Shanice - A Reason Lyrics

I gave my all to you
And you made it easy to fall in love
I fell in love with someone
You pretended to be
Was too blind when I was with him
Now I see, so

Don't you come back running?
Now my heart is aching
I can not find a reason
To love you now
And don't you come back crying
Now that love is dying
I can not find a reason
To love you now, how can I love you now?

I thought my life was over
And I thought I'd never get over it
All the tears I cried
Were filled with so much pain
Tomorrow promises the pain
Will fade away, so


Now it was just a game to you
What you put me through
Will come right back to you someday
Don't think I'm wishing bad on you
Now that I know
You were only here to play
Don't you ever think you have a chance again?
Cause I deserve so much more, so don't


Don't you come
Back running
My heart is aching

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