Shane Dawson - Applause Parody Lyrics

Remember back in the day I could do no wrong.
You called it poetry when I said bluffing with my muff on
I wore an outfit made completely out of Kermit the Frog’s
I had so many fans from little kids to soccer moms.

So where did I go wrong go wrong go wrong
You guys used to love when when I acted crazy
Remember when I had a seizure covered in menstrual blood
Wasn’t that fun so fun so fun

They wanna send me away to retirement
To spend the rest of my days with Kesha and 50 Cent
I used to have famous friends like Beyonce.
Now when I call she hangs up.
The bitch is crazy.
Remember Just Dance.
Oh gurl, that song was my jam! Jam!
And my meat dress.
oo boo, I wasn’t a fan.

wrong wrong
wrong wrong

That bitch stole my leg.

Where did I go wrong.
Where did I go wrong.
Where did I go so wrong.

I need to prove them wrong, wrong, wrong.
I’ll try dressing more normal
How’s a sheet and face paint.
Maybe now people will take me more seriously.

You’re wrong.
You’re wrong.
So wrong.

Tell me what I should do.
Just act human.
So I should dress like a man.
That’s not what we meant.
So I should be an alien.
What the fuck, bitch.
Hey look, now I’m a swan.
Girl, we’re over it.


I’m getting real high from all the fumes on my face.
Starting to hallucinate.


I’ll wash it up now.
And just put on my p-Jays. Jays.


Oh that’s it!
What’s it?
That’s your new look.
Yo! That’s revolutionary, that’s never been done before.
Wait, I can make it even better.
What do you think?
So sad.
Wait, I can add more things.
Poop, I’ll put poop on my face, that’s cool and edgy right?

Ra ra-ah-ah-ah,
Roma roma-ma,
Gaga, ooh la la,
Want your bad romance.

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Shane Dawson Applause Parody Comments
  1. Destiny Rich

    2020 gang?

  2. 迫いくみ


  3. 迫いくみ


  4. 迫いくみ



    Well now gaga is normal and boring as fuck -_-

  6. Kayla Furbank!

    Did anyone notice that Shane deleted this?

  7. Gavin and Jack Tucker


  8. The GCL

    I'm the 3000th liker

  9. xrobotsquidx

    Why isn't this on Shane's channel

  10. Kora Lee

    I found shanes parodies when I was 5 I'm 13 now Ahhh the memories

  11. GoldenGalaxy400

    0:43 why is Cinderella in a bird cage?

  12. Maryland Manson

    Haha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. ポンポロ

    2:37 she just wants to be a Jiangshi... *wait who's gonna stop her then ?!?!*

  14. unknown hooman

    ME trying to hard to be noticed

  15. Ellen Keay

    0:21 is that enzo from tvd

  16. yee yee

    I miss shanna😪

  17. yee yee

    The golden age of YouTube


    Not in France T___T

  18. LJ Oxley Official

    Why did he delete it from his own account?

  19. Emma Bagshaw

    The ending killed me

  20. Jazlena Valenzuela

    I didn’t know this was Shane Dawson I watched this when I was 4

  21. bryan sim

    wow literally a star k
    is born 🤣🤣

  22. F Red

    Why did shane delete this from his channel?

  23. George Feldkamp


  24. Donut Glazed


  25. Gabby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    😱 Shane!

  26. that beanhead jennifer

    Why am I here 🤣


    1:49 his voice sounds good here!

  28. Spilt Paint

    Did Shane delete this??


    Help me my eyes are bleeding

  30. syd

    "So I should be alien?"
    "What the fuck bitch" 😂

  31. Ba Ri

    Wiping tears with a period pad. Priceless.

  32. lavada Riste

    2019? Anyway....Dame it I'm in my truck listening to this.....😍❤ love you

    SHANE Dawson

  33. Keewis Later

    At 1:24 I laughed so hard!!!

  34. Prince

    Bart baker is better.

  35. Audrey Elias


  36. girl staahp


  37. D'Marlon Netters

    Oh hell no

  38. Alexey Wedeneev

    My ears! My EYES

  39. Valerie Sheppard

    2019 any one!?

  40. mariapedroza123

    2019 anybody??

  41. still chill

    No one:

    Me: *get it shane*

  42. Okana_omq

    Why does Shane look More Normal as a Woman than a Man?

  43. strawberry smith

    this video is actually about onision's dying career lmao

  44. strawberry smith

    the last part reminds me of how onision's channel is dying lol ''that'scool and edgy, RIGHT?'' lol

  45. Farel Bastian

    Shane and Bart upload this *Applause* parody in the same date..(13 September 2013)

  46. xonslaughtlioness

    I can't find the Shane Dawson Fruit Lupe Twilight video called "Team Yacob or Team Yedward" or something like that.

  47. Gillian Fleischer

    I had no idea it was Shane

  48. Lemon the dog

    Where is that kermit dress and where can I buy it?

  49. arman red

    That's the new look - Joanne.

  50. Ashley X

    Is the original video taken down??

    VERONICA Corn nuts?!

    I’m pretty sure he privated it

  51. miko lian

    2019??? Anyone pls :D

  52. Katherine Silveyra

    Q U E E N

  53. The Epic

    Anyone watching 2019?

  54. Makeupbyemma81 Webb

    Watching this 2019 it so funny 😂 x

  55. ACiiD 52

    Chuck e cheese pizza

  56. Andrew M

    I really hope shane returns to doing this from time to time

  57. aicha shalaan

    2019 anyone??

  58. TikTok Ericka

    I actually like this song better than the original

  59. Jaret Suarez


    ...And thats how Joanne was born

  60. xandradoesstuff ._.

    So... I just started watching Shane Dawson last year, and I watched this so many years ago, and only now realizing this was Shane. Bitch, I'm *shook* right now!!

  61. Esin Nogay

    Anyone watching 2019 💜💜💜

  62. Romy Klein

    Somebody from 2019 here?

    Chase Games

    Yes, and I'm coming to realize Shane's gone crazy


    Yep queen.

    Chris Graves

    Not for Long! D:

  63. Isabellasia Games

    That bitch stole my leg

  64. Lex Canter

    I remember when this video first came out. Fucking love you Shane you bloomed beautifully

  65. Gard

    Why did he delete this video!?!

  66. dani x

    1:57-2:01 made me laugh so hard i snorted

  67. Michelle Karanja

    I never got the period joke till now....

    Jaret Suarez

    Michelle Karanja its her biggest perfomance on her career. The end of The Fame Era, her debut álbum. Act like she was died on like With Paparazzi on the VMA’s of 2009. A big, big act.

  68. Little_Miss_Sunshine 687

    I get paradoys sometimes makes an original song seem like trash but this paradoy was "TRASH" I like 3-5 lines of the song that was ace that was about it

  69. brandy coludrovich

    Who else watching this in 2019 I know it’s so early

  70. brandy coludrovich

    I watched this like 5 years ago lol 😂 I remember

  71. Eric Timmins

    That bitch stole my leg!!! 😂🤣

  72. Ericka Lynn

    Hey baby lol

  73. Somethingiguess

    his singing was killing it

  74. —lilsymoney —

    Vocals bro, Vocals 😭

  75. 『rumpii』

    My sister is the young girl in the car scene! xD

  76. Radek P

    Bart baker's applause vid is better

  77. Desmond Daly


  78. Rayne Arthur

    That wasn’t funny-That was just gross!😒

  79. Bryce 4life

    What the hell happened to Lady Gaga

  80. David Torres

    Lol Meghan Trailor has a song in a onesie and her normal hair why gaga. She should've done it first

  81. Jay -25

    Was this supposed to make fun at Shane or Lady Gaga??

  82. Chibi-tan 1904

    1:26 yes

  83. Nerissa Lund

    Shane stop LMAO 😂

  84. Elise Bauer

    Oh shane

  85. Sara Capri

    Oh my days, Shane is so comical. oh I love him.

  86. Raspbeary Cake ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    1:28 lol


    0:13 when someone walks in

  88. Dennise Palma

    If you know the lyrics please type it here because that would be everything

  89. _idekanymore

    These were the fuckin’ best. Damn I miss this

  90. xxxJessicaxxx 123

    Lol wtf shane

  91. Space Ghost

    Last Shane video i liked back in the day... :(

  92. Bruno

    Omg shut a fuck bye

  93. Dyzzeh

    "Quality Content