Shane & Shane - We Love You Jesus Lyrics

Opening the door to dine with Him
Traveling to earth to let us in
Laying down His glory crown of old
Setting up the wedding feast foretold

We can't contain our love
We turn it up loud

We love you, Jesus
For so many reasons
For death and life and freedom
Even now we love You

We love you Jesus
In and out of seasons
In valleys and on top of mountains
Even now can we sing

What manner of love is this that you would say
Your sin is mine - I'll take it to the grave (then rising)
Death oh death, where is your sting today?
Death is swallowed up in victory

We love You, Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
We love You, Jesus!
We love you

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Shane & Shane We Love You Jesus Comments
  1. Faustino Jhorgen Arteaga Mejia

    podrían pasarnos los acordes por favor. Gracias, Dios los bendiga ;)

  2. Abigail Johnson

    Do not use the name of the lord in vain!

    Michael Jay Bongalos

    How is that so?

  3. Lance W Toohey


  4. lovetoworshiphim1

    For me the background only added to the experience. The words he spoke reveals his heart that you can but not always get in the songs. The songs are intentionally focussed on Christ so you'd expect them to be..but conversation isn't always. What he said..& didn' he said it..body's all there for the "reading" of the heart...and with the song on top of that..gorgeous..I love these guys..their love for Christ. They're a favourite for me. Plus a little patience brings rewards :-)

  5. ashwin nox

    we love u Jesus...

  6. sillietillie

    Heard them live for the first time in Morgan City. Still amazed at it, such an open concert in the atmosphere was so open and loving

  7. kringlyd

    Song starts around 3:43

  8. fightfortheone2

    @emarwood I was thinking the same!!!!!

  9. gdhall

    I love Shane and Shane. The way they are so honest in their "An Evening with Shane and Shane DVD is so awesome"

  10. Chris Smith

    This song is so Great! How can anyone NOT comment on it!?