Shane & Shane - Though You Slay Me Lyrics

I come, God, I come
Return to the Lord
The one who's broken
The one who's torn me apart
You struck down to bind me up
You say You do it all in love
That I might know You in Your suffering

Though You slay me
Yet I will praise You
Though You take from me
I will bless Your name
Though You ruin me
Still I will worship
Sing a song to the one who's all I need

My heart and flesh may fail
The earth below give way
But with my eyes, with my eyes I'll see the Lord
Lifted high on that day
Behold, the Lamb that was slain
And I'll know every tear was worth it all

Though You slay me
Yet I will praise You
Though You take from me
I will bless Your name
Though You ruin me
Still I will worship
Sing a song to the one who's all I need

Though tonight I'm crying out
Let this cup pass from me now
You're still all that I need
You're enough for me
You're enough for me

Though You slay me
Yet I will praise You
Though You take from me
I will bless Your name
Though You ruin me
Still I will worship
Sing a song to the one who's all I need
Sing a song to the one who's all I need

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Shane & Shane Though You Slay Me Comments
  1. thena marie


  2. Vanessa Green

    I thought I was going to hear John Piper sing. But I love to hear Piper preach so yes I like this

  3. jonny

    I miss my wife and daughter. we've been apart for 5years now and I still long to be with them every day. I've been struggling with depression and addiction and I pray he restores my heart.

  4. JayAlejo100

    What does it mean "though you Ruin me" ??

  5. An7orcha

    This son is so powerful, God is great! 🙏🏾

  6. Josue Perez

    “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”
    ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭12:9-10‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  7. David Alexis

    This song kills doubt.

  8. Kathy zrinyi

    It is totally meaningful. An eternal weight of glory in heaven. I have a great testimony.

  9. David Alexis

    What a song!! I heard this song at just the right time

  10. Ethan Downs

    When will this be released on spotify

  11. Philothea75

    No to the minister part way oh No! shhhhhhh

  12. bb hdd

    I'm currently in the process of being diagnosed with a life threatening problem that has left me bed bound for two years. If I do have this problem, surgery costs upwards of £100,000, so I may not be able to get it anyway. It just hit me suddenly when I was 21 and I was a worship leader, a student, hosting bible studies with my church, and really looking forward to life. But here I am, suffering so much more than I ever thought I would be in my entire life. If I die, if I suffer, God is still God. I don't understand, but Jesus still died for me. This journey is something I would not wish on the worst of people. I'm trying to endure so desperately but it's so hard. I've been mourning my future these last few days when I came across this song and I honestly haven't been so moved in a long time. If you pray, brothers and sisters, please pray for me. My name is Christina and I'm 24 in a few days.

    Kevin Cervantes

    bb hdd
    Christina me and my family will pray for you

    bb hdd

    @Kevin Cervantes thank you so much Kevin, that means the world.

  13. JP The Motivator

    In my dispair I Wrote a note to God and he lead me to this song, THANK YOU LORD.

  14. Mary Barrera

    This is a beautiful reminder.
    Jesus is ALL we will ever NEED.
    God Bless you guys for bringing this into fruition.

  15. 唐文秀

    I'm so thankful for the songwriters and singers. It just gives me so much comfort in afflictions.

  16. Two Chickys

    I just lost my son and two of his best friends in a horrific car accident. I heard this song a couple months ago and had no idea how much I would be relying on it now. Awesome message that we need to hear daily.

  17. moisses falcao

    Hi, i am looking for christian friends, please, if you wanna be my friend coment below, thank you.


    Hi Moisses! im willing to meet new Christian friends.

    moisses falcao

    @Eyezayah oh, that is amazing!! How can i talk with you? do you have facebook or email?

  18. Maritza Vizcaino

    I just had my daughter wrongfully taken from me, my heart is in true pain and this song is comforting at least a little bit but its comforting. I know this test I will pass it with his help because I need him now and forever.

  19. Celia Fialho

    Meu DEUS!! Que música!!! Que letra magnífica!!❤❤👑👑

  20. Christene Yeshua

    I don't know why people disliked this song...... Thers no crown without the cross!!!! That's the beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ........ Thers indescribable joy in the cross... It only takes us closer to Jesus ....wht more does one need apart from that.

  21. Kathy zrinyi

    It’s totally meaningful. An eternal weight of glory is waiting. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He is with you. I know.
    I have a great testimony. I love the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. I THANK HIM EVERY DAY.

  22. Johann Venter

    This truth is so profound it challenges each form of prosperity preaching...May we accept it with an open heart, to the Glory of our LORD Jesus Christ!

  23. Wendy Gorman

    Job ch 19 v 25 is a great solace. Therefore "though He slay me, yet will I trust Him". Also words of Job.

  24. Reformed Rebel Network

    God glorifying!!

  25. Sergio DeSoto

    Making God the author of evils is not ok no matter how good the song sounds...

    Justin Wiebe

    That's not what this is doing. I would suggest reading Job: God practically told Satan to do his best against Job.

    Job 13:15 Though He slay me, I will hope in Him; yet I will argue my ways to His face

    Job 2:6 And the Lord said to Satan, "Behold, he is in your hand; only spare his life."

  26. Pauli

    This song has truly helped me get through lots of tough times 🙏💛

  27. William WALLIS!

    After all my years of trying to out run it, I thought I was about to fall in my battle with mental illness. I didn't know what thoughts were mine anymore. I finally broke down and got medication, something I was scared to do. The Lord has seen me through the worst time in my mind I have ever been through. Every second of everyday fighting the thoughts and voices, I know was to bring glory to God. Every day I couldn't get out of bed, every hour I didn't know how I could make it to the next, I know was to raise me up for His glory. Praise God this trial seems like it's over, praise God I came out as gold!

    Jessica Uwera

    Amen, brother! God is really faithful! I will be praying with you!

  28. Woodypoo Dad

    I was diagnosed with colon cancer on 19 December 2019. This song says it all. I have HOPE and CONFIDENCE, even if He slays me, I will bless His name! I am His and I will NOT turn from Him. I trust and I will obey all the way through this journey that I never wanted to take. No matter what! I believe.


    Woodypoo Dad praying for you

    bb hdd

    Stay strong. Jesus has got you, no matter what happens on this Earth.

    granny diamond

    God bless you. I have prayed for you. Stay strong. 🙏💞

  29. Nick Allen

    I do not have a noble story of tragic loss and recovery like many of the others in the comments. I’m simply just a lowly pastor who is haunted by his own depression. This song reminds me to kiss the waves that throw me up against the rock of ages.

  30. Gids

    Is this version on spotify?

  31. Cloud K20

    This song is blasphemy and shows the current apostate state of the church in the United States of America

  32. Susan Badgerow

    We have lost 3 grand babies within the last 3 years; 2 were stillborn and one was a miscarriage. The Holy Spirit has brought great comfort to my broken heart, as only He can. “You ARE the only one we need, Father. YOU are our Hope, our Joy, our Peace.....YOU have become our Salvation.”

  33. Sarah Barlass

    Thank you!

  34. Jin Kim

    finally a great song using job 13:15!!

  35. Álan Lopes

    I don’t think He slay us, He allows it. I don’t think He Hurt us at all, He allows the pain so we can come back and I’m sure he doesn’t ruin us—He allows us to be ruined by our own choices.

    J Rap

    Álan, then why would Job say that to God, and it be kept in the Bible? If you believe the Bible, then you should believe that He does slay us. I too didn’t believe this before, but He alone decides what does and doesn’t happen, otherwise is He actually omnipotent? He either is, or He isn’t, and trust me, He is. His name is “I AM!”

  36. Ralph Aclao

    Sacrificial Praise

  37. Carmen Munoz

    I dont want pain in my heart anymore ! 😔 my heart is broken ... I cry out to God .

  38. Tammy Craine

    Wow! Yes! You ruined me, God, for my own good and I worship you!!

  39. David-Urban

    "You strike me down to bind me up."

    Man. Those words reassure me. It reminds me through pain and uncomfort, God will be there.

  40. Rebecca Fussell

    is there anywhere to buy this version?

  41. Mary Chavez

    Absolutely breath taking🙏

  42. timeafter time

    Why slay in the first place? Is this god some kind of monster??

  43. 기모딱따구리

    Joy to all the people who worship THIS god.
    THIS god made my mom win through three cancers.
    THIS god made my brother who was the shortest among the people to become the first place national rowing athlete.
    Lastly, THIS god made a selfish punk who only knew himself to pray for others.
    NOTHING is impossible, and all agony and pain we go through will be oil for fire that would show the glory of THIS god.
    THIS god's name is JESUS. I pray for you guys with this name.

  44. Eduardo Olivares

    I love this acoustic version! Could we get it in Spotify?

  45. Tami Bojo

    "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."
    - ‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

  46. Ed Dames

    Great sound and of course, yet again another great song from one of my favorite Christian artist. Btw, what's the brand of his great sounding guitar?

  47. Kathy zrinyi

    It is totally meaningful. Eternal weight of glory.

  48. Playlist

    Beautiful!! Thank you!

  49. Josephine Lee

    Nothing is meaningless oh Lord~ thank u for suffering, cross, blessing and everything.


    I agree. God is always there.


    I agree. God is always there.

  50. Dennis Prow

    This song is SO pleasing to the father if you find identity with it's meaning.

  51. Nate Dunham

    Here’s the link to the John Piper video in the song

  52. Franci Middleton

    just beautiful!!!

  53. Delia Delgado

    I was like "featuring John Piper"? Maybe he may have a good set of pipes lol 😂... Beautiful song for the Lord and for our hearts that need healing, Praise the Lord!

  54. Andrea m

    -My dad passed away when I was 16
    -went through physical abuse at 24
    -lived in fear
    -got diagnosed with lupus at 24
    -was a part of the Las Vegas massacre on October 1,2017 at 25
    -went through a terrible breakup at 26
    -got diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 27
    -today at 27, I’m seeing Gods goodness in all this, and growing in the hope of eternity 💜 thank you Lord, for the trials and suffering - they lead me to you

    ADF MO2

    Andrea m What a testimony... and so young... God bless you and keep you 🙏🏽

    Andrea m

    ADF MO2 thank you 🙏 He is faithful to sustain His children. It’s not easy but all glory to Him


    @ADF MO2 This shows the power of God! Amen!

  55. fatima s

    It hurts to much FATHER 😢😔


    I hope you will be healed spiritually.

  56. Donald

    me gusta mucho pero no entiendo todo lo que dice :(

  57. Elise Sparrow

    I'm so encouraged just by looking at all the comments!God is truly good!!


    God is Good all the time!!

  58. TeXaNs_sTyLeS

    I still remember you staying with us in Olney and how even though you both had just began y'alls musical journey I felt Him through every one of your songs!! Years later, that inspiration and help is still there!! Thank you for being His artists brothers!!

  59. FutureBelle

    please pray for my husband.. we just had our first child... but.. last year he was unfaithful to me and has a lot of anger inside his heart towards me and in general ... he mentally and emotionally abuses daily ever since last year when he became unfaithful after 10 years of being together and 4 years of being married... he needs the Lord.. please pray for him to find Jesus and surrender his life to Him... please pray .. thank you brothers and sisters

  60. CeCe Cole

    My beloved 19 year old daughter was murdered on May 14, 2019 by her fiance who committed suicide. We are coming up on 6 months without our precious girl and our shattered hearts continue to cry out to God for strength... direction.. assurance that He is with us and that our beautiful baby girl rests in His arms. I just discovered this song in the midst of my desire tonight to praise Him with a new song.💕

    Rebecca Fussell

    I am so very sorry! I can't imagine your pain... May God be more real to you than you ever dreamed possible.

    CeCe Cole

    Thank you, Rebecca. I don't believe God spares us from things we can't handle. I believe He lovingly and subtly prepares us for such trials...then accompanies us through the journey. He, indeed, is more real to me than ever. Not in "burning bush" ways...not in "talking Donkeys" ways. I now realize the fact my heart has not stopped beating is because He continues to breathe life into me. I know what joy is as well as what joy is not. I have seen His mercy that gave me strength to share my daughter's story, all while forgiving her murderer - I mean, truly forgiving him.. grieving the loss of his life.. being saddened that he didn't come into all God wanted for him. I know what it is to desire justice for my daughter and, at the same time, grieve for his mother who is now childless. I take those things as proof that God is more real than He's ever been. 💖💞💝 May you be as encouraged by my words as I have been by yours!

  61. jen lewis

    MOMENTARY?????? There is nothing momentary about our affliction. It is life long. And life is 100% of all we have ever known. There is absolutely NOTHING momentary about our affliction... When every moment is another eternity... Our affliction has not stopped, and will not stop, for the foreseeable future. How many excruciating moments (eternities) will I face tomorrow? Way too many to fathom. And all of those eternities... all of them... are just 1 day...

  62. Dustin Layton



    This song made me cry so much, when i was born my father threw my to a coffee table where i now have a scar and he was always violent hard and no compassion on our family. My twin brother and best friend died at 14 of a car accident and that was so hard on me and my little sister Finja to top that my mom couldnt take it so she killed herself and My sister my little sister found her when she went to hang up her coat. this song......

  64. The Stalans Family

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Great Job!!! and excellent words from John Piper! God is still God in the good times and bad! Lean not on our own understanding. Walk by faith! Praise Him in the storm!

  65. MMA Mike

    Song has changed my life. God had to slay me before I was able to cry out like I never knew was possible. I'll be forever grateful to my wife for sending me this song when she did.

  66. James Ross

    I love the message in between the song so powerful, this song is so powerful I heard it last Sunday at Church and it moved me and the acoustic guitar is perfect

  67. Tiffany Anderson

    I've been battling cancer going on 2 years. Thank you for taking grounded, bible-based theology and putting it to song. No matter how my story ends, God is using my trial bring me closer to God and deepen my understanding of God's goodness. Bless you for writing this song!

  68. River Vessel

    Praise Lord God forever! Selah!

  69. Cash Empire

    Though You slay me, I will praise You. Forever I will praise You Father. In all this suffering, we are being pruned and glorified. God demonstrates His power and Glory in the weak things of the world. Praise You Father.

  70. Loukicha G2G

    In my car right now sobbing. I have no idea where my relationship is going, I have no money and the stress is killing me. I need you Lord please... I don't know what else to do.

    Jennifer Cruz

    He has never and never will leave you nor forsake you. Lean solely on Him. He is your fortress and your foundation. Trust in Him and in Him alone. Lean not on your own understanding. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts not our thoughts. While you wait for Him to open a door ,praise Him in the hallway. 🙌🏼❤️

  71. Elisha Waghmare

    I love to read all the comments below this video. All of them encourages me in faith, it's encouraging to know the stories about my fellow-believers. I'm an ICU survivor who once was on life support system but now living a completely normal life. All glory to our living God who turns our every suffering into meaningful worship. God's ways are beyond our understanding! Though we cannot meet all who comments here, we will one day meet in heaven! Till then keep living for God..keep glorifying Him! - Elisha, India

  72. Mustache Glasses

    I love this song. I love the sermon clip. I've always loved this video, but more now than ever.

    Such precious truth to a wounded soul is here.

    I am in agony but I give my agony to God as an act of submission and worship. I trust Him. He is worthy.

  73. moisses vitor Rosa

    Hi, I am a brazilian guy. I Would like to know if I can dowload and use your videos to share the gospel.

    Thank you!!!

  74. Two Southern Graces

    I lost my first child at 5 months pregnant, and my home flooded 2 years ago during Harvey and we rebuilt and last month Imelda came through and destroyed it all again... this song is just playing on repeat for me and my family!

  75. Kathy zrinyi

    Jesus has shown me of his sufferings. I know because I am going through them and I feel his pain he went through in his ministry. It’s a tough world out there now, much evil and wickedness, worse then his time,but you would think with all the knowledge out there people can discern that they need a savior. Too proud to humble themselves.

  76. Guilherme de Souza

    Vrais adorateurs

  77. Good Ear

    I dont just want what He can do for me, I want Him to make me like Him yet still totally submissive to Him since there is only one with no sin.

  78. hector garcia

    i love jesus

  79. Mac D

    Wished i could like this more than once❤

  80. Michael Beckham

    I've seen windscreen covers on microphones...but why is Shane wearing one on his chin

    Jeremiah Whitten

    Michael Beckham for your information that’s actually a sleeping tarantula

  81. Rusty Shackleford

    “It is enough! Now, LORD, take my life, for I am no better than my fathers!”

  82. Andre Kubnik Neto

    Uauuu 🙏🏻

  83. Azeb Haile

    Help me God to focuse on you !

  84. Two Southern Graces

    I lost my first child to a late term miscarriage. I was 5 months along. I never experience this pain they sing of until losing our first baby.


    I'm sorry.
    We had our first child, then had 6 miscarriages in 2 years.
    Fully rely on God, allow this to strengthen your faith. In our weakness His strength is made perfect. I pray God will comfort you and carry you through this, and use it for great things in your life and the life of others.

  85. Jana Batten

    Been suffering with OCD for a while now. Admittedly, it's frustrating. I find myself angry at God when He's working for my good. I believe, help me believe! Yes, He could take it away. But He doesn't. Here I am still suffering. I would appreciate prayers to suffer well.

  86. Autumn Drinkard

    I am currently married with 6 children, but my husband is about to go to court October 4th for 3rd degree 3 DWI felony. Texas is three strike your out. Praying for merciful judge, but also preparing my heart to praise him no matter the outcome. My joy doesn't depend on my circumstances. It is God alone.

    s h

    I pray that the judge has mercy and your husband has turned from his ways.

  87. Sue Yeng

    Thank you to be in my YouTube channel ☺️

  88. Raymund Labs ra

    thank God for the whole day of blessings

  89. Laura Frutiger

    Love this song and the message except God doesn’t “ruin” us......perhaps a better phrase or wording could have been used💙

  90. N M M

    John Piper is a very young man.

  91. Timothy Fish

    Someone sped up John Piper to double time.

  92. Jew and Greek

    No amount of marketing is going to legitimize Piper's hideous theology.

    Jew and Greek

    @Luke Edwards extreme determinism. The man has actually stated that God ordained 911

    Luke Edwards

    Jew and Greek does God not ordain events to happen?

    Jew and Greek

    @Luke Edwards God doesn't ordain evil

    Luke Edwards

    Jew and Greek did He not ordain Israel to kill canaanites?

    Jew and Greek

    @Luke Edwards Are you saying that it was evil to kill the Canaanites?

  93. Joe Arch

    Those harmonies, the beautiful guitar riff, the way the drums enter into the song with subtlety. And that voice! Wow The Lord gave you an incredibly beautiful gift. The melody is mind blowing.
    You have truly used your gift, I feel for the reason God blessed you with that voice. God bless you guys! What a Breathtaking song . I’m in awe

  94. Bill Grumling

    I Preached a message at our local correctional institution on the reasons for suffering this song and the story behind it is well with my soul were my opening and closing. the prioners loved it because they understood no matter what God does it is for our good. It may not be a good thing as we go through it but it is good because it conforms us to the image of Christ

  95. Joe Arch

    Wow!! All I can say is Wow! Praise God

  96. islh

    Is there a version of this live set without John Piper?

  97. Boram Kim

    what is the brand name for the snare drum? extraordinary!

  98. Brian Romines

    One of the most powerful songs in worship.. so moving and so much about my life...