Shaman's Harvest - Strike The Slate Lyrics

Strike the slate and measure out the damage done
Tie the needle right through the bone
I am lost to mothers only son
And I have sung my final song
in this house of failing grace

And I've sang for the patient mother
Naive and child like lovers
Sang to get out of this place.
And I'm drawn to the sound of silence
Cracked whip and peal of sirens
Drawn to this cold empty space.
Filling with white noise.

And I'll be your prophet while
you'll be counting ships,
Followed by hurricanes blown straight from
Poseidon's lips,

You know my dreams
they have fed a fire for so long,
This is my final song sung by... sung by sirens.


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Shaman's Harvest Strike The Slate Comments
  1. Eddie Puc

    Who pissed off the shamans shamans rocking nations believe i got to say this yup im telling fortunes from the constellations
    Stay calm claim raven
    Jesus is the only conversation.

  2. Spinox

    "And I've sung my final song..
    In this house of failing grace"

  3. Dustin Beeghly

    I’m so pissed off that they still haven’t managed to blow up the way they should have long ago I was certain smoking hearts and broken guns was gonna do it for much talent

    Josh Tucker

    Dustin Beeghly they're actually on tour with Aranda man. They're starting to be recognized as they sure as shit should be!

  4. Jacquelynn Gagne

    In all the world this has been my favorite song since I first heard it. the most beautiful composition my heart has ever ached to.

    kendra knapp

    Jacquelynn Gagne love this song too

    Mac Wolf

    Amen sister

  5. Lena Birdno

    Nathan's older songs always are so good. can't wait to hang with him again.

  6. bravojr

    "prophet youll be counting shells".
    "you know my dreams have the failure of Ire for soo long.". misheard lyrics.

    おたくOtaku Girl

    No, the lyrics were right except the chorus where she put "I'll sing to" instead of "I'll sing for"

  7. Tammy Brovold

    Great Band

  8. kcs jnc

    Haunting I was sure about some of the lyrics ty for making it and ty Shamans Harvest

  9. kendra knapp

    I love this song

  10. Camilla McCoy

    Came across this band a few years ago.  They touched me inside.  Can't ask for more than that.  Strike the slate touches my heart.  ROCK ON!!!!!

  11. Wooden Neko

    Oh the same here never would have known about this wonderful band if not for Pandora!

  12. Bob Stachowiak

    How many different music Genres are in this song? Sad, if it wasn't for Pandora, I would've never known this beautiful song. Has to go into my top 5 songs.

  13. Kevin Grun

    Perfect song .. <3

  14. Andrea Pisano

    amazing ;-)

  15. Zero Gravity Limitless

    One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, I can't get enough of this band.

  16. Wooden Neko

    A bit late on my part but thank you!

  17. hamza alraisi

    I knew the lyrics just wanted to post somethin bri..nice one