Shawn Hook - Sound Of Your Heart Lyrics

You were my courage, my sword and shield
Grace under pressure, my wall of steel
I was a stone, weighing us down
You were the angel I chained to the ground
I miss the way you undress, I miss your head on my chest
Can't stop this bleeding, can't stop believing

I'm missing the sound of your heart beating
Baby I'm in love with you
I'm missing the sound of your heart beating
Baby you were mine to lose
I'm missing the sound of your heart beating

You showed me heaven, you rang up bells
I played with matches, it hurt like hell
Asleep and wake, you're all I see
I can't escape you, can't set you free
I miss your full moon rising, catching a breath in silence
Can't stop this bleeding, can't stop believing

I'm missing the sound of your heart beating
Baby I'm in love with you
I'm missing the sound of your heart beating
Baby you were mine to lose
I'm missing the sound of your heart beating
Missing you, missing you
I'm missing the sound of your heart beating
Missing you, missing you
I'm missing the sound of your heart beating

Baby I'm coming, baby I'm coming
Tell me now, baby I'll come running
Baby I'm coming, baby I'm coming
Say the words, baby I'll come running

Baby I'm in love with you
I'm missing the sound of your heart beating
Baby you were mine to lose
I'm missing the sound of your heart beating

I'm missing the sound, I'm missing the sound of your heart beating, beating
I'm missing the sound of your heart beating

Missing you missing you
I'm missing the sound of your heart beating
Missing you missing you
I'm missing the sound of your heart beating
Beating, beating, I'm missing the sound of your heart beating

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Shawn Hook Sound Of Your Heart Comments
  1. Robbie Smith

    Orde up one Japanese girl.

  2. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    It’s his whole heart in one song I’ve never seen someone put emotion into a song like that without getting emotional before he’s got talent 🙌👌

  3. GuyParodie

    why was I expecting so much more views

  4. jason v

    This dude was self promoting to me on Twitter 5 years ago wtf😂😂😂 didnt even know it was him

  5. CanYouNot []

    This sounds like Sam Smiths La La La song

  6. Alexa Hesse

    He’s so good!!

  7. Zoomy

    Damn this song brings back memories

  8. Ametaf Johora

    absolute banger

  9. Paul Xavier

    Good video, great song! That drum beat is everything here!

  10. Yung Honey

    May 27 2015

  11. Javier Amoroso

    Listening this on december 2019 to say bye to 2010s and start 2020s

  12. m s

    he is so underrated that it breaks me

  13. Kyria Gharbaran

    Who is else is 🎶🎶🎶🎶 to this song in 2019

  14. Doggybrowniecafe Cafe

    2:34 Me, when teacher says that we have a test tomorrow

  15. Fate Zekrom

    I remember when this had 100k view I was like damn he underrated

  16. Ari Ari

    He deserves so much more recognition. His views & subs should be way more

  17. Beatriz Condori soncko

    Estaba buscando ese tema por una semana ...buenisima

  18. troll

    Chorus is kinda like la la la sam smith and naughty boy

  19. Uker Jar

    at one time I felt like I was listening to La La Latch

  20. Jessica Akemi Uchida Santos

    Besides he being an awesome singer, his acting skills are impressive. I really felt his pain on this video.

  21. Avianna Bishop

    In 5th grade...this song really put me in my emotions.

  22. ken lau

    im still here!!

  23. Kevin Ongaki

    Am missing the sound of your heart beating

  24. no1takethisname

    This is 3 years old?

  25. Sophia Buetto

    So fucking underrated

  26. davian zuniga

    This reminds me of my girl I lost to sum douchebag

  27. Diamond Refined

    Missing you

  28. Jasmin Tarakmi

    Thank you David for bringing me here

  29. Saurav Shrestha

    One of the most under-rated song.
    (and thanks dobrik)

  30. Felicity Champagne

    Does anyone else confused on what this song is supposed to be about? Like did his wife kill her self?????????????


    omg! how underrated this song is, it deserves at least a billion views!

  32. HorsePlay

    I feel like this song should be way bigger. Like it kinda reminds me of attention by Charlie puth.

  33. Kai Geddes

    A voice of a generation.

  34. Access Computer Khanadaha

    First listened in 2019.😍😍😍
    Nice song...

  35. EdwinManalastas

    Bruh I thought:
    Intro: Sugar by Maroon 5
    Chorus: La La La by Naughty Boy🤦🏻‍♂️

  36. Gemima Murat

    I like it.

  37. Evette Beeslaar

    Can't get over this guy and his music tho

  38. Brandon Weaver

    Heard this song just recently on the radio in Canada, Ont. they used to play it a lot.. great track! Would of definitely thought it would have had way more views!! Thought at least 30-50 mil. Maybe they just played it a lot years back only In my city.

  39. Caio Aoki

    beauty music

  40. liveloveandlaughlots

    My favourite part starts at 2:00 😍😍😍

  41. NightMare I سلمان

    David Dobrik ?

  42. Flaky Bee

    Song randomly came in my mind after not listening to it for a couple of years.. ♡

  43. Teressa Harris

    I hear a lot of Shayne Ward here.. one more great talent. I can listen to it over and over. AMAZING!!

  44. Random lee

    Damn. Im moved. These lyrics are some kind of beautiful irony. Hows that. Love 💘 it love it love it.

  45. Mati Antonio

    love u freja

  46. Neko Paws

    I was looking for this song forever, I'm so glad I finally found it! It's a masterpiece.

  47. qtpie h03

    Scientific fact : Guys with the name shawn are handsome

  48. Haha

    There’s a part of the song that sounds like another song but I can’t think of it 😖

    Bianca Vișan

    I think it's sounds like , Naughty Boy- La la la ft. Sam Smith


    omg thank you it is

  49. Alissa Mariah

    Shit I heard the 1st line as “You are my curry..” bc the word “courage” was pulled too soft at the end😅😅😅

  50. Laisha Boss

    guys...the lyrics

  51. Hyun Ae Han

    Bat ngaun ko lang to nakita at bat ngaun lang to nag appear sa feed ko? 🥺
    I love it hahah

    S O F I A · A G U I L A R

    Hyun Ae Han hahah

  52. Jade Wilson

    Why did this is come up on my home page lol

  53. Jacqueline K


  54. Durianimation

    WhÖa! This blew me away, such a gr8 song. I don’t regret clicking @ all!

  55. xotuesday

    #Dicamitutto "Say the words baby I'll come running" --- "I'm missing the sound of your heart beating"

  56. Hannah Waddoups

    To this day obsessed with this song! 😍

  57. Edyta Pawlicki

    Handsome devil😍

  58. Betty Hanane


  59. Serena Montoya

    2019 anyone?

  60. Charlie Micah Aquino

    Sounds like nanana song to me

  61. Katee Michelle

    Fucking love this!

  62. Here is Negan

    This song came out when I was in jail for a month. It was because of my girlfriend at the times father. It was bs. And this was our song. She showed it to me the day I got out. She said it was the first song that came on the radio. She was the one who droped me off to the jail. Neither of us thought they would hold me so she felt really guilty about the whole thing. But she ended up being a hoe. I was surprised and heartbroken. Needless to say fuck this song and fuck that cunt

  63. Savannah k

    When you die in Minecraft and lose all your stuff 2:34

  64. CatApocolipes x

    Who still loves to listen to this in 2019!?

    Ari Ari

    CatApocolipes x me

  65. Natasha Augustin

    The two lovers are holding guns and walk away from each other when she turns around she is not holding a real gun....? Hmmm... was he the one that end the relationship?

  66. Robert Reid

    Hes a magic singer canadian gem..great talent love this guy....

  67. Hekkre

    His cousin or niece or whatever goes to my school and she is kinda creep. She used to bully me along with another girl. But now she’s stopped that, and now she’s started chasing boys into the boys changeroom. She has sneaked in there and has spanked our guy asses.

  68. Kallistõ Śèàvèÿ

    Still can’t believe I met this guy though❤️😍😍 Shawn is so hot in person and such a nice person❤️ he’s so sweet

  69. علي سلام

    كفو من خوالكم

  70. Hot Ice Squad

    2019 anyone ???

  71. BasicTiara

    2:34 when your ice cream falls off the cone

  72. Colgate Kuljit


  73. Haley A

    Truly great song!

  74. spideydasavage

    We Day anyone?

  75. Jon Col

    The "Bodyguard"s son

  76. bee Bee

    This used to be my favorite song, literally right when the song started I instantly knew all the words agin

  77. Mr Wisdom

    Great song ! 👓❤️

  78. VinEgar

    The only reason I’m watching this is because I saw him at we day in Manitoba

  79. CrozoYT

    great song they make babies mid song

  80. Kelly Moulton

    So my 6 year old son is in love with this song. Listening to it for the 10th time tonight! Got to see him perform a few months ago and it was amazing 😍

  81. Sapphirewolf :3

    This makes me think of the one person that made me the happiest and luckiest girl in the school but now I think he's happier with someone else who is more like him than I was but that doesn't change how I feel about him ATM and now I miss him more than anything

  82. DML WORK

    It's beautiful song. I didn't know him.
    Who is listening to this in 2019?


    DML WORK i am

    Shahkirin rocksz

    Me lol,a song my best friend recommended to me a long time ago

    Lecezl Rubia


    Oliviana Ann

    This is my all time favourite song tbh

  83. leahlopezx34

    I used to listen/sing this song all the time then I forgot all about it and then I heard it in a David dobrik vlog and so I searched the lyrics here on YouTube and I was like OMG I LOVE THIS SONG

  84. kay ‘,:-

    This song gives me chills

  85. Lucas

    His music and appearance reminds me of John Newman

  86. Karen Francis-Haye

    That is disguise

  87. Mr. Banana

    My uncle is best friends with him :)

  88. Nos Click

    I guess i'm only one in 2019

  89. navahna plays fortnite fortnite is awesome

    Lol my brother said it was nasty 😆😂 🤤😑🤢😨 it was!..

  90. June Madula

    Is it just me or does the thumbnail look like him being the male version of Chloë Moretz? 🤔🤔🤔

    Just me? Oh, ok then. 😅

  91. kirabo hawa


  92. Shannon Sexton

    "the words".....