Shawn Hook - Every Red Light Lyrics

I’m driving
It’s raining
I’m waiting
The stop light is shinning on the water
In the gutter on the street
And the traffic is so thick
I’m so sick
Of driving for a second then stopping
I could be walking faster than this
The signs say I’m not too far
From the place where it all fell apart

I hit every red light
On my way to your place tonight
I was stuck behind the slowest car
All I want to be is where you are
I hit every red light

I can taste you
As I race to you
To kiss you
I hate how it ended before I left
There was something I wanted to say
But I’m afraid
I’ll be too late
I should have stayed
Chances are you’ve already locked the door
Turned in your keys
Well this is not the way that I wanted to leave it
Only this would happen to me now
Why now?

I hit every red light
On my way to your place tonight
I was stuck behind the slowest car
All I want to be is where you are
I hit every red light

Caught up in the stop and go
There’s only one thing I know
While I’m stranded here inside my car
All I want to be is where you are

Well you’re not answering my phone
I guess I should have known you’d be long gone my now
I was half way out of town when I realized
I can’t leave without putting up a fight

I’m driving
It’s raining
I’m waiting
I hit every red light
On my way to your place tonight
I was stuck behind the slowest car
All I want to be is where you are
Caught up in the stop and go
There’s only one thing I know
While I’m stranded here inside my car
All I want to be is where you are
It’s where I want to be
It’s where I want to be
I hit every red light
I hit every red light
I hit every red light
I hit every red light

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Shawn Hook Every Red Light Comments
  1. Beverly Corrigan

    That's the ticket

  2. Melancholy Girl

    Love love love..passionate song. Proud as a Canadian too :)

  3. Sp0tC0m

    Great song..... but I always heard the lyrics as: "I hate every red light...." which would also work, I guess..... :)

  4. Korrina Crystal Murray

    Canadian And Proud. :)

  5. Noah Carter

    Reminds me of my old girlfriend, she absolutely loved this song! :(

  6. dragonloveof1

    Thanks for the lyrics.☺

  7. hanna abbista

    This song is really good !

  8. RISHI 09

    Good song

  9. Logan Hewlett

    Love this song story of my life

  10. CrayCrayForCrayons

    Canada's music is so much better compared to what we have here in america!

    Madpainter Ken

    Try some European music

  11. Vicki Bitis

    Tumbs up for the Canadian! A true reason for his "sexiness."

  12. Cr4zy H0rs3

    Just leave, go do your homework.

  13. Traci Fly Luzon

    sometimes the tune of the song doesn't matter, instead its the lyrics

    but none of that matters for this song =D

  14. Moog226

    That is not awkward.

  15. Kiki Roy

    that awkward moment when the top comments have been the same for over a month....

  16. inuyasha07fan

    This song makes me feel kinda, idk y makes me think of him.... :( *sigh* who cares good song tho :)

  17. GraysonStone

    i feel like this evrey time im laght for school XD

  18. romaine012

    anyone has a download link? I miss hearing this song on Virgin 95.6 :(

  19. MsBarbieforPresident

    Eclare brought me here.

  20. TJAC07

    his car must be totalled if he hit EVERY red

  21. The Rebel And The Girl

    i thought this was brandon flowers

  22. rockybeagleful

    lol i thought this was by enrique iglesias xD

  23. theoriginalshakiisue

    I love the song, hate the actual video. = - = Its too layered up and confused. They would have been better off filming him in a trafic jam......

  24. MsKammy22

    I love the song I don't even know what he looks like...

  25. theskiesarehazey


  26. Jenna Lavigne

    SAME!!!!! <3

  27. theskiesarehazey


  28. sweetnspicyayisha

    Haha, oh yeah. Je suis désolé :)

  29. Emily Barrow-Gutherie

    Canadien is also right only if your French though c:

  30. Katrine Fortin

    If a guy could actually sing this to you <33

  31. tiaphobic_

    "All I wanna be is where you are!"

  32. sweetnspicyayisha


    And yes :)

  33. darek214

    Agreed. The top 20 from all these radio stations is just a fabricated number by the record companies to make money. It kills me when people say a song is good when the lyrics are bi*** every few words.

  34. jigskop

    look at the other songs on any top twenty on any radio station, is it any better? seriously!

  35. darek214

    Ok, this song has a good beat and all but have you actually read the lyrics? Its basically about a guy driving in a car, stuck in traffic. How inspirational /s

  36. katherine close

    people say that its a text message way to say you

  37. Donna-Ray Furlong

    You don't know how to spell "you"!

  38. AjN

    This guy is canadien?

  39. Momentimum

    Need a dubtep version.

  40. Momentimum

    Why you care what people wanna be like?

  41. Jessica Smith

    people have the right to express themselves. Its not being obsessive. Its a great song, and I personally think it has a great beat to it. If people want to say its the best song ever, let it be. I find there to be a few songs I find to be the best, and Id be more than happy to throw that out there! This is youtube, a place where people can listen to music AND espress how they feel about it. Why must everyone get so judgemental and nasty. So it's really not a case of obsessiveness,justloveofmusic

  42. Calo Sanza

    And you don't know how to spell 'you'!

  43. Katrina Aitken

    Amazing Shawn..... Proud to be Kootenay Born!!!

  44. Tyson Moyes

    God, the way he says "know" in the chorus makes tone-deaf orphans sound good.

  45. Kaïnaru Haoni

    @starabby222 haha ! same for me !

  46. ihque

    Canada has some of the best pop artists.

  47. Sarah Morris

    i will never never never never never never never never never never never never atop loving this song! Its so amazing!

  48. Abby Wall

    oh shoot. I always thought it was "I HATED every red light on my way to your place tonight." oops! =)

  49. aeropostalelovergirl

    @DarkSilverMusic1397 well,I 4 one dont kno wat he even looks like,so count me out oh and LUV AND PEACE!

  50. circababe23

    @brownsugarbabi3 l9l i thought the same when i first heard it.

  51. Wolfer

    well...just discovered my new favorite song <3

  52. Taylor Fenerty

    yesterday i was stuck on the bus and i was thinking of this song and my boyfriend

  53. NavNav

    Why this song dont have 7 million views? This song rocks

  54. Tae

    @PopRockDance You don't*

  55. Jocelyn MacDonald

    OMG!I was saying the same thing to my self"this is my song!"

  56. Jocelyn MacDonald

    best song i the world!CANT STOP PLAYING IT OVER AND OVER!LOVE IT

  57. NunyMamita99

    Sorry my bad ^sum1 were here*^

  58. NunyMamita99

    O this is my SONGG 💘
    ..•*If only sum1 were he with me so i can sing to him :(

  59. Buddy Morris

    @cjroon Feel free to go check out the videos listed as Likes and Favorites. You won't find any Bieber in there. I don't know why you would call me a loser for assuming that I listen to Beiber, you don't have any grounds to assume that I would, nor have you bothered to check if your assumption is true. And it may not be English class, but at least speak/type properly, it's a good habit to get into. For making incorrect accusations I would say that you are the loser here.

  60. Buddy Morris

    @cjroon You're terrible at grammar dude. Keep on rocking this lousy music, and keep your poor grammar to yourself.

  61. CaMi HiLl

    The lyrics are hot??????

    The only thing in this song is the lyrics!!!!

  62. N7B

    Dear lord, am I the only person who isn't all
    Seriously, this is how you people sound.
    While yes, it is a good song, WHY U SO OBSESSIVE???

  63. Alex Sixx

    @PopRockDance omg he is like <3

  64. Supriya Agarwal

    @hollywoodundeadalex hes not that hot
    is ur looking for hot look up enrique iglesias! <3 <3 <3

  65. Supriya Agarwal

    u dont know how to spell shining!

  66. Alex Sixx

    omg this is a really good song
    and hes hot

  67. Buddy Morris

    @cjroon you mean, "you're an idiot"?

  68. Holly M

    If your talking about his voice, I saw him live last week and he sounds the exact same live to this. He's not auto-tuned, he's got true talent :)

  69. Rohan Fernando can I download

  70. TheSuperCaprisun

    Why did he change like that? Of course I like this new stuff, But what he did before was FAR better.

  71. Julie Delahooke

    @masteruser123 he's amazing.

  72. Julie Delahooke

    @thesameandnotthesame have you heard is original stuff? dude, shawn hook - or originally, shawn hlookoff - is no piece of auto-tuned garbage. and i'm gonna defend the hell out of this coz this guy's music has gotten me through some pretty rough times and i owe him a lot. so listen to his original stuff, i tell yah, it's worth listening to.

  73. Buddy Morris

    bunch of auto-tuned garbage.

  74. Marie Josef

    I just LOOOOOOOVE IT <3