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Hi my name is Shane Dawson.
I'm a famous YouTuber with lots of fans and lots of money and both of those things make me very happy, honest.
If you want to be a famous YouTuber like me just follow these steps.
Here we go...

If you want to be a famous YouTube star, I've got lots of tips.
If you want to be a famous YouTube star, just listen to this.

Go to college for filmmaking.
Take a class on creative writing.
Don't forget your business master degree. (Ha-ha!)
Just kidding!

Cause all you need is to Facetune all your selfies.
(Look like a cartoon)
And act like you're eighteen, even though your really thirty-three.
(Crow's feet)
And make lots of money selling nearly everything because one day, you'll be nothing.

If you want to be a famous YouTube star, exploit your relationships.
(Babe, get over here!)
Make sure all your video thumb nails are you and the girl you're with.
And even if you're fighting everyday pretend like your love life is going great.
Tag all your pics with hashtag relationship goals.
(I think we should break up.)

I'll get a million views on our break-up vid. (Oh, I'm so sad)
I wish I had some kids so I could force them to do challenges.
I want a health crisis so I can vlog the recovery process.
(Just kidding... only on the inside.)

Oohhh weoooh
Refresh your media page all day and all night.
Oohhh weoooh
You never ever have to go ever outside.
Oohhh weoooh
I haven't showered for like 30 days.
Oohhh weoooh
It doesn't matter cause everyone that cares about me is behind a screen.

Hi friends.
(Hi, Shane!)
Without you guys I'd be literally nothing.

Ahh! Oh No!
Well, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.
Good thing I prepared for this.
Wow! That was close. Ha-Ha!

Make sure that all your Tweets are about all your business meetings.
(I'm actually just going to Chipotle!)
While for your entire day, even when you're out driving.
And last but not least make sure you have a plan 'B' for your life cause soon no one will be watching.
No one will be watching.

Ha - Ha - Ha! Well there you guys go, hope you enjoyed the tips and make sure to hit that like button.
Cause every like is another day that I don't guzzle down this bleach and cause a slow painful death. Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha! Bye...

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Shane Dawson Famous Youtuber Comments
  1. Regina Getter

    2:13 right around the hook is where this starts to become.. predictive programming 😂😂😂

    Just kidding Shane.. sort of.. I love you ❤️

    Edit: I'm only referring to the "never leave the house again" and the "haven't showered in 30 days" parts lmao not the part about the only people he cares about being on the internet 😂

  2. Regina Getter

    1:22 the thumbnails 😂

  3. MrsBlud

    why does 2:10 shane look like now shane?

  4. A n z V e l

    What is this its so bad

  5. TikTok memes Official


  6. Em x

    i reckon morgz made this his bible

  7. Tom V

    Shane kind of had a Ron Burgundy outfit lol

  8. Tom V

    This video is so accurate it hurts which is what makes it so great lol
    The production quality is amazing too

  9. Red_lilly girl

    Shane: cuz soon no one will be watching..

    Me: I'll still watch u

  10. Jay Boag

    IM DYING just kidding only on the inside.... THATSSSSSS ME

  11. Kaleb. Tv155

    this boy look like rumpelstiltskin and sometime sounds like Gideon from gravity falls, in a bad way

  12. Melody Mallett

    2020 anyone

  13. Sword Art

    Good thing i planned for this( I died from that) :)

  14. Lilly

    this makes me really sad.

  15. debbie good

    I love this song

  16. Broken TV life

    I like how shane at 2:08 looks like shane now😂

  17. S L O W E D . M P 3

    We stan still

  18. Alexis Wharton

    And ur gay not straight

    This music vid is sooo wrong

  19. Alexis Wharton

    Bro u only have one shirt

  20. Mary Meyers

    Is it just me or is Shane Dawson in this THICC

  21. LJ Gacha

    LOLOLOL IM DED 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Lucid music Xxo

    “Soon no one will be watching”......his latest video on his other channel the 17mil views.....”hey what’s up you guys”

  23. Annie Yankova

    bye more like hiiiiiiii

  24. doodle bug

    Jeffree stars house lol... Its Shane.... #2020

  25. Alex Michael

    All Tweets Meeting Day Driving Least Plan B Life Watching Nope Ahahah

  26. Holly Wolbers

    You can tell he’s lips singing

  27. taylor crawfishh

    *sponsored by oreos*

  28. Autumn Kat

    It’s sad that I know all the lyrics

  29. TikTok memes Official

    Oreoooooo rumplestiltskin 🤗

  30. pixel productions


  31. DDragons 1

    Doing my research

  32. Just Kibby

    Hold on, let me grab my notebook to take some notes here

  33. Amelie slytherin

    I'll get a million views on our break up vid. This video has 4 million views.

  34. Ddiana

    I have watched this an unhealthy amount of times

  35. jillxh

    Shane has literally become this parody :/

  36. Joslyn Campbell

    this will forever be relevant

  37. Autumn Kat


  38. james dukes

    He is a gay

    sugar cqne

    bi but ok

  39. aaron corpse

    It’s cold and raining and reminded me of when this song came out so I wanted to remember the happy vibes that time 😌

  40. Debbie George

    This is still so true

  41. miap

    The intro always cracks me up 😂

  42. LØW _WÎFĪ

    You know im super sad for Shane. Beacuse he can't really enjoy working on YouTube. And hoping he won't actually kill himself if his channel dies. Im really hoping Shane will always have our support. And he is seeing a kind therapist.

  43. Y P Tㄚㄗㄒ

    Fuck off Shane

  44. Kelsi Chun Lange

    I would honestly crush so hard if Shane was my teacher <3

  45. Otter

    “im actually going to chipotle” me

  46. The second

    ] really

  47. why doiexist

    I STILL love this 😂

  48. Jessie Lily

    Shane really should make more music videos

  49. Cheesenne

    2:00 ME

  50. Laura D

    This is him now.

  51. skeleton_NC

    1:52 me as a parent 😂😂😂😂

  52. Dilly _t

    2:08 the present shane

  53. 和翛

    Lowkey need that dancer's @

  54. ChrissieChris Buckles

    Cringy af

    Katy taylor

    This was like 4 years ago relax

    ChrissieChris Buckles

    @Katy taylor dosen't make it any less cringy lol

  55. Mariah Teller

    At 2:10 Shane looks a lot like he does currently which is insane

  56. skittlekittystudios

    Lyrics were before they’re time, so much

  57. Mali Barrera

    "Im dying.... only on the inside"
    Still a mood pass the bleach 😂😂

  58. Kiss Midnight

    So true now Shane huh.

  59. Julia

    2:08 theres the shane we know and love😍

  60. Amelia Hudgins

    At 2:09 it literally looks like the current Shane like how

  61. Kimberly Clifton

    Wow now you are like one of the most famous beauty gurus

  62. George Darwent

    Best 99p I ever spent on iTunes

    I’m NOT joking 😂

  63. Arianah Truesdale

    2:18 that was shane editing his jeffree star docu

  64. Arianah Truesdale

    0:54 literally jenna marble shes 33

  65. Jade McGregor

    I love this and you are the best

  66. Celi Cobain

    It's a CONSPIRACY!!!!!!

  67. Loving Animation

    It's all about the Tik Tok fame now

  68. Amandapanda1553

    So crazy watching this now and seeing where he is now! That scene where he's in front of the computer late at night is too familiar! xD

  69. penelope ames

    Anyone in 2019 I swear to god

  70. doggosarecute makeup

    Ily so much Shane ❤️💕

  71. laken craig

    He sounds so much like ned in this lol

  72. Reddie is Life

    I remember my 11 year old self just singing this well doing my chores but now I jam to it three years later 😂

  73. Alayna M

    Hi Shane! I hope you will continue to make music (I really don’t care if it is weird or not ) because I actually like your singing voice and it is so good. I hope you even consider doing a cover of a song and I will definitely like it and tell all my friends about your channel. 💓💓💓

  74. dejavuwu

    is this a cry for help?

  75. UnicornsEverlasting 0330

    Remember when shane was straight?

  76. Raelene Aseltine

    Shane’s prediction about someone breaking up and getting 1 million or more views aka David Dobrik and Liza Koshy breakup video

  77. velasco family 2nd child

    Wher tje hell doje get the kid

  78. Ryan Sean

    Anyone watching this 2019

  79. Carlos Albarado

    i dont even know how to react to this i ;ove you shane but bleach really dont joke about that please and thank you love you though

    Hey Beech

    Carlos Albarado i think its sorta a reality tho. Shane was really depressed here

  80. MMZ TV

    FAMOUS 😍😍

  81. boiシシAlexisシシ

    I'm so scared but I love it

  82. Dino mother

    2019 anyone? No okay if so what did you think of the new video on Eugenia

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    Flying rat Tingz

    Lmao im sorry ❤️😂

  86. Mara Emm

    mmm yummy dollar store bleach- Since you aren't gonna drink it, may I? Just kidding! <3

  87. Erika Szabó

    Dying Inside

    Don't worry Me TOO!!!

  88. U know what's up Tik tok all night

    How do I know like all the lyrics to this song but never the answer for a school test or homework 😂😂


    Omg same.

  89. Keira Ward

    YouTube 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓻

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    weres Cheto
    2nd weres Uno

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  93. Justin Bersamina Vlog

    Hi idol and to all my fellow small YouTuber nice famous YouTuber video.

    From Philippines /Arab