Shakka - I Love The Way Lyrics

TWO K'S...

10, 000 hours in the calendar
100 push ups for breakfast
My dream house has a range and a butler
So tell my mummy I'll be gone til November
Tell them I wanna move out of the area
Dreams of a mansion and an acre, Oh
I don't wanna stack til I can't see the top
Just wanna pay my landlord and make it easier
Domino Slam DUY
Here 6 months
If you talk before then, I'mma lick ya head top
My baby watching too much David Attenborough
And she's got new moves from lions and tigers

She want future life to be better
So she warm inside from the weather
Come follow me, Come follow me, down speed setter
They'll never be, They'll never be down with the pepper

So what they say?

I love the w-ay, I love the way
I love the w-ay, I love the way
We work so hard to go hard
We work so hard to go hard

I love the w-ay, I love the way
I love the w-ay, I love the way
We work so hard to go hard
We work so hard to go hard

God bless a grime yout inna London
For now we rave in our own mother tongue slang
Shanghai, New York love the accent
Like how I beg he say "Oi, what you sayin' fam? '
Ah just my Notting Hill steez that I give-oh
There's always a plate to eat for-a dinner
You'll never see me on my knees with the dollar
I'm all I need like a roof and a pillar

I just want my future life to be better
So I'm warm inside from the weather
Come follow me, Come follow me, down speed setter
They'll never be, They'll never be down with the pepper

So what they say?

I love the w-ay, I love the way
I love the w-ay, I love the way
We work so hard to go hard
We work so hard to go hard
I love the w-ay, I love the way
I love the w-ay, I love the way

[Mr. Vegas:]
I love the way-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay
How a ting weigh up every day-ay-ay
When I no say dat ah we di girls ah say-ay-ay
We party inna England, inna Jay-ay-ay
Original gangster, we no play-ay-ay
Yo we go hard wid di girls dem choose
I tell you atfer Shakka, di girls dem nah lose
Gal ah request it same way, even when it get bruised
They say oh me so bad, ah mussa su'm me ah use
(Mr Vegas you so bad, it mussa su'm you ah use, tell em you love the way)
Gal ah call me phone she want some excitement
Well they know me haffi give her the treatment
She say she love the way inna di apartment
She requesting the length and the strength, She say
Mr Vegas you're magnificent
Gal ah ball and ah tear off Shakka's garments
I said dem love the way
I said dem love the w-ay-ay-ay

So what they say?

I love the w-ay, I love the way
I love the w-ay, I love the way
We work so hard to go hard
We work so hard to go hard

I love the w-ay, I love the way
I love the w-ay, I love the way
We work so hard to go hard
We work so hard to go hard

Ah that's all I got
That's all my brain can create for this song
Oh-Ah [?]
That's all my brain can create
(Alright Yeah)

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Shakka I Love The Way Comments
  1. Ken k


  2. Wise One

    This guys great

  3. BigT Bentleyzandbongz

    This ep... Love ♥️💯🤩

  4. ZgodMonyroat

    Love the way he looks like Kyrie Irving in the push-up scene

  5. Ken k

    Shaka killing dudes eating his ackke saltfish and cocoa bread big man ting

  6. Prabjeet Kaur

    AYYYYY 😍🔥👌💕👀🔝🔝❤❤

  7. dylan mcintyre

    Fucking banger!

  8. Rico

    Serious, just saw the day after tomorrow. Love you guys. Cheers UK!

  9. Acaiah Griot

    suas músicas são completamente fantástica o flow vem como água e só de beber essa água vem uma bebedeira de felicidade #MAXIMUSRESPEITO

  10. Superfly Dean

    me rasssclart

  11. dr greenthumb

    Heard this on 1extra Thursday and not stopped listening since

    dr greenthumb

    Even my little 6 year old singing it as I wrote that haha

  12. Vijjk

    im here before 20 mil

  13. Christina Aloupou

    Is this Notting Hill Carnival??? If so like which part? Where is it that the part with the colours and the small stage performing happens?

  14. Meleesa Paynes

    As I listen to more of his songs, I become that much more of a fan!!!

  15. Crisp Eaterson

    Amazing voice and everything, but who produced the song?

    Abbas Bukhari

    Nutty P

  16. Rah-Shad SS

    I'm not sure if this dudes music has been played in my country "Panamá" but all I know is that he's gonna make it.

  17. The Greek Show

    Big fan of shakka, bought his new album, he brings a different and unique kind of hype which always makes you want to dance to every song.

  18. Miguel S

    So freackin talent , I love you toure yaya

    dylan mcintyre

    Bro I was just thinking that!

  19. American Boy

    This song is everything.

  20. OLD MAN

    i just got turned on to him cpl days ago, i'm liking it and i'm 61 haha

  21. Zid- Ziddy -Zid

    yo this shoulda been dropped in summer, when I listen to it it reminds me of summer #hightalks



  23. Damske Things

    Omg!!! Who was wearing that I ❤️ Su shirt?

    Big up to you from Suriname!!!!!

    I ❤️ Su

  24. Bistrooo A

    Big bumba clat toon 🇧🇧🇯🇲🔥🔥🔫💯💯🍍🍍🍍 mii don't know why dis na have more 👍👍👍☝☝👆

  25. Ben Ashcroft


  26. Christopher Freeburn

    keep it up real ting bredda big up from jamaica

  27. ItsWazxa99


  28. Katherine Martinez

    Shakka is my lil secret to be happy ♥


    as a real Jamaican I love this sooooonnnnggg!!!!!!!! real ting bredda

  30. Aero J

    aaaaaaah that's all I got---that's all my brain can create for this song
    such a Shakka thing to say lol

  31. Katrina

    carefree black boy goodness <3

  32. Cogie Butler

    Trini flag flying high

  33. Sambeatrix And TheHipA


  34. Energent Music - Originalbeatsproducer

    needs to wash that shirt lol. Sweet tune :)

  35. Alizée Salvador

    so great shakka !!

  36. Hernán Eduardo Molina Medina

    shakka is favorite

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    this tune is hotter than a motherf..ker

  38. Cameron Gibson

    matter of time before he blows up

  39. Paul Jalbay

    damn. this is lit AF

  40. Tristian Dowding


  41. lily monroy

    I hope this videos hits like more views

  42. CapturingBeauT

    "We work so hard to go hard" BOOP BOOP!

  43. Pickled Children

    Early I gues lol

  44. Team Kill

    I thought it was written shakira thats why I click this video. LOL..

  45. goeleet


  46. london2toronto

    love this so clever the tune  but needs to be promoted next year fully this is a spring summer tune. perfect for next year. its wicked

  47. GreatManKenny10


  48. Bobbit Erquiaga

    I LIKE THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Tommy

    where is mr vegas

  50. Ollie and Tay

    I LOVE THE WaaAAAAY This sounds :P
    SHAKKA! YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN MAN! This may be Dopest EP yet! Shout out to Shola Ama ;) (If you know you know)

  51. ThatSuaveFellow


  52. tuana Rempel

    fckn bad

  53. NEW DJ WAXXY Lib Music Promotor

    Good one

  54. Jaiden Bartlett

    Tune as fuck cuz

  55. Larissa Pascoal

    muito foda seloko algum brasileiro? :3 😍

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    FAM why is this on KSI VEVO JJ put ur own songs on it not other people's just a good tip

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    nuff Repect from the 868 Republic!!!👌👌👌

  62. S.shanny Tink

    Is this Notting hill carnival?

    Adenike Durosaro

    Yes Notting Hill Carnival 2016 ;)

    Christina Aloupou

    Nike Durosaro do you know what part? Cause I want to go for the first time and I heard there's lots of like side street parties where people play their own music and perform and shit? Help me out lol

    Adenike Durosaro

    Here is a link to a map -

  63. S.shanny Tink


    Lorena Suña

    S.shanny Tink jjlujuhog

  64. bryang1290

    "100 push-ups for breakfast." Then Struggles to do like 3 weak ass push-ups hahaha

    Courtney Burnett

    bryang1290 hating???? #justasking


    Courtney Burnett hahaha sure I am 😂😂😂

    Courtney Burnett

    bryang1290 probably lmao

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    Thanks Talib

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    Just what I needed as I book my injection for the Christmas fly out

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    How is Shakka so fucking underrated.
    Man drops bangers after bangers

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    Krystal Harris

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    Shakka with another banger! never disappoints!

    Magnificent TKoon

    Josh can see u luh da homie, Crae! I ❤️ him too! Been following his art since 2011 and he's still my fav Mc!

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