Shana Wilson-Williams - At Your Feet Lyrics

I have a dance, I have a song down in my heart
A song that I love giving praise unto you Lord
I have a worship crying out from deep within
No longer a servant you have called me friend

I will sing, I will worship you
I will shout to you Lord
I will bring all my worship
I will lay it down at your feet, at your feet

I have a fire that's burning deep within
I have a thirsting that can not be quenched
I have a hunger that's growing more and more
And I'm only satisfied by you Lord

I will sing I will worship you
I will shout to you Lord
I will bring all my worship
I will lay it down at your feet, at your feet

I wanna stay here in your presence
I wanna live in your glory

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Shana Wilson-Williams At Your Feet Comments
  1. Joseph Carter

    That drummer is a really good

  2. Denita Todd

    This is an amazing song, the background instrumental helps you to with feeling the song, where it becomes alive, and the lyrics pull you right into worshiping, where you automatically fall in with God!
    Again an Amazing song! Love it!

  3. Alexis wakefield

    Praise God for this music it sets my soul on fire
    I love Jesus

  4. Alexis wakefield

    thats how I feel inside to and I don't care how I sound I play Shana as loud as I can and I worship and I shout to the Lord. Praise God for this Music

  5. Alexis wakefield

    I watched a recent video of her with Mali Music singing Yahweh one of my favorite worship songs ever I said God showed this to me to say you both love this song lol

  6. Alexis wakefield


  7. Alexis wakefield

    you have got to b a crackhead to dislike this record

  8. Alexis wakefield

    I love the Lord and I love that he gave us Shana Wilson a hardcore worship Queen

  9. Queet

    Yesssssss love this song in repeat all day this is how I feel everyday Amen

  10. Faith In Curls

    I love how it’s gospel but has that rock n roll feel to it! Praise be to the Father in heaven

  11. ken han kar123

    i love this song!!!!!

  12. Brandlyn Jones


  13. Latricha Thompson, BBA & MPA


  14. Ruth Green

    Music man

  15. LATOYA Williams

    is that William Murphy I hear in the background?

    Tiara Moore

    it does sound like him!!!

    Planet Jordan

    LATOYA Williams yes

    Joseph Binion

    LATOYA Williams no that's his brother Devaughn singing with Shana

    Armond Brown

    LATOYA Williams his brother R.I.P

  16. Kit

    Love <3 love this song! Praise the Lord!

  17. Samantha Shelton

    beautiful song I cry when I hear this beautiful song yes lord

    Amadi Ward

    Samantha Shelton

  18. Jeremy S. Davis

    Wow! awesome

  19. mariah cay


  20. Benjamin Foster


  21. Love Dianie Elie

    Love it so much, the youth in my church learning this song.

  22. iyana bell

    love it


    Love this

  24. Marcol Ent

    In your present is boring😬

    Love Dianie Elie

    Lol God bless you 😇😆

  25. Marcol Ent

    At your feet amazing

  26. Thalia

    An amazing song, this is exactly how i feel on the inside. I will sing, I will worship you, I will SHOUT to you Lord, I will bring all my worship, I will lay it down at your feet.

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  28. Kalya Jones

    :-) Glory to Abba!

  29. dajaguster

    I have a dance, i have a song down in my heart!!

  30. Kadia Scott

    Love this song.

  31. SavvyPearl

    I love this! I saw that likewhatproductions here on youtube subscribed. I was interested and had to check Shana Wilson out. I'm so glad that I did. :D

  32. ashechip040501

    OMG! Great song

  33. Kira LoveGod

    I'm glad I found this song.I love it3

  34. Last name: Ellis

    love this song ^_^

  35. kingdomtalkr

    have this this song its my testimony..right at his feet. Thanks for sharing.