detroit 💯

  32. Whome Me

    I’m here because Shawty lol still the man Rip

  33. Iceburgslim71 Jones

    Rip shawty lo maine

  34. tka ali

    Rip shawty lo ❤️

  35. Shirley Bell

    I love his voice sound so good

  36. bigrob090909

    R.I.P shawty lo

  37. Jayon Morris

    RIP my nigga lo

  38. Kellie Williams

    OCT 2019 RIP LO

  39. FoRtNiTe GaMer

    Before chris brown we had shawty lo

  40. Rico Montana


  41. Jeff Hen

    Been on this before yatchy

  42. Christopher Mendoza

    R.I.P this used to be my jam!

  43. Steffhcp Steffhcp

    R.i.p shawty lo rs definitely a real one this dat shit 💪💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. Macavelly

    RIP my nigga haven't been forgotten

  45. NoCap 757

    2019 anybody ? ? ? 🔥 RIP LO

  46. C.U.G. SaeMoney

    Play this at my funeral 💯💯🙏🏾

  47. MrGoodyMusic

    Summer 08 this and I'ma dog by Gucci was jumping

  48. J Luve

    Music will always get play in my ride RIP SHAWTY LO 2019 still here i mustve did something right ...🔥

  49. jamel Barnwell

    Feels good to be here 💪🏾

  50. ML MajortodaLeague

    Put this on a mixtape for my lil bro in 08..forgot all about this banger until he played it yesterday...long story short..we killed the block party wit this shit rip Shawty Lo

  51. Erskine Binder

    Rip shawty lo forever

  52. weepy willow

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful 👀

  53. Demetrios Jones

    Lo was the best out of atl it's all about hustling getting money not popping unless you got to real hustler music

  54. Andy lowery

    My unk was murdered and this was his favorite song I’ll go and grab his box of ashes drink his favorite liquor play this song and just talk to him and he always finds a way to talk back to me I miss you junior

  55. Felisha Clark

    Ayyyy feels good to be here shawty lo said that

  56. Emma Powers

    I’m here from listening to this shit as a teen I miss him

  57. Maurice Upkins

    When this album came out I had 4 12's in a 87 Cutlass...bumpin Lo hard...R.I.P. much love and respect.

  58. Jaquana Adams

    Rip Shawty lo 👼

  59. Gucci Blakk


  60. Dc and young jay

    Who still jamming this in 2k19

  61. Christopher jones

    RIP low 2019

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    Ppl slept on Lo be he actually could flow gone too soon

  63. Ashley Whipple

    R.i.p shawty lo best song!❤️🖤

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    Rest easy to my real bro easy Shawty Lo

  65. Wendy Cox

    You could put your hands and face out 🌒 roof rip Wendy

  66. Wendy Cox

    It was good when you were here ✌️😂 💦 d 💙💓🤴 rip Wendy you were my heart and soul girl I will never forget you baby so I'm in BMW wis you were here

  67. yetty zack


  68. Wendy Cox

    Rip Wendy it's don't feel good cause you ain't here ✌️

  69. Kudee Garley

    Rip #ShawtyLo real West Side Bankhead Legend. #RIP........

  70. Albert De Jesus Medina

    Rip bro 😔

  71. king 954

    08 first car bumpin dis shit!! Dam man sip shawty lo

  72. Destructive

    Rip LO man.. made some great music

  73. lilbyron334

    Just here. Randomly thinking about the song reminiscing on my life. RIP SHAWTY LO

  74. Hatian Daniel jr

    It's me Soze the one and only love my ladies to death r.i.p moonk

  75. Beanie Mon

    Good Vibrations🔥✌R.I.P Lo

  76. Kodak Slim

    When this album dropped I kept this whole shit on repeat but this song really got to me and is one of my favorite songs by him 😭Rest in peace Shawty Lo 💙♿️💯

  77. Fly Guy

    Rip brudda sip see u at the gates 🙏🏾💔


    My favorite part "I love you daddy awwwww....I love you too"!!!(MOE1DEEP)

  79. blackpede gurl

    2019 it feels good to here RIP Lo

  80. Tianna Williams

    YouTube gladiator goon

  81. Mark Jones

    It really does feel good to still be here thank you lord RIP Shawty Lo still bumpin in 2019 513 rep

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    Rest Eazy

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    Happy Birthday LO!🍰🎂💪


    Rip to the legend

  85. ovoSlaps -

    DAMM I MISS YOU DAWG 😩😭 why they take you away from us early 💔💔 Ball In Paradise p.s smoke a joint or blunt to this song in your car while listening to this banger and listen to the words and the beat like it’s so calming and makes you think bout life 💔

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    RIP Shawty low...

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    Mood 2019 Rip Shawty Lo 🙏🏿

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