Shanice - When I Close My Eyes Lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah...

[Verse 1:]
Darlin, here we are again,
Right about now,
There is no need too tell you what I'm feelin'.
I'm so grateful,
To have a man like you,
Who knows what to do,
Makes me feel like a woman should...
Ooohh yeah...

When I close my eyes,
I break down and cry,
It's somethin 'bout the way you love me...
The thought of your kiss,
My heart can't resist,
It's all about the way you love me...

[Verse 2:]
Never thought that I would find...
So much peace of mind,
And every moment that I share with you...
Sometimes I don't know why...
We fell so deep in love...
But then it all comes back to me because...


When I'm with you,
I feel so good
No one loves me like you...

When I close my eyes

[Chorus x3]

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Shanice When I Close My Eyes Comments
  1. manny gecko

    All I know is that the guy in this video is fine!

  2. Tierra Estrada

    “It’s something about the way you lovee me “🥰.. 🎵..2019

  3. Elizabeth Fadairo

    Watching this 2019

  4. Sunny Sunshine

    anyone 2o19❓
    I Love this song ❤️🙌🏽

  5. Scarlett Bazile

    I was 14 when this came out I'm 31 now. Time flies and good memories.

  6. Ntando Dube

    I remember my favourite radio station used to bump dis jam every weekday after 3pm

  7. theresa webb

    Kids don-t know about this woman from the .90's. It
    ' a cool song truly.

  8. John Tsauseb

    Who's here to close their eyes in November 2019?

  9. Lyndal Anthony

    Melanin. Vocals. Moves. And more Vocals. We love to see it

  10. ToshiMinaj3011

    Wait a min was they dancing in sign language? 👀

  11. Samuel Siu


  12. Mrs Lady Seay

    Still bumping this 2019 ❤️

  13. happy me


  14. Shannen Canzanella

    3 things... 1. I still can't get over how much I love this song. 2. How fine that guy is. 3. How She walked off and threw her hand up to the beat, LMBO! LuvUShan 😘

  15. J J

    her harmonies 1:51 my God her voice is perfection!

  16. Kieran Smith

    Been jamming to this jem all week

  17. Simona Felice

    I love this song. Shanice is such a sweet person, too. Is she still with Flex? I thought he was so cute. But, I wasn't sure if he was good enough for her. 💚

    Mary Hodges

    yes there still together....

  18. yellooh


  19. theresa webb

    ow when was a cool song than shinice her besy
    t in this.

  20. Will Cummings

    The Choreography is the song in sign language!!

  21. Oliver Green

    Classy gorgeous lady.

  22. Martin Budesheim

    Shanice ich liebe dich , düberzeugst mich von dir . ampiremusic der Music martin

  23. Eboni Bynum

    1998-1999 had the best [email protected] songs, I was 16 when this song came out

  24. LaQuinda27

    I still love this song!

  25. theresa webb

    I wish shanice had more hits like babyface & the rest of the industryblove skin.

  26. Comora Buchanan

    Shanice mother was one of Luther Vandross back up singers

  27. Akeybra Sevier

    I love this song when I was a kid god blessed her

  28. Miss Mani

    Hello 2019

  29. Dee Brooks

    Love dis song ❤️❣️❤️❣️😍

  30. theresa webb

    when I close my eyes is a great song a classic forever.

  31. islandbee

    For the longest time, I thought this was Deborah Cox. The song kind of sounds like Same Script Different Cast.

  32. theresa webb

    Sganice is a grwat musiciab like this nice so g she had alot talent too.

  33. Avaline Mo

    Another hit single I had on repeat when I was a teen! 💗💗💗💗 Bring this kinda music back!

  34. Michael Edmond

    Big weight

  35. Andy Williams

    I so love this girl. I am rediscovering her in 2019. Real music

  36. Clementine 321

    They incorporated sign language into the choreography which is the coolest thing ever.


    “ When I nut in you “ , I lay down and Nut “.

  38. theresa webb

    She should be proud of this song because she worked hard with this song.

  39. theresa webb

    Shocked her husband wasnt in this video. Think she's talking him.

  40. theresa webb

    Hate she didnt go far in her music industry babyfaxe is to nlame gio.

  41. theresa webb

    Like this song alot.

  42. theresa webb

    This is a r & b classic by shanice it's nice she showed she can dance.

  43. theresa webb

    She should do more music she showed she a great voice those in the 90's know about this woman.

  44. theresa webb

    I like this song it's a great song like the sound alot.

  45. theresa webb

    It is underred agree she is just that.

  46. theresa webb

    Believe shanice was mistreated in the music industry.

  47. Delayedbutnotdenied2020

    So many memories flood my mind from the year of 1999!!!

  48. ÉL

    Sending some “Shanice love 💓 “ from South Africa 🇿🇦

  49. WaseemoGP

    CLASSIC 4 show

  50. SunShine Lyons

    Still listening 7/ it!

  51. Malik Hall

    mariah caery


    Going thru the comments and see this your second reference to MC. Why? This is The Shanice Wilson

    April Rains

    Before Mariah

  52. just bie 30

    M jam👌👌❤❤❤

  53. Priya Rai

    Yo i just realized after all years she was fucking signing yooooooo👀👀👀🚫

  54. Ernest Mines

    I always thought she looked like an older sister or cousin to LATAVIA ROBERSON of Destiny's child.

  55. gillypeebee

    Wow. A forgotten gem.

  56. Number 1

    Any body else here from unsung ?

  57. Sasha Akolahh

    Look similar 702 video np

  58. Eboni Bynum

    1999 memories

  59. Eric Hambrick

    Lol the new generation probably thinking "Damn Rudy Huxtable is multitalented." Haha

  60. Le Ah

    One of my favorite song!

  61. Jaelyn Johnson

    Beautiful and talented I'm watching your unsung your songs bring back so many memories I was a teenager listening to your music. Brings tears to my eyes. You are very talented regardless of how things turned out.

  62. Malik Hall


  63. Findingyourtruth85

    My song love love love it

  64. Jenny msmiranda

    Thanks shanice much love

  65. Chris Creekmore

    Shanice blows most female vocalist out of the water!

  66. Richard Taylor

    This song makes me feel good and smile. Music doesn’t have this as much anymore. A few make feel good music but not as many. This song reminded me of when my ex wife and I use to sing it together in my car. We both loved it. That was years ago now no longer together it’s still a great song. Love the Bridge!

  67. Latasha Carter

    If only he could understand this..... story of my life with him right now!!!!! 😘😘🥰🥰

  68. kiarah No Name

    What no auto tune???The nerve of her to have real vocals and melanin in her skin!! Unheard of!!!!;) Excellent role model!!

  69. Lua

    💙😭💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ love sons

  70. Troy Gartney

    This still my jam 2019!

  71. Peter Marron

    It's all right see how I feel about Jahova God my mom my sister's sounds to the girlfriend or friends compassion joy peace Mercy, humility forbearance too. The perfect the Shakopee from now and God is always going to be a true SAVIOR Jesus Christ is there.

  72. T-CATT

    That water scene thought, ohhhhhh!

  73. Lori Quin

    Shanice you need to get out there again and do soft classical. A voice like this is AMAZING. Please just go in to another type of music. Please get out there. I never even heard of you. I should have heard about you. I'm 55 I should have heard of you. This voice needs to go into another type of music, a more mature music for your age now, and you will TAKE right off. WOW. I found your music in a record from an auction.

  74. Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves

    Ooooohhh snapppp! The beat is poppin' love it! And I love how Shanice was still hangin' around in the R&B world 12 years strong during this point in her career. See this is why I miss the late 90s/early 2000s so damn much, you never had to worry about people calling you "old", "irrelevant", "played out", etc. Long as you had a strong voice & a hot ass beat to go along with it, you know you were gonna be a hit. I loved the choreo to this too. Man, is this woman so underrated!

  75. Joseph Clegg

    Shanice is so beautiful. I love me some Shanice.

  76. Nalita Tooleni

    I use to sing this to my daddy before he left us...So many memories watching this

  77. Lady Ann

    Something bout the way you love me babe 💛

  78. Mz Dimplez

    My jam!

  79. darabanks2000


  80. Michael Bryant

    Still watching in 2019? Revolutionary choreography

  81. Kim Bailey

    Yep Im still listening to her❤

  82. Ceceb24 C

    The 90s was awesome...

  83. shesallaboutthebusiness

    The male lead in the video is very very handsome

  84. Romaine Smoots

    Always loved Shanice. So gifted and Classy! Such an underrated artist. Her Tamia, Chante and Faith are under appreciated.

  85. Jermaine Colon

    I always thought the guy in the video looked like a zombie. He always had this weird color like he was dead. Used to freak me out in every video he was in

  86. Wakeysha Butler

    I just been played for a long time I break down n 😢 god please help to understand 🙏

  87. Nette Worth


  88. Daren Gilliam

    After she went from Disneyland to real life on this one had to step the game up

  89. Courtney Wynter

    2019 in the cut!

  90. christy capers

    So 90s, I can’t...

  91. Brian King

    4ever 1 Of My Top 10 Female Vocalist Of "All Time!"

  92. Amunique2u

    2019 still the itsh

  93. Dwayne Martinez

    Vocallllssssss when tell yoooou this women is Amazing!! Sorry these Beyoncé kids