Shanice - Yesterday Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I know, I shouldn't walk out this way
Sorry, but my feelings have changed
I would only hurt you more if I stayed
So I can't go on pretending that I
Feel like I did yesterday...So

I can't stay
And keep living this lie
I finally found the strength to say goodbye
I'm on my way
Nothing can change my mind
I'm leaving behind what we had...Yesterday

[Verse 2:]
Know this
It's not about somebody else
It's not you
I just need some time by myself
Though it hurts me to see you go through this pain
Still I can't go on believing that I
Feel like I did yesterday...So

[Hook - repeat:]

Throughout this time
I've realized
Been holding this in far too long
Now I have to be strong...Can't turn back
I've been there for you and now I must do
What I should have... Yesterday

[Hook - repeat:]

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