Shane Dawson - Blank Space Parody Lyrics

My girlfriend got into my car
Told me to listen to her new CD
"What the fuck are you smokin'?
Do I look fourteen?"

"No, trust me it's so great
I'm totally hashtag team taytay
Com'on just give it a play!"

Later on I dropped her off
She forgot her new Taylor CD
So I decided to put it on
"What's the worst that could happen?
Oh my God, what a sick beat,
Her voice sounds so soft and sweet
All these lyrics are relating to me!
I could listen to this until my life ends!"

So I'm listen while I'm lifting
She gives me energy
And I listen in the shower
When I'm making love to me
I listen when I'm hurtin'
Her ballads are everything
It's like I'm never lonely
Like she's my best friend

She's always tweetin'
Inspirational quotes
And then I read them
At the time I need them most
I think about her when I'm
Having sex with my girlfriend
"Because she is my soul mate"

I gotta make a plan.

First I have to get rid of
My current girlfriend
I have to make it look like
It was an accident like:
"Hey Lisa, get in here quick
Your dog is barfing,
I think it's sick
Oh no, there is so much blood!"

Now I don't have a girlfriend
"Hey Taylor here I come
I got your address
Thanks to Google
I've got your favorite flowers
A tattoo of your name
I hope you feel the same baby

Cause I'm on my way

Oh, you look so cute up in your bedroom
Oh, I can't wait to be up there with you soon
"Hey sir, who are you? Can I help you?"
"Sure, smell these flowers, don't you think they smell good?!"

Now I'm walking through the front door
I think I smell her scent
Now checking the nick nacks
We both like titanic
And then I hear a loud scream
I turn around and see
It's my beautiful Taylor
"Taylor it's me!"

Then she runs away screaming
"L.O.L. she's so funny"
She locked herself in the bathroom
"I guess we're playing hide and seek"
"Oh silly Taylor baby
I can hear you breath
Hey remember your hit song?
You belong with me!"

Then she runs to the bedroom
"She's playing hard to get
I get distracted by the closet
She looks so pretty in red
"Hey taytay can you wear this,
The first time we make love?
Just give me a kiss baby

You'll feel the same"


I guess I was all wrong
Maybe we're not soul mates
I misread the situation
I have another destiny
I'm not supposed be with her
I'm supposed to be her
But I can't be her

So I'll just wear her face!

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Shane Dawson Blank Space Parody Comments
  1. ZaPzBicolorguitar

    Oh boy the memories from this😔😔😔

  2. Emily Mann

    I love it

  3. Minecrafter0271

    Am I the only one concerned that Shane plays a great PSYCHOPATH??

  4. D4v1d

    I saw this before it got age restricted

  5. Maria carolina Lanna

    I Love this parody! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. Jamal Jones

    That's sad Shane your the DEVIL

  7. Karianne Ciani

    I love this song and I think your cute

  8. kiwi games

    This is so true to shane

  9. Alexandria Roberts

    Okay Shane would have been a much better Ted Bundy than Zac Efron 😂

  10. Autumn Brackett

    i remember watching this when i was younger and i seen the noose and started crying bruh cuz i love shane so much

  11. williewonka


  12. Tyler Matters

    I'll say it again, but YouTube is a little sensitive about criticism. Gay.

    Tyler Matters

    The dangers of gaydom.

  13. DizzyDreamer92

    Anyone else watching in 2020?!

  14. nhcutiepie

    ok.. but why is psychopath/killer shane a million times hotter tho? LOL

  15. Ashley Cheramie

    No that that body by there real but your name you choose

  16. MyToe Warmツ

    *shane:* do i look like im 14?
    *me:* umm yea cause you shaved...

  17. I like food

    He was still straight here I can’t believe it

  18. FaysHere

    Ngl this was the most demented yet catchy song I’ve ever heard

  19. Your sister is going to JAIL!

    I can see why Taylor would be freaked out

  20. datCRAZYgurl _666

    What the fuck

  21. WolfPack and LunarWolf

    Idk why this is age restricted




  23. Alex Walker

    I half no words for this 😨😳

  24. Nathan Smith

    2:00 She went for realism, honey!

  25. Sean Uchiha

    Oh fuck no this shit on a whole different type of timing

  26. Kelly Lauren

    Still so good years later. Shane really needs to be a psycho in a movie. Kinda miss the parodies.

  27. astroshuttle

    i wonder what shane was going through when he thought of this.

  28. Matt Patrick


  29. Nonya Bidness

    I just want a remake of American Psycho with Shane. ❤

  30. Bored nicky

    You can't call yourself a Shane Dawson fan if you don't love these old videos 💕😂

  31. Callie LuvYT

    Soooo were u straight here?


    Callie LuvYT no he was and he’s still bi lmao, that was his actual girlfriend lisa.

  32. lorim8911

    love it

  33. Emily Mann

    I love it

  34. Xan Shipstew

    I see why Taylor removed this video honestly.

  35. Miranda Terry

    I’m watching this while in a taco bell drive thru

  36. Captain Teeko

    We went from This to a whole damn makeup line. Hot damn.

  37. xXmlgamingXx

    Ok that was kinda disturbing ngl

  38. cody baggett

    Honestly, Shane was genuinely chilling here.

  39. cody baggett

    I looked at the year stamp and nearly had a heart attack.

  40. Regina Getter

    "It has to look like an accident"
    *Makes her literally unrecognizable*

  41. Regina Getter

    "I could listen to this til my life ends" 😂😂😂😂😂

  42. memphiss Swihart

    Fuckᕙ (° ~ ° ~)ᕙ (° ~ ° ~)ᕙ (° ~ ° help I'm 8 years help me

  43. probs crying

    it’s been 5 years wtf

  44. MrNorthj

    This is good

  45. Titanic Bitch

    “ we both like Titanic” 😂

  46. Ben The human

    Well then


    Amazing 🤣🤣

  48. Green Panda

    Mom, Shane keeps scaring me!😭😭😭

  49. Tina Torres

    I think this was the skinniest he ever was not hating or anything he just looks really good

  50. E H

    Fu*king genius #shanedawson fu*k anyone that banned it. 100% sure they secretly liked it

  51. Wolf GamerGirl10

    The Crazy YouTuber Serial Killer
    #1 Box Office Hit
    •Shane Dawson as the sociopath Killer•

  52. Nikisixx66

    Shane is Dexter!

  53. Raisa Rahman

    Why is it age-restricted

  54. james moore

    This video is very inappropriate and kinda creepy.

  55. Fujino 0c

    Pauses at 3:44

  56. Fujino 0c

    I with now diagnose you as a serial stocker or better obsessive love disorder

  57. michael kurland

    2019 listening still better than taytay i want see shane in a horror movie

  58. Kelly’s Korner

    Seeing this for the first time and I LOVE IT!!! I’m so glad shane kept it up. Yes it is very violent but it’s OBVIOUSLY FAKE!!! I mean come on ppl what is a parody??? Exactly this. Freaking love it (better then blank space itself)

  59. Jakaylah Malone

    Idk if it’s just me or Shane looks Fione here 👀👀😍😅

  60. Wayne Konig

    Wayne go car Fuck Smoking girlfriend Come address Name Love door

  61. Alexandra Caldwell

    sometimes i miss this motherfucking maniac

  62. Rand0m27

    how the hell did i miss this. ITS FUCKING GOLD

  63. Lorena Serratos


  64. Rei Easton

    Can’t believe this was 5 years ago

  65. Kimberly Dunlap

    Still love this song!! ☺

  66. YourLocalMemeDealer uwu

    its weird because my name is actually taylor and my nickname is taytay xD

  67. Taylor And Katie

    This is seriously my favorite parody he's ever done hahaha

  68. amy joy

    Shane, taylor swift, and dexter made a musical-baby...

  69. Xionah Goins

    I don’t like when you killed my mom now when I call the cop you will never do it agin I will call. Y dad to beat you up stupid rat frog

  70. Reva Brown-Walker

    I still love this.

  71. a l l y

    it’s been 4 years and i still love this so much

  72. Kelly Weatherly

    Honestly you would be a good serial killer in a movie.... 😂😏

  73. Kelly Weatherly

    Omg Shane 😂

  74. Faye

    Now if someone will post this they cannel will be shutdown asap xD

  75. Mary Ray


  76. Victor The Disco Dancer

    Ok I kinda see why this got banned now that I'm older

  77. amandamassacreee

    who remembers when this was banned?

  78. paul walker


  79. Zombie Cinderella

    The thing when he was showering.... is dat even fucking real?

  80. Ashlei Johnson

    I remember when this first came out! Seriously saw a whole personality from Shane I never seen before!

  81. Daniel Budik

    Back when he was skinny and did not weight 600 lbs and look like a beached whale

    Lenny cam

    This is a few years after ge was 400 lbs

  82. JXMAXO

    such a throwback ... oh my

  83. Raquel Bueno

    The head smashing was too real loool

  84. Movies and Such

    Favorite part 0:00 to 5:19

  85. Gabriela Dužević

    Who's still watching in 2019?

  86. Nur Azida Alyssa Azmi

    i honestly wonder why i had a crush on shane

  87. Kawaii Potato

    Omg this is Fucking insane. 😂 how come i never saw this.

    Kawaii Potato

    Btw in a fucked up, creepy kind of way this is really cool


    It's a classic horror song 😂

  88. Gabby Adkins

    Ya know that I’m not a middle schooler in love with Shane I can kinda see why this was banned. 😂😂

    Krissy Tokyo

    It wasn't banned, Taylor's team claimed it if I remember right. I remember on a random podcast Shane discussing his legal team and hers were going back and forth.

    If it was banned, wouldn't be here.


    i think this is horrible


    this is annoying


    RIP Shisa... Shyland Forever... 🤷🏼‍♀️❤️

  92. don't check this channel area 501

    Make her death accidental.
    Continues to smash her head with a dumbell

  93. Roxanne Andrews

    Its a weird cool disturbing video but when you actually think about it, some fans actually act/feel this way. Hella Creepy.

  94. PizzaRollGod

    Watched this right after I bought the Conspiracy palette... this shits the real conspiracy

  95. Christopher Joseph

    Well,it's so weird