Shana Wilson-Williams - Never Be The Same Lyrics

Today's my day, you changed my name
I might limp away but I'll never be the same
Oh, oh... I'll never be the same, never be the same
Oh, oh... I'll never be the same, never be the same

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Shana Wilson-Williams Never Be The Same Comments
  1. Valerie Williams

    Praise God

  2. Helen Jackson

    Never Be The Same.

  3. Ca'Mayra Boulware

    Juice wrld died from a seizure

  4. Kamika Wilson

    Never be the same lord

  5. Charles Reed

    Just Awesome Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tiffany Brown

    God I love you with all of me

  7. Billy Stroble

    This is my favorite favorite song

  8. Kim Pinkett

    Trying not to bust into tears this song is a beautful reminder of how Jesus cleans us up and forgives us then changes our name to show all we are His ex . Saul to Paul after your road of Damascus thank you Jesus Halleluja

  9. Jessica Alexandre

    This year in 2020 I will never be the same

  10. sharita shanta

    2019 and I’ll still never be the same. Devil you have no victory. Thank you God for your perfect never ending love. You are truly amazing. A love like no other. God bless you my brothers and sisters.

  11. Sharon Wilson

    The very first verse! My life sung so true and well! I am looking at the words as it is my present situation! I had to pause it and just  look at those words! That is me in the real! Holy Spirit! You are welcome here! "TODAY'S MY DAY.! YOU CHANGED MY NAME.! I MIGHT LIMP AWAY, BUT I'LL NEVER BE THE SAME.! Word of God!!! God Bless! All is Well! Amen! Amen! Sharon Denise Davis! My God is Awesome! Mighty in Power!

  12. Yvonne Haggins

    Lord i will keep on praising you with every breath in my body thank you lord i am not the same......!!!!

  13. Sunrise Farmer

    Yes I limped away, He changed my name, but my life was changed to the best

  14. Chekinah Vitika

    My flesh and my heart fails, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever__ psalms 73:26
    Thank you for all you've done and continue to do for me🙏❤

  15. AWA

    Hallelujah! My Birthday month. Cheers to 48 years of New Beginnings... in the Holy Ghost...
    Holy Spirit.

  16. Sharonette Taylor


  17. Marjorie Whitter

    I will never be the same hallelujah Amen thank you Jesus for your saving Grace

  18. Nassan Jones

    My strength is Worthy I open my eyes and mouth never be the same 🙌🙏😇

  19. Nassan Jones

    Jesus! 🙏

  20. Nassan Jones

    Hallelujah 🙌👏🙏

  21. Nassan Jones

    I never be the same 🙌🙏🙌

  22. Maurice Maynard

    2019 I'll never be the same Hallelujah

  23. Kemone Williams

    Today's my day, hallelujah Jesus

  24. Serenity Stephens

    amen hearing that makes just want praise god for your story............ god is a good god!!!

  25. Shirley Yancy

    Today 's my day...Praying for everyone on the AM...May Yah meet you'll needs...My heart cries out for Yahs people...I love you'll

  26. Doris Amollo

    2019....Yes never be the same

  27. Clifford John

    Lord Jesus Christ

  28. Harold Shenette

    Today is my day for restoration

  29. Tar Rii

    Today is the day I would be healed from this UTI 💪 I claim it in Jesus name. Today is the day where I would move forward and not look back. ❤️

  30. Harold Shenette

    Today is my day for restoration

  31. Shantell is Here

    2019 still playing

  32. Shantell is Here

    When I cry out to the LORD!!!!!!

  33. Zitorriun Lampkin

    that song make me cry

  34. Casandra Neal

    On Repeat

  35. Lamont Hicks

    I might limp away!!!

  36. Tania Potter


  37. Tamara Campbell

    feeling down on my birthday but this song keeps ringing in my ears. Its motivational and inspiring.

  38. Meagan Mimi S


  39. Tar Rii

    Today's my Day. ❤️ 09/10/2018 ❤️

  40. Cheri Barr

    I absolutely love this song. I got married on July 29th/2017 and walked down the isle to this song and now unfortunately a lil over a year (2018) I’m getting a divorce. 😢

  41. Charles Reed

    Our Lord Jesus death counts everyday when lives are born,spared,lives are taken,heal and made whole ,Poppy God is such and awesome God and My Life shall Never Be the same because of Poppy God sending HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OUR KING JESUS AMEN WOWOWOWOWOW PRAISE OUR LORD JESUS FOR HIS AWESOME SWEET TENDER BLOOD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Tar Rii

    I don't want to be the same again Lord. I want you to help me to be free from sin. The guilt is too much 😔😔 Today's my day. ❤️

  43. Stephanie Powell

    I love this worship uplifts me

  44. Lashanda Brown


  45. Lashanda Brown


  46. Kingdom Protocol Ministries

    When life tries to define you and give you a false sense of identity, you must realize that you are in the Potters Hands and you are being changed. Know that your change does not come by your efforts or your power, but by your yielding to the masters hands. If you have indeed turned your life over into the Masters Hands, you will never be the same. How can you come out the same as you went in when you are in the hands of the Master. It matters not how things look right now, you may be limping, you may be confused, and yes you may be hurting, but after the clouds roll back and you are able to see clearly you will know that you are changed by the Masters Hands. You will never again be the same because everything in your past has been rolled away and there is nothing to return to and your future is starring in front of you. You are made for more Israel, you are no longer Jacob, your name has changed. Walk in your new name, your new identity which is in Christ Jesus.

  47. ITZ.braceface_lana Johnson

    My aunt died everytime I hear this song I cry😢😢😭😭

    ITZ.braceface_lana Johnson

    Aww sorry to hear that

  48. Linda Lane

    Today is my day and truly I will never be the same .Thank Jesus for change,

  49. JayToo Shifty

    And when we fall we should continue to fall once he picks us up we should stand strong and when trails come fall on our knees and ask God to keep and to help is to stand when he picks u up he doesn't want u to keep falling cuz if so one day he is going to let u fall and ur going to stay there bc u repented but it wasn't true so ur going to be stuck in that condition until u truly make up your mind to hold on

    JayToo Shifty

    I meant to say would shouldn't continue

  50. Lincoln Triplett TV

    He changed my my name and I'll never be the same.

  51. Shelter Esther

    powerful declaration "i will never be the same"...i feel brand new

  52. shanta porter

    🙏🏽🙏🏽Thank you Lord for all you are doing.. I'll never be the same. ❤

  53. Ameka Modeste

    tasha own today song writing

  54. keshia murphy-cox

    Wow I just love this song!!!!!


    Thanks my Father for transforming and restoring my life....I'll never be the same

  56. A'Sheley Barnes

    Yeeessss God!!!! Thank you Jesus for change and growth. I'll never go bk!!!!

  57. D. L.

    This never gets old. Amazing how they repeat the same thing over and over yet they make such an imprint with their words.

  58. Katie Hutcherson

    I like all of her songs can't stop listening to them

  59. Rebecca Gross

    I love this song

  60. Ayanna Bynum

    thank you god for saving me i don't want to go back today is my day a new life and a new change

  61. Nadine Dorcemond

    Love you and god bless you for ever and ever. 🙏

  62. Darren Lee

    praise Jesus prayed pal put pictures posted poppy and pppzpopzpPpzoppzpzppzp pzppzppzppzpp popped ppzpzpppzpppp pzopppp PS opposed PS popppzpzppppp opposed ppr ppzppzppppzppzppp ppr PS PS plus postage pal opoppopppp ppr PS ppr pal pal PS pop poppy PS you opposed ppr I promise pp

  63. AnnShellon Peters

    I will never be the same . Thank you Lord.

  64. Brenda G


  65. Vernetta Long

    Thank you for saving my life Jesus!

  66. Adarju J

    I will never be the same..... This is prophetic...
    Thank you Jesus!

  67. Nisha Leshey

    I might limp away, but I'll never be the same.

  68. Williemae Lister

    This song is explains to me that once God have his hand on you, you will never be the same and that all things you go through in life he is still right there beside you, you might limp away he will let you go through things to get to him to make you stronger, just don't let the devil wear you out you just keep doing what God say do and the devil will be worn out and will flee and you will never be the same you will be a better person and will be save a place in paradise remember he loves you forever I'm only 15 years old and saying this I love you❤️

  69. Chyzaeya Mathis

    I will truly never be the same!! Yes God!! I say yes to your will!

  70. David Monroe

    Thisong blesses my spirit

  71. Marion Ngima

    I'll never be the same...Today is the day that He changed my name

  72. Nickynatro *

    Still listening in 2018....Today is my day👐🙏

    Australian. Doll

    Sasha-Gaye Tomlinson amen!!

    Serenity Stephens

    listening in 2019 girl....... god is god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Madalena Joao

    I'll never be the same 🙏🏽!

  74. Parisian Chic

    Truly and Completely, a Praise and Worship Song.

  75. NuLyteTV

    This song holds a special place in my heart. <3 2014

  76. Melissa Fitzpatrick

    This song is beautiful almost made me cry🙍😢😭

  77. Mark Ashley

    yes lord

  78. Verlene Joseph

    I'm going to be baptized this Sunday,I'll never be the same!trials will come but guess what God will always be there in the midst of it all#best decision ever!

  79. Aaron30able

    The song prophetic in so many ways. Glory to God I will never be the same...

  80. Blue and Pink Realtalk

    Yes Lord! I will never be the same!😭😭😭😭

  81. Rikita Bauld

    Yes lord 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👐💓💓💓💓💓💓

  82. Patricia Loving MeHarris

    Today my day you change my name I might limp away but I never be the same today I feel so drained down and discourage it seems like the closer I get to you Lord I fall and I just want to do better I know there somethings I must give up Lord Im tired of people pleasing compromising and being a shame of who I am in Christ Lord forgive me for being so carnal minded cowardly and distracted give me strength boldness and courage and most of all help me to forgive myself I know you forgave me Lord but help me forgive me....Im never going back no matter how hard I fall....

  83. Georgia Williams

    Jesus is the answer to everything we need in life just believe we will never be the same

  84. Jannell Lankford

    God is awesome

  85. Diamond Hall

    Thank you Jesus I will never be the same through your changing power.

  86. Monica Robinson

    this song make me so so sad

  87. Mrs J.

    HALLELUJAH my God! I know my co-workers are looking at me funny. My hands are raised at work and I DON'T CARE! Thank you Lord Jesus!

  88. Melanie Folkes

    This song just took me to a place I'd never been before! I'm lying in my bed in tears knowing that I'll never be the same after all that God has brought me through, especially this year! I'm thinking about my marriage, my sickness, losing two loved ones back to back. Depression, suicidal thoughts plagued me, anxiety attacks got me, but the Lord broke those chains and I'm free!! Thank you Lord! I'll NEVER be the same!

  89. Prince Siah

    Lord Knows I've Had Difficult Times My Whole Life , I've Been Down So Bad I Thought At Times Why Am I Here , Why Me. I've Been Hurt So Bad 😞 But I'm Thankful That God Has Kept Me Through It All I Have My Testimony, God Is Using Us That Have Been Beaten By The Evil In This World To Be A Cure To Someone Else's Life. Im Learning To Get Out Of That Dark Place And Fight My Way Out When It Tries To Consume Me. I Know That I'm Meant For Good , And God Allows Me To Know That. HE'S Close To The Broken-hearted, And Those That Have Been HURT Hang On ! Because We Are The Light In Every Dark Matter , We Are The Cure For Someone Else's Life. Thank GOD For Your Grace And Mercy , Your Love And Kindness , Your Patience. TO GOD BE THE GLORY Today's A New Day. Thank You Jesus!

  90. Brenda Mathis

    Because of my awesome and mighty God Almighty, He travailed me through some very tough times, and He continues to walk with me through difficult and yet trying times, I will Honor Him, I will Trust Him, I will Love Him and I will Live for Him, constantly trying everyday to do what's pleasing to my God. This August 28, 2017, Glory to God, I've been cancer "FREE" for 11 years and I owe it all to God Almighty for keeping me. Therefore, this song really resonates in my Spirit "I'll Never Be The Same" "By His STRIPES, I AM HEALED" now that's Love!!!

  91. Wee Likely

    My my my God what praise God 2 b the glory I never want 2 b the same thank Jesus I might have a limp but I have praise might have pain in my body but I'm not the same what a message

  92. Steven T. Rhinehart

    Glory to God!! Powerful Song!!

    they dun went in⚡⚡⚡

  93. Mijoisse Chicovete Magagule

    today is my day you change my name this song remind me the first day that I felt the real touch of him Jesus, it was my day, happy day

  94. Louissita Chery

    My Wedding song mark my word thank you lord for saving me i will never be the same i can't wait to merry the man god sent to me Dec 25 2019