Shanice - It's For You Lyrics

(This love's for real)

Can't you see how I feel baby?
I never felt this way before
You know what you did to me
(This love's for real)
Can't you see how I feel?
(This love's for real)

I can't ignore the way I feel about you
Baby, I just want you to be mine
And all along waiting for your tender touch
So I hope you give this love a try

Can't you see just how I feel?
It's for you
Don't you know this love is real?
It's for you

Can't you see?

I can't deny the way I feel inside
I've been wondering if you're for real
And I like your style, your eyes and smile
Boy, you turn me on
I just wish that you were in my life

Can't you see just how I feel?
It's for you (It's for you)
Don't you know this love is real?
It's for you (It's for you)

Can't you see?

Baby, maybe you'll be my lady
Dream of us together but my vision's hazy
Whenever you're in need, it's myself I offer
Soft spot in my heart and it's getting softer
Weather the storm, hon, and nothing will harm ya
My ebony queen, well, I'm your knight in armor
I wish I could tell you how I feel
Here's a kiss [*smooch*] this love's for real

Can't you see just how I feel?
It's for you (It's for you)
Don't you know this love is real?
It's for you (It's for you)

Can't you see how I feel?
Don't you know this love is real?
It's for you (It's for you)

Can't you see just how I feel?
(I love you, baby. I want you, baby)
It's for you
Don't you know this love is real?
It's for you (It's for you) It's for you

Can't you see how I feel?
Don't you know this love is real?
It's for you

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Shanice It's For You Comments
  1. Dee Jorney

    Shes so cute

  2. James Taylor

    Why know rapper sampled this yet this beat go hard

  3. thomas magnum

    Me (white chocolate) + Shanice (milk chocolate) = 🔥💥☄️ Love this brown skinned beauty & miss the 90's and New Jack Swing!!!

  4. Marcus Ward

    The "Oh Yeah" in the background is a sample from "Back to Life" Accapella! Anybody else notice that?

  5. Hiphophead1

    Great song

  6. John Cania

    The day when artists had back up dancers and people having fun in the back ground.

  7. John Cania

    I wish there was a way to check the i.d of the people voting thumbs down 😂😂

  8. John Cania

    People that don’t have good taste in music shouldn’t qualify to vote

  9. zenobia328

    This is still fire. Shanice was the shit!

  10. Mike Tank Brown ll

    I remember when she was on a episode of family matters, and she dated Eddie. She did a snippet of this song. I miss the early 90s.😭

  11. thepeacekeeperofchi

    Shanice is one of those women that just makes you smile every time you see her. you can tell that she's a very happy person internally. so much so overflows and comes to the surface. and you see it all over her it just radiates. that type of vibe attracts never repels. she's a beautiful person inside and out. I've been in love with her for years Flex Alexander is a very lucky man. she is literally one of the most beautiful women in the world. I daresay even more beautiful than Beyonce and she's one of the most underrated singers in the world I can listen to her music for hours on repeat

  12. pluto bills

    Making me think about memory lane

  13. Christopher Murphy

    2020 and this is still jamming on the one ☝️

  14. Myz Onyx

    How wonderful love feels to be enveloped in it. This is how it gets us and then it’s gone one way or another.

  15. Dexter J Weaver

    Forever a classic! Memories of my undergrad college years! She was & is a cutie pie fo' sho!

  16. jaybee2714

    Man that bass line!

  17. Dinin’ Like Tony

    This was real music. Unlike the corny annoying songs I hear at work.

  18. Condoleezza Perry

    Shanice, Traci Spencer, The Boys my childhood/teen years.

  19. Annie Gimin

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Still listening

  20. samuel gardner

    My favorite Shanice song. This song instantly makes me feel good!!

  21. SydneyPhotography2019

    Omg does this sample Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It”

    Also damn can’t believe it’s 2020 and 1990 was 30 years ago! 😭😭😢😢😢

  22. C Dub

    Nothing beats 90s rnb 🙌🏾

  23. Karlos Andrews


  24. coltergful

    Man I forgot about this song...and how beautiful Shanice is with that smile!

  25. Megan Thrasher

    I was just watching Shaniece perform this song on Family Matters! My jam! Another underrated artist who can sing!

  26. Chenoa Watts

    The best Shanice song besides I love your smile!

  27. A Man Name Solo

    I remember seeing this on bet video soul in summer of 93 when I was 8. When the rapper dude came on, I didn’t think about it much then, but now, you can tell someone ghost wrote for
    Him. What rapper was doing spins in 93? None.

  28. Mariah Smith


  29. Fonzetty

    Where can i get this song? I couldnt find it on spotify or apple music

  30. Sam Fisher

    This song. One of my favs. I had a huge crush on shanice. Also made me love meteor man. That movie is nowhere. I can’t find it anywhere. It’s lost.

  31. A Man Name Solo

    Does this song has the same sample as Domino’s Sweet potatoes pie ? Also, has any 1 seen this movie that this song is sound tracked too? 93 VIBES

  32. nahshon smart

    I was a kid this video was my first time seeing a black super hero. A back man flying in the sky! Bring back memories

  33. Allan Skinner

    20 dollars sent to ya cashapp if ANYONE can say the name of the rapper in this song.......

    TH. Aries

    Allan Skinner Brett Bouldin! 20$?

    Allan Skinner

    @TH. Aries oh ok...see u got some knowledge...or a very good google searcher lol

    TH. Aries

    Allan Skinner No, I just love Shanice! And know almost everything about her. How can you give me the 20dollars? 😉

  34. Obkool27

    Luther vandross as the bad guy

    JK number5

    Obkool27 That was skinny Luther (RIP)

  35. Bill Heckle

    This is just genius to me. Popped up on a YouTube suggestion- never heard it before. Cannot stop listening and bought it on vinyl. Production masterclass

    JK number5

    Bill Heckle I have that movie on VHS. I have this song on cassette tape

  36. James Jackson

    Blue thumbs if you remember this song from the Family Matters episode.

  37. Jushin thunder Liger

    The bass line is awesome

  38. jmezi404

    2:47 "Meteor Maaaaannnnnnnn"

  39. Shawn Steed

    Come on y'all, this video should have over a million views by now, song hot🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. Anthony Wade

    One of my favorite music it got me so high i missed the 90s.

    Mommy D

    Hi Anthony

  41. Calvin Woolfolk

    I always like this song and video n movie too ever tho it wasn't too popular to some people but it have alot famous celebrities in it like bill cosby Luther vandross n the black guy from iron man that played war machine I forget his name o yeah don creadle n abc the children rap group idk if anyone remembers or Kno them but anyway lol 😂😎♥️♥️♥️♥️ n other superstar Robert Townsend sho put that movie together he must Kno anybody by then almost like Michael Jackson or Snoop Dogg it was a like a we are the world type movie lol 😂😎♥️♥️♥️♥️

  42. april rogers

    Love this!

  43. MarieBea Kelley

    Shit!!!!! This song takes me back to the Best times

  44. Sean ramsey

    We will never get this back. Glad I was around to really enjoy it.

  45. Andres Vidal Jr.

    Shanice could go against anyone of these so called singers now, matter fact? Anyone from then & now and blow past them!! I love her Voice. True Queen! Shouting out Flex too! Black Love Last!!! Peace& Love....

  46. Meechie Barrentine

    Every time I hear that OH Yeah add lib it does something to me

  47. Brandon Bryant

    God I miss the 90's Music that had love and soul!

  48. Loso Dinero

    Still listening in 2019. I thank God I got to experience the 90’s.

  49. Libby Jay

    One of my all time faves by her.a very underrated song 🥰

  50. A.C. the Panther No. 1

    I've never seen this music video before in my life. But I heard the song before.

  51. dasteelers75

    Shanice blows away these ugly broads of today! Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, fucken ugly! Shanice is Gorgeous and can actually sing!

  52. Mitch Salawine

    Not that I'm complaining...but this video isn't even monetized with a commercial. Shanice needs to be paid for what she accomplished in her youth. And I mean ACCOMPlSHED !!!Back in the day of bling and shopping malls!

  53. James Hutchins

    This was when life was fun. No cell phones. No social media. No Kardashians. Ppl talked to each other with their voices not tgeir thumbs. Not everything was damn political. Someone build a time machine plz

    TH. Aries

    You take the words outta my mouth. You're so damn right.

  54. sixpaw

    Great voice and greater tune. Timeless

  55. Anthony Martinez

    Great music 👌👍 😊. Awesome beat 💪👌.

  56. Tharan Manning

    Just awesome and fun and beauty to go with it. She is just showing true beauty. No plastic surgery or fake makeup.

  57. thefunkyone247

    Now this is how you tell someone “ITS FOR YOU” 😘😘🥰🥰😍😍😍 wow shanice, what a voice 👍👍👍👌👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏

  58. thefunkyone247

    Wow what an underrated singer Shanice is 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  59. thefunkyone247

    Who’s come here after seeing shanice on the program “UNSUNG” 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    jay dee

    I just watched it lol

    Kimberly Brown

    Guilty. They played the song and I immediately went to Spotify only to find out they don't have it. But damn, this brought me back my teens with the Doc Maarten boots, buns, gold earrings, baggy clothes, Jam hair gel!

  60. Terry Jones

    That time that she was on Family Matters and had Carl Winslow grooving to this song! My god, my god I wish I could go back to 1993 !

  61. Latrice Steward

    omg this song had popped up on my homepage

  62. Tye K.

    1993 junior year college. This is a time when bruthas actually danced instead of just grind on some booty. A time when bruthas had several styles of dress. You had your thug dress with the baseball Jersey and cap, your bruthas who stayed with the silk shirts or the vest with no shirt, or your bruthas with the sports wear sweatsuits. Music was club bangers, sistas had weaves and dookie braids, but everything else was real and didn't cake on makeup and stuff.

    My oh my, how times have changed for my daughter and son. They laugh at my wife and I when songs like this come on and we hit the dances. Although, my son thinks its fly because I brought out my old Phillies baseballJersey, bought him a cap and he rocks that wear. He likes the old style. My daughter, not so much. ,

  63. FaytLinegod

    What a woman. :D

  64. Miss sparkles

    I loved this song and I wanted to be Shanice sooooo bad. I miss the nineties music so much.

  65. Tharan Manning

    I think that shes underrated as an artist. The song is cool.

  66. MR PURPLE RAIN 747

    She so Beautiful

  67. M-Squared

    This was the joint! 🔥

  68. Leshay5

    Back when we cared about songs on the soundtrack.

  69. Chocolate B

    I swear no matter what time of day , this song always makes me feel good. Music isn't made like this anymore.

  70. vegas mestre

    Brings a tear. To be a kid again.

  71. mrdemare777

    I'm here because of family matters!!!!


    I'm building a 90's time machine. Get on board before it leaves!

  73. Michael White

    Back when a song made you hype for a movie. This song was a banger for Summer 93. Shanice killed this

  74. Nisha W

    It's 2019 and this song still sounds great!

  75. 1997 days

    Shanice is brown skinned cutie!

  76. autora ambrister

    I listen to this song every week ! I love it so much !

  77. Alan M

    Classic 90s song , my high school years, great times,😎👍

  78. Jerome Sears

    What the hell happened to the music we have now!? Radio stations are playing nothing but garbage!

    Marcus Ward

    Jerome Sears Satan is manifesting his influence more and more so the loving things are dimming out. Things like good and loving music. Jehovah God the Almighty will put a stop to it soon enough.

  79. Cocoa west

    Her hair was bomb in this video

  80. Cocoa west

    I have a lot of favorite songs but it's something about this song that makes me want to go back to the 90s

  81. Stuart Baye

    I miss the 90s and shanice

  82. Ernest Fox

    Thank You so much for posting this video. I know its been some years, but songs like these were my teen years.

  83. Rae Love


  84. Kevin Langston

    Mad this ain’t on Apple Music

  85. moor papi

    2019? Anyone?😁

  86. Mr. Olan

    I forgot a) how good this song was and b) what a cutie Shanice was. Still sounds good 25+ years later, brings back great memories.

  87. Michael Williams

    Oh my god havent seen this since I was a kid, sometime in the 90s..

  88. Curtis Whitehead Jr

    Word! Flex pulled a Queen, fa real! 💯

  89. View From The Man Cave

    One of my favorite songs. Classic

  90. jose morales

    2:38 cypress hilll

  91. MsEvie83

    Shanice swagg is sooooo memorizing!!!😍😍😍 the industry dropped the damn ball on this artist😤😤😤Her smile & demeanor is infectious & inviting. Love the 90’s😍😍😍

  92. A. Playa

    Great song! Way better than I Love Your Smile in my opinion

  93. 1974cfjl

    My Favorite Shanice song of all time Portrtait on production.

  94. nycbloodymoney23

    May 2019 still banging this. such awesome memories this brings. enjoy your youth it goes by so fast!

  95. Tiffany Wilson

    Never knew this song was on the Meteor Man soundtrack. I get chills every time I hear this time...just remembering life as a kid on the east coast traveling to Philly every couple of weekends.


    Literally woke up.with this song on my mind. A childhood favorite

  97. Lashawn Barber Barber

    Can we please bring this type of music back

  98. King Murphy

    Makes me cry because I missed so much as a child I love this song and I remade it with gospel rap.

  99. troymcdowell mcdowell

    Why can’t find this song on iTunes