Shana Wilson-Williams - Hallelujah Lyrics

You're my God

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Shana Wilson-Williams Hallelujah Comments
  1. Yvonne

    yesss He's my God! Thank you Lord for accepting me.

  2. Brown Brown

    This song puts you right in the presence of God!!! Hallelujah your my God!!!

  3. ashley turner

    I love this song soooo much. I be putting this on repeat and go into worship, with this and Anita Wilson- More Than Anything. I dont really know how to sing forreal but when I be at home singing this in worship I be sounding so good, lol! I loveeeeee Shana😍😍 Pure worship unto God. True worship

  4. Young Gift

    Yes Lord..You are my God.i lost my inner peace, but this song is putting my spirit together.

  5. Issachara Odom

    Thank the lord

  6. Shaddai Mccleod

    god is good

  7. Nicky R.

    My God is Awesome

  8. Worshiper86

    Thank you Lord! Hallelujah!

  9. Stéphanie C.

    Magnifique et puissant cri de louange!


    oh alelua tu es o meu tremendo DEUS grande meu amado poderoso lindo oh eu ti amo tanto

    Praise and Worship

    +Oreth Gomes Deus ama você também

    Khalia Lyons

    Apostoliche prophet I just thank God he's a great god hallelujah thank u Jesus amen yes Lord I thank the Lord for putting pretection over me and my whole family amen